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Beautiful Bright Modern Kitchen Makeover Cost Only $100 To Complete

There is no denying home renovations can cost an arm and a leg, especially if the whole house is pretty much still stuck in 1965. If that's your style, and you love a monochromatic brown look, that's great! But it's certainly not everyone's cup o' tea.

If you're feeling uninspired in your drabby old kitchen, one woman's beautiful budget kitchen makeover is sure to make you head to the home improvement store ASAP.

A woman by the name of Eliza shared an incredible budget kitchen transformation on Reddit.

Imgur | ElizaB

People were so amazed that it's garnered almost 24K upvotes since she shared it three years ago.

As you can see, the kitchen is pretty drab and uninspiring, but being a rental, she has to be careful about what she could and couldn't do to amp up the space.

Her DIY kitchen makeover only required two main products: flooring and paint.

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She landed on the Style Selection line from Lowes which is under $1/sf, at least at the time of her post.

To give the kitchen some added dimension and a more designer feel, she even created a herringbone pattern with the new flooring, using a rolling pin to flatten it to the floor.

Talk about dedication!

She also painted her walls a modern muted green in the color Waterscape by Sherwin Williams.

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Painting the cabinets white already made a world of difference to brighten the space and make it a space to get excited about being in.

Altogether, it cost Eliza around $100 to take the space from 0 to 100 real quick. Well, more like two weekends, but still.

Imgur | ElizaB

Look how much brighter and more welcoming it looks! This might make doing the dishes a little easier.

Be sure to check out her blog Best Friends Pizza Club for more fun DIY projects. as well as her Imgur post for more thorough steps of the process and hilarious commentary.