8+ Brilliant Ikea Hacks For People Who Need More Storage

When was the last time you ventured out to Ikea? Huh? It's been a while for me. But I'm always impressed by the DIY storage hacks people have done using a variety of Ikea products.

If you're a handy person and you want to change up or improve the organization of your house here are a few ideas to consider.

1. Media Console


If you ever wanted to create a media console for your living room, it's never been easier. All you need to get are some Ikea kitchen cabinets.

2. Spice Rack Bookshelf

Facebook | Home Swede Home

Did you know that those Ikea spice racks can be used for another purpose? Like, for example, as shelves that can hold your kid's books? I never would have thought of that. Doesn't that look so pretty?

3. This Cute Vanity

Ikea Hackers

How nice is this pretty vanity? It was done by pairing the EKBY ALEX shelf with stained and tapered wood legs. Then, it was mounted right to the wall. I think this looks absolutely fabulous here.

4. This Multi-Purpose Unit

Reddit | CxTillDie

This handy person turned a KNOXHULT unit into the ultimate storage space. Now it holds a built-in fridge, hot plate, and washing machine. And it was all done on a pretty tight budget, too. How awesome!

5. Bar Cart Nightstand

Instagram | @gem_lynn76

Some Ikea products have a variety of purposes. You only need to use your imagination. For example, who says you need to use this bar cart to store booze? You can use it as a nightstand instead.

6. Baking Center

Reddit | damnbergris

This person converted their kitchen island (discontinued but close to a TORNVIKEN) into a shallower baking center. They also ended up using a scrap countertop to make a matching shelf with RAMSHULT shelf braces! Pretty impressive.

7. Shoe Cabinet Upgrade

Reddit | felixthegirl

Sometimes your old Ikea furniture just needs a little bit of an upgrade. In the case of this BISSA shoe cabinet, it got quite a brand new look. We're talking about some wallpaper and new handles. It looks fabulous!

8. This KALLAX Upgrade

Reddit | matterlee

This person came up with a smart idea to make their KALLAX unit stand out. They took a long piece of exotic Black Limba wood and wrapped it around the top and sides. Not too shabby.

9. Hallway Storage Unit

Ikea Hackers

These TRONES units were originally designed as a shoe storage cabinet. But that doesn't mean you have to use them for that purpose only. Here they seem to fit just perfectly as a hallway storage unit.

10. This Coffee Bar

Reddit | Huweii

How do you repurpose that old Ikea KALLAX cabinet? Well, if you want to create a sweet coffee spot like this one, you add some wooden legs. Why didn't I think of this?

11. Night Stand Do-Over

Ikea Hackers

The good thing about buying basic IKEA furniture pieces is that they're like a blank slate. You can turn them into virtually anything you want. And making them over can suit your character and home decor aesthetic.

12. This Family Craft Room

Ikea Hackers

Can you get over how clever some people are with making over Ikea furniture? Somebody actually made a family craft room like this using two KALLAX units. This looks absolutely amazing. Who can build it for me? Haha.

13. Retro Storage Makeover

Vitamini Handmade

This Ikea FIRA unit got quite the upgrade here. It looked much different before and now it looks like it could be on Mad Men haha. The pullout drawers got turned around and circular holes were drilled out.

14. This Dresser Upgrade

Instagram | @peonyandhoney

Oh my goodness. Can you believe this is a HEMNES dresser? Now it looks so chic. And all it took was adhering some foam dowels to the front of the drawers. And voila, a completely different look.

15. This TARVA Hack

Get Kamfortable

Speaking of dressers, how about turning this plain TARVA dresser into something else. I'm talking about this beautiful piece of furniture, people. Nothing that a little pastel paint can't fix, am I right? Haha. Gorgeous.

16. This Bench Storage Space

Tonic Living

Oh wow, speaking of chic. This bench with storage space is so pretty. Isn't it? This typical KALLAX shelf got such a cool makeover. It became a comfy bench with lots of storage space. Woo, hoo!

17. This Gorgeous Dresser Upgrade

Thistlewood Farms

Oh my goodness. I can't believe this is the same RAST dresser. Right? What they did to it here deserves some kind of medal or something. LOL. I want to do a makeover like this too.

18. This Marble Upgrade

Design Love Fest

How do you change the look of a classic Ikea dresser? It doesn't really matter what type it is, either. Just add a marble top to it and now it looks so much nicer. No? I think so.

19. This Upside Down Makeover


Just because a shelf is shown upright doesn't mean you have to use it that way. This KALLAX got flipped over and now it's serving as a cool console like this. Wow, I'm totally impressed.

20. A Bed With Storage

Somebody was so smart that they used two popular Ikea products to create this bed with extra storage. All you'll need is one large MALM Dresser and about four KALLAX units. Wow, that's so cool. This awesome project is courtesy of Erica Massey.

21. Blow Dryer Holder

Ikea Hackers

We ladies need our hair tools ready at our disposal. Am I right? So what if you could find a cool way to store them? This use of the GRUNDTAL towel rail is a great idea.

Okay, even though I'm not exactly that handy, I think I have learned a thing or two from my handyman dad.

So these projects seem pretty doable, even for me. What do you think? Would you do something like this?