29 Times People Scored Designer Clothes At Thrift Stores For Just A Few Bucks

The following article is going to make you do two things: rage out of jealousy, and also want to go to a thrift store badly.

These people are the luckiest of the lucky: they scored insane designer brands while thrifting or searching through a relative's old stuff. And the prices? Well, they'll make you want to cry.

This suit is a STUNT.

Reddit | badgeringhoney

Brought to you by thrifted Brooks Brothers. YUP! Brooks Brothers. The total for the whole outfit? $10. I can't even be jealous, because I'm just so happy for her, you know?

This ASOS suit is a stunner.

Reddit | MrBeattyKylen

It's gorgeous, it's three pieces, and it's PINK. And the best part? It was $30, originally from ASOS.

And yes, yes he does look like Steve Harrington from Stranger Things.

If you hear sobbing, don't worry. It's just me.

Reddit | AD061110

Because never in my LIFE will I just happen to come across an authentic Dior bag for $3. THREE. DOLLARS. I really am gonna cry.

Any Adidas is good Adidas.

Reddit | Jaxnroo

This sweater honestly looks like something Adidas would make now, doesn't it? However, it hails from the '80s, and it has a neckline I would die for.

Tommy Hilfiger, eat your heart out.

Reddit | Anonyronny

I can't believe Anonyronny actually said this: "Tommy Hilfiger sweater for $7 (sorry for modeling it)."

Sorry for modeling it? SORRY? This is the opposite of something that should be apologized for. The use of the phone prop is nothing short of inspired.

This coat was made for walking.

Reddit | d-d-darling

It's Ralph Lauren, it's 100% wool, and it was $12. I can't imagine finding a deal that good at any thrift store. This must have been magic.

Okay, so this cost $75.

Reddit | Averagechloe

But here's the thing: it's vintage Burberry. So...yeah. I'd say the cost of one now would be, oh, over $2000. So this price is more than fair.

Have dress, will travel.

Reddit | firewalkwithme0926

How cute is this dress? The shape is right, the color is divine, and the fit is perfect. Oh, and it's Calvin Klein. And it was found in a thrift shop bin. Wow.

This is unbelievable.

Reddit | skimmilkskim

Vintage Chanel is incredibly valuable for a number of reasons, but the most important one is this: the quality. Things were made differently 30+ years ago, so this find? It's like magic. And it was only $85.

This outfit is head-to-toe thrifted designer realness.

Reddit | madelineheiser

"Went to a fashion show and wore my $2 vintage dress, my thrifted Fendi Heels ($40) and thrifted Givenchy necklace ($14)," madelineheiser wrote on Reddit.

Unfortunately, the Chanel flap bag wasn't thrifted...but she did get a good deal on it!

The shoes are fresh as hell.

Reddit | gaby_c

Everything old is new again, including kicks that my mom rocked in the '90s. It took a lot of work (the whole process is detailed here), but these shoes came back to life!

This looks so cozy.

Reddit | corndogdays

This wool J. Crew coat was worth $400. It was purchased for $5. I can't believe it! She's going to get a lifetime of wear out of that thing.

No offense to Banana Republic, but...

Reddit | Keachy_Plean

Nine dollars seems more than fair for their brand. What? They're really expensive, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why! Sure, the quality is good, but so is Old Navy. Regardless, this dress is absolutely stunning.

Emerald City realness.

Reddit | _userlame

This shirt (styled as a dress) is authentic (as far as anyone can tell) and is absolutely stunning. Sometimes, the right piece just needs a little something extra.

This thrifted Patagonia is a very rare find.

Reddit | petiterunner

Not only was it limited edition, but it's still incredibly valuable ā€” commenters noted that it goes for up to $300 on eBay. Score another one for the thrifters.

This bag costs more than my rent.

Reddit | CuriosityKillsKats

"Pristine condition Loewe 'Puzzle' bag, $20 at Goodwill. Retails at $2,590," CuriosityKillsKats wrote on Reddit.

Brands that are less recognizable (but more prestigious than the regular fashion brands we know) to the average person tend to get pretty discounted at thrift stores.

Don't worry, she bought a slip!

Reddit | PutinInMyPepe

Anyway, onto the good stuff: the details. It's thrifted Diane von Furstenberg, and it was $10! That has to be the biggest steal of this post.

These sandals are to die for.

Reddit | soleloe

They came with their original box and dust bag, so the authenticity is pretty legit. They were $100AUD and were gifted to the finder's mother!

Hi, Manolos!

Reddit | madison916

This is the find of Carrie Bradshaw's dreams, tbh. A pair of Manolo Blahniks for $9.99 and a Louis Vuitton wallet for $4.99? I am so jealous. I don't know if that LV is real, but I really want it to be.

Hit the beach in MAJOR style.

Reddit | Into_the_wild_

One of the most remarkable things about this find is that it was literally new with tags. Totally unworn, too. They retail for $300 ā€” this one was found for $20.

How cute would this jacket be for the fall?

Honestly? I wouldn't normally go for a plaid green jacket myself, but I'm actually loving this unique color combination. Best of all, one Reddit user scored this cozy jacket from Pendelton for only $20 at their local thrift store. To give some context on how good of a deal that is, Pendelton jackets usually go for around $200 and up. Nice find!

Vintage velvet Fendi boots? Yes please!

"Found these velvet vintage Fendi boots in amazing condition for only $6.99 at my local thrift store!!! This is definitely my favorite find of all time," said Reddit user roseypears.

I don't know how much Fendi boots usually cost, but I'm going to assume it's a lot more than $6.99.

Hello, cozy Birkenstocks.

Someone was lucky enough to snag these shearling-lined Birkenstocks for only $19.99. I'm sure their feet will thank them for this comfortable and important purchase. They actually look like they are lined with the inside of a cloud, am I right?

Take a look at this impressive haul.

Here's what $10 can get you if the thrift store gods are on your side. Not only do I see a Gap sweater, but apparently, that Buffalo plaid skirt originally retailed for $89.50. I wanna see pictures of the final outfit!

A Coach bag for $5.99? Yes, you read that correctly.

How is it that I can't even get a sandwich for $5.99 but someone was able to find a genuine Coach bag at their local thrift store for that amount? This is truly a gem of a find. Good work!

Yet another impressive designer clothing haul.

Not all the items are pictured but this thrifty shopper scored two pairs of Max Mara pants, two Hugo Boss skirts, a Benetton skirt, and a blouse of unknown origin for about $32. Now, do you understand why I shop at thrift stores?

Nothing says "deal" like finding a $3,000 coat for way less.

"Beyond excited about this baby blue Loro Piana quilted coat in perfect condition. This retails for around $3,000 new," said this Reddit user.

While we aren't sure how much this thrifted version sold for, it's safe to assume it was less than $3,000.

I am not jealous at all.

Reddit | infinitelyystrange

"Bless the thrift gods. This honestly shook me to my core. Never worn, just my size Docs for $10," infinitelyystrange wrote on Reddit.

What the heck? These are in mint condition. Wow.

Some people are just blessed.

Reddit | lurkingalice

"Iā€™m an opera singer. Guess who found this $1000 Chiara Boni gown for $15 at Salvation Army!" lurkingalice wrote on Reddit.

Um, that dress is absolutely stunning. That's a legit steal right there.