20 Normal Objects That We Can't Help But Think Look Like Other Things

We live in a world with a lot of...stuff. Sometimes that stuff looks like what it is, and sometimes it looks like what it isn't. Does that make sense?

Of course it doesn't make sense. But the fact remains that our brains can sometimes trick us, particularly when everyday items seemingly shape-shift into something else.

Steam summoner.

Reddit | accelis

This one is helped along a bit by the fact that it's accompanied by a helpful diagram. But even without the drawing, it looks a lot like some kind of muscled-up steam demon.

No means no.

Reddit | johngreenink

There's something about this vase that makes me think of my mom putting her foot down when I was a kid. This vase is not here for any of your sass.

Goin' down to South Park.

Reddit | xd_AveryCJ

The thing at the bottom center of this photo is just lens flare, I swear. The fact that it literally looks exactly like Eric Cartman is just a coincidence.

Quoth the raven...

Reddit | justSalz

This is just a random Rubik's Cube with a lot of worn-off paint. But if you look at the top-left corner, you'll see that the process has revealed Edgar Allen Poe himself.

The perfect shot.

Reddit | Jhippelchen

Don't ask me what this thing actually does, because to me it'll always be a robot taking a selfie during one of its frequent nature walks.


Reddit | PastInspection

This looks like some kind of friendly, furry parrot. Or, alternatively, it's a cat who's learned how to shapeshift. It shouldn't be surprising, as all cats seem to learn this skill eventually.

Too much!

Reddit | higher_moments

The last pic was a cat that looked like something else. This is something else that looks like a cat. I think kitty has had enough whipped cream. You can see it in his eyes.

Hidden soldiers.

Reddit | JimFancyPants

The negative space in between these columns clearly shows the silhouettes of soldiers from the First World War. In this case, the resemblance was intentional — but that doesn't make it any less cool.

Life is pain.

Reddit | TheGreenGold

Do you ever cut up a bell pepper for dinner and just feel kind of bad for butchering an innocent veggie? I never had, until I saw this disconcerting photo.

Bunny bread.

Reddit | UnclePinto123

There's something about this loaf of bread that just makes me want to feed it carrots until it starts hopping around. The bunny shape even has its eye in the right place.

Now do Waluigi.

Reddit | reflexiveblue

This is a little more abstract than some items on this list, but you can't deny that this overloaded banquet burger looks a fair bit like Wario.

Buggin' out.

Reddit | jastr

This is a lone peppercorn, floating in a sea of brine. A couple of carbon dioxide bubbles have adhered themselves to it, creating a goofy, googly-eyed visage.

When your sandals have mustaches.

Reddit | zafgeo

If there's one thing I know about women's footwear with a man's name on them, it's that they must be fashionable and European. I'll call these sandals "Lorax chiq."


Reddit | Lord_Tickle

This freshly-poured bubble bath looks pretty appealing to hop into. But getting into it would destroy the illusion of the bubbles being a big ol' booty.

Weirdly specific.

Reddit | SaucySpaghet

Why does this rug have a design that looks exactly like a lion that's wearing reflective cop sunglasses and a pirate hat? I have no idea, but it's the little details like this that really matter.

Somebody once told me...

Reddit | kiarni

This one's a little different, in that it's fairly abstract. But just tell me you can look at these pills and not see a simplified, deconstructed version of Shrek.

Sad face.

Reddit | maniac4fight

This cracked protective cup probably looks a lot like the face of the person who was wearing it when it got cracked like that. Just looking at this makes me wince.

Friendly gator.

Reddit | Exodus_14

No one should ever get near a real alligator. But going near logs that look like gators? Totally fair game. This one looks a lot friendlier than a real one, too.

Modest robot.

Reddit | Xenon808

Maybe I've been squinting at these photos for too long, but does this door knocker not look like a little robot that's modestly covering its robot private parts?

In profile.

Reddit | mormonsandmarmots

Her perfect nail manicure was ruined when she chipped her nail polish. But as a (creepy) consolation prize, it chipped into the exact shape of a man's face in profile.

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