40 Moments That Made Us Go ‘Someone’s Out To Get Me’

There are some people who always feel like the world is pitted against them, and that there is some mysterious figure out there orchestrating their constant despair!

Whether you're also one of these people, or just want to revel in others' petty misfortunes for a moment, here are 17+ moments that made us go, "Someone's out to get me!"

"Worst Typo Ever On My College Diploma."

Reddit | AHarrisJDMBA

"Psst, Dave, look what I wrote on the Mass Communications degrees!"

"So...the diploma people get for all of their incredibly hard work over many years will say Cummunications?"


"... Nice!"

Poor Bill Posters

Reddit | romanturtle

Where do you stand on the Bill Posters debate? Do you think that he is innocent, or do you think that he is guilty? It's the question that everyone is asking.

"Tossed a fortune cookie in my wife's lunch today. She angrily sent me this picture like I control the fortunes inside the cookies!"

Reddit | Davidb91w

Regardless of how much trouble the person who posted this got into, I have never even heard that expression before? Is that really a saying?

"After a few weeks I returned to my apartment."

Reddit | voy_conlag_mental

Now that is a lot of poop to come out of two birds! No level of cleaning would ever allow me to take a shower in that bathroom again.

"When even your car gives up on you..."

Reddit | BlueToke

Look, if you have a car whose name has "lame" in it anyway, then you have to be prepared for this kind of thing to happen!

"My co-worker's unfortunate name tag."

Reddit | Orgasmical

Wow, I bet that she had a really fun time with a name like this in high school. I bet that the endless jokes never got old.

"Cheap people pay twice."

Reddit | toooldtostayuplate

If your knife simply cannot cut through butter, then you know that that is one hell of a bad knife!

"You Suck!"

Reddit | wretlingrock392

Jeez, how expensive can plants be? Just go and buy some damn plants! People are probably going to be telling me about how expensive plants actually are now and making me look like a right tit.

"Lost my job, and thought I found some lucky cash while walking down the trail."

Reddit | Melody74

This is the equivalent of the world outstretching a hand to help lift you up when you've fallen, only to drop you down into a pile of dog poop.

"This looks expensive."

Reddit | TrappaTroopa

That guy in the blue shirt is just standing back, looking upon his work, and thinking, "Well... I'm fired."

"The snack machine at my job sucks."


If I'm paying $11.15 for a damn Snickers, then it had not only be the best damn Snickers ever, but it had better be doing my taxes for me as well.

"Go on, tell em I ate your homework! They ain't never gunna believe you!"

Reddit | amantesoriano

"Timmy, where is your homework?"

"Well, look, you're not going to believe this but..."

"All the stuff my son has put down the air conditioning vent in the last 6 years."

Reddit | DatAssPaPow

They must have thought that they were going mad. I mean, most of the stuff is just kids' toys which would be strange to see go missing, but measuring spoons? What was going through that kid's head there?

"Time to move out..."

Reddit | Shapeless-Four-Ne

Yep, there'd be no living there after that. I love the contrast between the offensively happy Care Bear and what actually happened.

"This morning a bat crashed into my face and fell into my breakfast. He seemed fine..."

Reddit | pabbit41

This one may seem mysterious until you look up and see batman awkwardly loitering nearby launching bats at people for no good reason. Batman's going through some things right now, okay?

"This dude put his WHOLE ASS on my drink wtf?"

Reddit | ElijahThomas

"Oh, sorry, were you drinking that? I just put my ass in it."

"You knew full well what you were doing..."

"Well, I guess if you don't want it, I'll just have it then."

"Well played, you asshat."

"Park on the north side of the building they said, it is shaded over there they said."

Reddit | maulaboutthat

Someone upstairs clearly hates you. And I don't just mean upstairs in the office there, I mean upstairs.

"Worst 'lemon' ever."

Reddit | drenmon

Look, it's still a lemon. There's no need to get all pithy about it! I cannot believe that a pith joke organically came up today.

"There's always a believer."

Reddit | Xyeeyx

Oh, they made the mistake of trying the right one, when clearly the left one is the one for cleaning keys!

"Took a shot of this guy yesterday, guess he wasn't too happy about it."

Reddit | 2383galjeb

Wow, that bird is 100% plotting your slow demise after this! Hell, either that or it's going to sue you for taking its photo without permission!

"Just accidentally played the worst game ever. I call it Pear or Potato."

Reddit | barefootdoctor

Mmmm, now I love potatoes in all of their forms, however, raw potato is one of the best! So delicious...well, sort of.

"Worst. Delivery. Ever."

Reddit | AusFail

I love how they have also suggested a way that they may get it down: "maybe [use a] broom to get it down."

"Local sheriff department has a good sense of humor."

Reddit | can-i-take-a-message

I knew that they were getting sneakier and sneakier by the day, these damn cops! Thank goodness I used to watch a lot of Scooby-Doo and am used to these sorts of tactics.

"These random shots perfectly captured the contrasting personalities of my children."

Reddit | startercoat

That kid on the left is definitely out to make your life as miserable as possible! You're going to have to keep an eye on that one!

"Be careful what you let your kitten know about ancient Egypt, I believe mine has started getting ideas..."

Reddit | T-Nil

This is asking for trouble. I don't have to worry about this sort of thing with my cat as she's too lazy to do any research on ancient Egypt.

"Gotta worry about ninjas now as well. Ran over a shuriken today on my way home from the store."

Reddit | blackjacketset

That's not only a shuriken, but that's also a camouflaged shuriken! No wonder you drove over it, what with it being so well camouflaged!

"Just finished a DIY repair on my iPhone. This is the worst feeling in the world."

Reddit | ilagnum

In these sorts of instances, everything in your body tells you that it can't really be that important, however, there's also the niggling sensation that it might be crucial!

"Thanks for narrowing it down."

Reddit | bowlingforwalmart

I quite like this. It adds an element of excitement into daily life, doesn't it! Well, no, it's just incredibly annoying, but still...

"He did say please."


"Hey, this guy wants us to pull him over."

"Hm. That seems weird. I know he's missing a license plate and his story checks out but...let's not."

"Tried to take a panorama from our hike today, it really did my boyfriend dirty."

Reddit | jumpinoffapeer

I hate how these proportions are like, close to being something normal, but some small parts are so far off it throws the rest of it out of whack.

"This is still one of my favorite things I’ve witnessed on the highway."

Reddit | SIlverOwl321

That Smart Car bit off a bit more than he could chew. He promised his boss he could do the job, and now he's struggling a bit. He's still going to do it though! He won't let anyone down!

"My sister started crying in the shopping center so I put this over her. Now I can't take her seriously."

Reddit | redditrunner2

No offense, but if your reaction to your sister crying was to cover her face...well, that sure says a lot about you as a sibling.

"The Schrodinger's score."

Reddit | Hmyzak01

Great, now you get to contact your professor and have that awkward conversation when tensions are already high enough on both ends...why can't things just work?

"My husband put the candles really close together."

Reddit | vabo0618

If you want that birthday wish, you have to earn it. Now get to blowing them out and be careful not to singe off an eyebrow.

"That’s gonna be a great road trip."

Reddit | SomolianButtPirate

For all your passengers, sure, who will get blasted while you're stuck driving. I've driven drunk people before. It's not fun.

"I think one of my nieces takes playing tag a little too seriously."

Reddit | BoiledEggs

Well I think your niece is developing a crucial competitive attitude and killer survival instincts. She will win, and she'll do whatever it takes to win.

"A gift from my crush."

Reddit | shaeff1

The pain that jolted through my nerves upon seeing this was shocking. A salute for our fallen soldier.

"My parents took advantage of the graduation sign trend to shit on me for dropping out."

Reddit | mississippimind

As a lot of people pointed out, this kid's parents are either hilarious or just cruel...and it's hard to tell which, really, isn't it?

Not Fragile? No Problem.

Reddit | TheHandsomeHodor

Between this and Amazon just sending entirely wrong things to there something going on at HQ that we should know about?

"Ate while driving, so didn't pay attention. Got most of the way through when I realized the chicken was 100% raw. Hope I don't die later."

Reddit | dymbrulee

"Excuse me, this is raw."


"Well, I'd like it not to be raw?"

"Ooooh, well la de da, look at you wanting your food all cooked and stuff!"