19+ People Who Think The Rules Don't Apply To Them

It really isn't hard to follow instructions, is it? Well, actually, for a lot of people it really is! These can even be easy instructions such as not howling at wolves or not setting your hair on fire!

However, the people on this list still manage to screw up spectacularly! Please enjoy these 19+ people who can't follow instructions!

"The moment before I was hit with my son's new drone."

Reddit | NoraRose_86

"What was the first thing that I said to you when I said that you could fly the drone?"

"Don't fly it at your head."

"And yet, here we are in urgent care."

"The nurse, during my annual wellness check, suggested at my age I should have a bar in the shower. So I took her advice."

Reddit | aktivate74

Look, on paper it might not be exactly what she meant, however I think that it is infinitely better at the same time!

"A Russian elementary school class was instructed to create a cannon for father's/military day."

Reddit | faustdick

I bet that the teacher who was the brains behind this idea had a few interesting meetings after unveiling this display!

"Instructions were unclear."

Reddit | wujack

I mean, how do you use a chair this wrong? Unless they're trying to avoid deep vein thrombosis? Still, it seems a little extreme.

"Breakin' the law."

Reddit | StewPaddasso

Look, I hate to be picky, but if he were doing it properly, his left leg would be the one going forward, and his bike wouldn't be facing the wrong way! These are very basic instructions!

"Farewell party takes a surprising turn after bakery misses a word!"

Reddit | n88austin

Okay, so they really dropped the ball here with that one word missing, but also, why is it a squirrel?

"My brother built this... thing. Had no idea what it was till my sister told the children to keep away from the greenhouse as it wasn't safe."

Reddit | Syyraxus

Yep, that's a "Greenhouse." Also, I wonder what made the sister think that this wasn't safe? Looks fine to me!

"Instructions unclear. Had sex with Michelin tire man. Cosmo is dumb."

Reddit | kweitzel

This has got to be one of the dumbest things that I have ever read. No one has ever found a puffer coat to be a sexual item of clothing, trust me!

"This hotel has clear instructions for an emergency situation."

Reddit | Pirate_Redbeard

I think that this is a perfectly natural thing to expect of someone whose head is on fire, if I'm being honest.

"No sugar coating these discharge instructions."

Reddit | daddys--kitten

Wow, that's actually kind of impressive. I mean, it's incredibly stupid and dangerous, but they must have been truly hammered to incur this advice!

"Getting ready for my in-laws to visit."

Reddit | stubbornmoose

This is still too much power for some people I know. Giving the opportunity to troubleshoot is opening a can of worms right there!

"My mother in law tried to bake some round sugar cookies while drunk."

Reddit | Arkinats

I never get why people try to cook when they're drunk. I can barely cook when I'm sober! It looks like she tried to cut them out with the bottom of a beer can!

"Solid life advice from the local museum."

Reddit | expressadmin

Yep, absolutely solid advice that everyone should follow! Also, this doesn't just apply to hands as well.

"Had minor surgery today. My husband didn't want to take any chances so he wrote instructions on my arms and legs."

Reddit | a2susan

"Oh, look, Doctor: They wrote this on her limbs. How funny!"

"Pfft, no faith in me, eh? Well, I'll show you! I'll cut them all off!"

"Sister-in-law orders a Japanese whiskey for me every Christmas. I don't think she read the description this time... she sent me a $50 bottle of soy sauce."

Reddit | Whippity

Sure, it might not be whiskey, but it looks pretty damn good! I mean, I wouldn't fancy having a shot of it, but still...


Reddit | RealPrincessPrincess

Oh, great, you had one job and you messed it up! Quickly, head onto the next item before the guy who owns the sign finds out.

"Rule 1 of being a gangster: Wear clean underwear."

Reddit | tommypolish

I thought that rule one of most things was wearing clean underwear. I mean... Why wouldn't it be?

"Rules are rules."

Reddit | sallysaysyes

I'm sure that this shop offers a little drinking bowl and a trough of snacks for the children who are tied up outside to eat and drink from!

"Advice to live by."

Reddit | iklegemma

The fact that they have had to put this sign up means that people have been doing it in the first place...which is unsettling to say the least!

"Please do not obstruct this garage!"

Reddit | iomex

"Dave, it says not to..."

"La la la, I can't hear you, Allan, and I definitely can't read that sign right there!"

"Should we not..."

"Ooops, too late. I've already put the pole in. Guess it's done now!"

"Strawberry picking. You will notice that one of my kids follows the instructions, the other, is just like his father."

Reddit | Matt666666

In my head, I like to think that I was probably the one in the background, but I know that I'd have been meticulously following the proper procedure.

"Did someone not understand the rules?"

Reddit | poppzE

But, wasn't the point of that film to go out and break the rules? Or, was it all of the rules except that rule?

"That one friend who blatantly disregards the rules of shotgun."

Reddit | Linguini_Fettuccine

You've got to respect that little dog for just sitting there and taking it — not giving up its position despite being crushed! If it can move, that is...

"I'm Sick Of All These Rules!"

Redit | RPShep

Christ, it really is impossible to have fun nowadays, isn't it?! Time was, you could have all of your fingers mauled off by a wild animal every weekend and nobody batted an eyelid!

"Here's the rules for living next to a farm."

Reddit | Fake_Goatee

And yet, people still complain about all of these things when they move near to farms. What do they think, that farms are in giant, opaque bubbles covered in magic trees?

"Need to follow the instructions..."

Reddit | legohax

I think in this instance you may just be permitted to not follow the instructions quite as they are stated!


Reddit | AdamMcC1572

These two are now serving concurrent life sentences for this violation of shoulder-standing law. A true shame.

"Here's my mother-in-law preheating a cutting board..."

Reddit | RonanTheBarbarian

Well, this one kind of speaks for itself really, doesn't it? She also looks like she has just realized the gravity of her mistake!

"Somehow our dog opened the upstairs screen door and ended up following our cat onto the roof. He required consoling before coming back inside."

Reddit | CallMePancake

I refuse to believe this is anything other than a sick joke on the cat's end. "I know, I'll lure him out here and, without the dexterity I have, he'll be stuck forever, mwahahaha!"

"My brother and I were cleaning out the attic, but then I heard a shout and a loud crash, then saw this above me. I chose to take a photo before asking questions."

Reddit | wtfizjdoggwha

I'm gonna have to blame him here. Sure, you didn't try to help at all upon realizing what happened, but that's what he gets for wearing flip flops while working.

"I'd follow these directions if I saw this in the mirror."

Reddit | Bigreddog19

Nothing says "listen to me" like hand-cut, iridescent letters on the front of an 18-wheeler.

"My book of choice."

Reddit | Thebecktionary

Yeah, why actually try to be better? That's so much work...and like, my schedule is so full...I couldn't fit it in.

"I spotted this on a wine truck while driving."

Reddit | InsatiableSarah

It might be worth following them for a bit...after a quick run to the grocery store first.

"A quick way to destroy your kids trust."

Reddit | Sulde

Are grapes good? Yes. Are they an equally good option when you think you're getting chocolate? Absolutely not. This is sick.

"My girlfriend is going to be gone for a week. She either has no faith in me or is setting me up for failure."

Reddit | puckpuckpuck

Your girlfriend made you a cute little menu every day with what you were going to eat? You better not mess this up, it would be a crime to lose her.

"Not filling me with a whole lot of confidence there, guys."

Reddit | superjoshe

No, see, they're showcasing the kind of stuff they fix so you know when to call them. I'm sure that's it.

"Did you know that if you wear a red shirt and act confident you can walk into a Target and hang your own employee of the month placard?"

Reddit | j0be

"Matt, I'm really sorry to be the one to tell you this, but corporate has implemented a new kissing rule. It's a max of three kisses a week. I know, it's rough... You mind if I ask to be one of those three this week?"

"This dog was following me around today and every time I turned to pet him he would look away and pretend not to notice me."

Reddit | aaronseminoff

"Pets pets pets pets pets - what? You think I want to be pet? Absolutely not. I turn my nose up at you- pets pets pets pets pets."

"My school has no faith in the honors students."

Reddit | Gurustyle

School looking you dead in the eye and saying "Don't be optimistic" really just sums up the post-secondary experience.

At least someone's having fun.

Reddit | KillerKenyan

Did someone not get the memo? Roller coasters are horrifying, distressing experiences. Bring a new expression next time.

"Product confidence an important rule in sealing the deal."

Reddit | steamyfunctions

This is less a lack of confidence in the product and more a lack of confidence in the user. Yeah, that means you.

"I don't think McDonald's has much faith in the quality of their fish."

Reddit | nimnum

Maybe not, but they trust their tangy tartar sauce a lot, so surely the sandwich is fine!

"Someone playing games with the police radar by my house."

Reddit | lagee0

I'm so focused on the fact that the sign only has two spaces. If you even try to go over 99... I don't know, maybe your car will explode.

"Fluff the rules!"

Reddit | kbcomics

That corgi looks proud as hell by the fact that it is fighting against the establishment! Someone go give it a little beret or something!

"Multilingual instructions."

Reddit | Yamamba78

This is the epitome of one person clearly thinking, "Well, that's not my job, so I'm not going to do it."