40 People Who Hilariously Made Their Point

When making a point, it can be important to be clear, concise, professional, and above all, funny! I mean, if it isn't funny, then how can you expect for it to be shared across social media and garner the support of the meme-loving public?

So, with that idea in mind, here are 15+ people who hilariously made their point!

How To prove To Your Friends That You Still Have Hair!

Reddit | ry3z

Look, sometimes you need to take any victory that you can! They're technically correct about having hair, and they should cling to that!

"This is what happens when you buy a $20 punching bag from China."

Reddit | timdual

The person who posted this went through some of the stuff that they found in there, which even included a little bit of tattered pornography!

"Used to work at a daycare. I told a student her zombie needed to wear pants..."

Reddit | ig_gnome_inious

In fairness, this shows that this kid demonstrates incredible attention to detail in their work...which is something, I guess?

Don't Be A Tosser!

Reddit | ManILoveFarming

As a kid, I used to get yelled at for littering, because it's an asshat thing to do! It baffles me that there are adults out there who are fine with just dumping their crap all over the place!

"Drunk me still isn't saying what happened, but I'm fairly sure that he rolled in around 4am."

Reddit | Charlie8005

Well, I hope to Christ that this wasn't an expensive clock! Also, I dread to think what else they managed to break on their way to bed!

"This happened after sitting on the toilet for 20 minutes at work..."

Reddit | BlahMehUgh

First of all, it is weird that they have their name saved as Sexy Man. Secondly, you shouldn't be spending 20 minutes in the toilet at work. And finally, get some damn exercise, my man!

"Uh... thanks for the warning?"

Reddit | break_me_down

I like that they have tried to make a joke at how temperamental this machine is. However, if you look at the screen, there is already a new error message saying that it has broken!

"Fiancée said she needed an iPad for work purposes. Her fingerprints prove otherwise..."

Reddit | TheGuestDJ

I never really got the appeal of this style of games if I'm honest. I find them horrifically tedious! But Tetris, on the other hand, now there is a game!

"Well, she did get hurled down that bitch."

Reddit | Shades8k

She's true to her word if nothing else! Honesty is one of the best qualities that a person can have as well, so, you know, silver linings and all that!

"If you hard, then you hard. Can't argue with that."

Reddit | PoniesAreNotGay

The fact that someone looked at this design and thought, "Yeah, that perfectly articulates what I want it so say about intramural sports!" is baffling.

"Important warning at the Los Angeles Zoo."

Reddit | obviousplant

Someone also pointed out that it looks like she took all of their punctuation with her when she left!

"A legit thing that happened today."

Reddit | mjjo123

I guess that guilting someone into coming into your establishment is also a legitimate business tactic?

"I guess little Timmy isn't the little angel Ms. Smith said he was."

Reddit | TheTrueCyberon

That "laughing" face looks like it might actually be closer to crying in utter despair at the current state of affairs!

"My name (Kinzi) is always spelled wrong as well, but this one from Starbucks wins the prize."

Reddit | thetevycam

Someone pointed out that there is likely a person called "Lazy" who is still out there waiting for their frappuccino.

"I asked her why she made this face, she said the old man that took her picture kept tooting and it smelled bad."

Reddit | ketchuppacket

This expression is a really scathing indictment of that photographer's toots! I dread to think of how acrid the air must have been.

"My tattoo guy said 'that's not a tattoo you copy, it's a tattoo you earn'."

Reddit | timmy5toes

I wonder if there is a place that makes little coffins for body parts that have been cut off? They probably just burn them though, don't they?

"Technically, that is correct!"

Reddit | poppzE

"Dave, when I said that we get paid to get high..."

"You were making a joke, weren't you?"


"Ah. Well, I'm gonna need the rest of the day off..."

"-5 points for no work shown."

Reddit | soap_monger

Look, if they're convinced, then that is enough for me! This is clearly a math test, and not about verbal reasoning!

"This man and a sign."

Reddit | nameaboveallnames

Urgh. Any money that this man is a father! No one can make a joke like this without being a dad!

"Our coworker said we've been slipping on our pranks so we delivered. Can't wait till he finds out two are filled with glitter."

Reddit | i8pineapples

I think that they've quite easily proven that they are still capable of whipping together a prank right here. Also, the cleaner is going to be pissed when he finds the glitter!

"Another guy and I both walked in the bathroom at the same time. After seeing this, he said 'This isn't going to happen' and he walked out."

Reddit | IAmDrinkingIcedTea

I mean, fair enough! Those are ridiculously close together. How on Earth is anyone supposed to feel comfortable next to someone at these?!

*Ring Ring*

Reddit | tinaburritos you're telling me that you wouldn't want to live in a world where wild animals are carrying around little flip phones and chatting to one another? You're insane!

"Valid point."

Reddit | Jaimass

You just know that the person who put up the first sign is furiously trying to think of another witty retort to type up, print off, and attach to this.

That's One Way To Prove You Don't Use Much Salt!

Reddit | cswimc

The person who posted this wrote, "It was my grandma's 95th birthday so I cooked for her. I asked her where she kept the salt and she said 'I barely use salt, but it's way in the back of the cabinet.' It turns out the only container of salt she has is dated from 1965!"

And It Still Works!

Reddit | wantsomeabbreviation

Yes, if you throw a piece of toast at this specific brand of fire alarm, then the thing will not break! And that should be all of the selling points you need for literally any product!

"My friend told me that I look like a popsicle stick."

Reddit | genuinlyinterested

I wonder if they had a popsicle at hand to demonstrate this point, or if they had to run out and get one?!

"Doc told us to write yes on the knee to replace before surgery. We took it further."

Reddit | notmyrealname3737

Ah, these things are always absolutely hilarious until they get smudged on the way into surgery and end up leading to them having the wrong knee replaced!

"I told them not to order the ginormous just because the word sounds cute!"

Reddit | jungleboogiemonster

For incredibly important research purposes, I will need to know where they got this pizza from immediately.

"Neighbours claim the speeding problem on their street has been solved after this grandma started using her hair dryer."

Reddit | namraka

I love the idea that the people who slow down think there's an undercover grandma police officer just chilling in her front yard to tag people. Nerves are nerves.

"My fiancee hates the pet stairs I bought for our dogs, saying they don't even use them. I sent her this pic this morning."

Reddit | thejohnblog

It took some time, but they seem to have come around to it! You really showed her. You're the superior dog parent.

"After not taking attendance all quarter, my TA was out of town on exam day. This was the last question."

Reddit | dovahkid

This proves that there's a difference between paying attention in class and paying attention in class.

"My cousin’s legs after a day in the sun in ripped jeans."

Reddit | BigOrangeScrewed98

Or she's just giving a really good "sausage on a grill" costume. She's testing it out before Halloween.

"A car hit this house, so somebody added witch's legs."

Reddit | Willy_Elktrix

If there's any house to crush a witch, I'm glad it's this bubbly pink one. I mean, still sorry for your house being totaled, but at least this juxtaposition is funny!

"This CVS receipt is taller than I could ever be. I bought two bottles of lotion, a pack of gum, and hair clips."

Reddit | iamlarrypotter

Has anyone ever bothered to read all the details on a CVS receipt? I'm convinced there's some kind of ancient texts printed on them like scrolls and that's why they're so long.

"I saw a miracle today after the battery died."

Reddit | Shixbrix

If a ride on a Walmart cart has been all it takes to cure many a debilitating illness, why don't we seat everyone in one of these?

"A touching gesture from my company after 9 years of employment came to an end."

Reddit | cocklesby

Well, no matter how you do at your next job, at least you can't do worse than the letter placement on this cake.

"My very white friend got burnt after our first beach day."

Reddit | scubaguygreg

The eyebrow to beard difference is freaking me out. Did he bleach his eyebrows or is that natural?

"Can't argue with logic like this."

Reddit | Rocquestar

I mean, I don't need logic like this to eat plenty of pie. I just...well, eat more pie!

"My dad told me it might be hard for me to find him at the airport because he looks so much different after losing weight."

Reddit | whereisthewine

The uploader added a detail in the comments: "I'd also like to point out that he is wearing those over a pair of sunglasses and has ANOTHER pair of sunglasses around his neck." That's the most dad thing I've heard all week!

"When your boss asks for a note to prove you're really sick."

Reddit | megalotusman

I like that they actually went out and got a card for this wonderful occasion. If you can't trust your staff then you need to hire new staff.