30 People Who Won’t Be Fooled That Easily

The world is full of gullible people, and the world is a much better place with them in it! I mean, who else would we have to fall for all the various pranks that no one else will fall for?

However, the world is also full of people who are far too quick! So, here are 13+ people who won't be fooled that easily!

"Seems Legit..."

Reddit | EndlessLazer

I absolutely love this, particularly the way that she tried to write the word "again" what looks like three times and cover it up! Perfection.

"The bug mockery escalated quickly."

Reddit | kwekus_dad

As someone pointed out, there really is a big difference between a spray that gets bugs off you and just a spray that gets bugs off.

"Ride on lawn mower, $300 barely used, good condition."

Reddit | stickdeath1980

According to the listing, it is also baaa-rley used. Now I've made that joke, I feel like the sheep in the picture is actually judging me for it!

"I have a longhair cat who covers his hairballs with whatever he can find. This morning, I woke up to this."

Reddit | llama422

I actually think that if cats could grasp the concept of Christmas, then this is the sort of present that they would actually give their owners.

"Please... no!"

Reddit | Cookiee

Looking at this picture makes me feel exactly the same way as when people tear up polystyrene and it makes that horrific squeaking sound.

Watch Out!

Reddit | pelirrojo

If you know why wild ginger is actually dangerous to forests, then please, keep your boring ass information to yourself.

It'll Cost You An Arm And A Leg...

Reddit | MadamAnonymous

Well, I mean, you should hope that it includes the elbow at that price! Without the elbow, what's even the point of buying it?!

"My favorite sign on the way to nowhere."

Reddit | Jorricha

From this sign, it's quite hard to work out whether they're saying that the hitchhikers are the escaping inmate, or whether the hitchhikers are trying to get away from the inmates!

"She was being so quiet, we thought she fell asleep. Nope, just silently applying butt paste to her face."

Reddit | penisallergy

When it comes to looking after kids, silence is one of the most unsettling sounds you can experience, as they are likely off somewhere trying to get themselves killed.

"Daddy, my Barbie's head fell off... Not a problem."

Reddit | httpmax

Here's another example of a child's toy promoting unhealthy body images. I mean, who relaly has a head that thin?!

"Nice try salad. I see you hiding there."

Reddit | Zachariahzachariah

Look, if people are buying a big bag of crumbled up bacon... then don't try and pretend that it is in any way going to be a part of a healthy meal! Just let them have their bacon.

Never Challenge Uncle Dave To Hide And Seek

Reddit | dropkickderby

Some say that Uncle Dave is still hiding to this day, and that this single round of hide and seek has been raging for near on half a decade!

"There's a story behind every sign like this."

Reddit | rjray

Pfft, that's just what they want you to think! They're definitely trying to hoard all of the sanitizer for themselves, don't fall for it!

Do Not Pass Go...

Reddit | winter_storm

In case you weren't aware, there is actually a stop sign underneath that "Go" sign. I just thought a few of you may need a little help with this one.

"This clay sculpture fell perfectly flat on its face, and looks pissed about it."

Reddit | Tefallio

Nah, I'm not buying it, I reckon that you actually wanted him to end up looking like this! Why wouldn't you after all, it's hilarious?

"It just fell right off."

Reddit | octoberxp

If only they had used their own glue on their labels and not cheaped on the production line! Although, maybe this is to show that only their glue is strong enough to keep labels on?

"How my 2 year old brother covered up his accident..."

Reddit | S3bastology

To infini-pee and beyond! Or, to incontinence and beyond? The possibilities are endless here, let me know your best puns in the comments!

"My 2 year old is still 'learning the ropes' of hide and seek."

Reddit | TwizzBP

It can take years to master the subtle art of hide and seek! I mean, it's not a good sign for your kid's future... but still.

Nothing Strange Going On Here...

Reddit | Notasandwhichyet

In fairness, that is a much better job of drawing a cow than I would have managed! They have a bright future as a forger ahead of them!

"On my front door. Seems legit."

Reddit | KantoriNox

Yep, I don't see any problem with this, maybe you could leave them your credit card details as well so that they can pay themselves after they have done the work?

"I'm a delivery driver, a customer paid with this. Seems legit."

Reddit | Heardthat23

Actually, it turned out that this was likely from a large uncut sheet of single dollar bills... which was something I had no idea that you could buy!

"Pro hide and seek."

Reddit | sbboard

This would be the most amazing prank on the planet if there was no game of hide and seek at all, and the police spent hours looking for people who weren't there in the first place.

"Just spray it quickly dude, I don't need you to rub it in."

Reddit | Dfro123

Well, this fella is going to have a fair few uncomfortable nights sleep after this! Dude, just take a second to not destroy your skin, you dolt!

"A quick way to destroy your kids faith..."

Reddit | Sulde

Don't play around when it comes to Kinder chocolates. This is how families end up at each other's throats.

"My white cat attempting to hide so I can't clip his nails."

Reddit | whistlewink

"Pfft, stupid humans, they'll never find me here what with their inferior intellect!"

"Snuffles, I can see you behind the blinds."

"... I'm a genius."

Free Candy!

Reddit | justind79

"Jesus, what's that noise?"

"It's the alarm, you idiot!"

"Is... is it the free candy alarm?"

"Someone sent this Macbook in for repairs today. Looks legit."

Reddit | SteveRyherd

Should they have sent that to the Apple shop for a proper once over? I'm sure the people in the apple shop would love that, they have a really good sense of humor from my experience.

"The best place to hide from Animal Control is right under their noses."

Reddit | motown89

"Psst, hey, you looking for something?"

"... What are you selling?"

"I've got catnip, if you've got the cash that is."

"The envious will say that he used Photoshop."

Reddit | lostproton

Now that is some serious ink. It's amazing how they manage to pop right off his body, that's some impressive artwork.

Somehow I Doubt That Is True...

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

I think that you're more likely to get a splinter from this fence than an electric shock!