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People Praise Hospital's Smart Co-Sleeper For New Moms And Their Babies

All new moms know that the moment you give birth to your new baby, the last thing you want to do is be separated from them. After going through nine months of carrying around your precious little one and hours of grueling labor, we just want to spend some time with our bundles of joy. However, it's not always attainable with hospital rules, layouts, and some regulations.

Most hospitals put newborn babies in a bassinet that is pretty far from Mom's bed.

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While Mom recovers, babies are usually either in the nursery with other little ones or in a bassinet that's not super close to the bed. Sometimes, moms just want to be closer to their newborns.

Now, one hospital has introduced a "co-sleeper" that allows new moms and their babies to bond even more.

Facebook l BellyBelly - Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting

The photo of the incredible invention was originally posted by BellyBelly, an Australian pregnancy site. The photo showcases Mom in her hospital bed with her newborn right beside her — in a connected bassinet.

The website pointed out it's a perfect idea for moms who are recovering from C-sections.

Unsplash | Alex Hockett

Many new moms who undergo C-sections have to stay put in bed while their stitches heal. It's a great way for moms to have a way to bond with their babies, without having to move around a bunch. It also makes breastfeeding easier, especially at night.

What a wonderful idea for newborns and moms, too!

Unsplash | Hu Chen

I think this would be an excellent addition to all hospitals with maternity wards. Allowing moms and newborns some bonding time is just what every mom needs.

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