17+ Things People Thought They Got Away With

There is nothing quite like the feeling that you have gotten away with something, whether it be something simple like a little prank or having a nap while you're meant to be at work!

However, the people on this list definitely did not get away with anything! So, please enjoy these 17+ things that people thought they got away with!

"This hawk came into my house this morning and made a complete fool of himself."

Reddit | Sevenade

Its face just looks like it's screaming, "Oh, lord, this is so embarrassing! Please don't show this to anyone. I'm normally very graceful, I promise!"

"My daughter used markers to put 'makeup' on her dolls. I tried to wash them. Cinderella had an especially rough night."

Reddit | stephidabefida5

I think that I've felt like at least one of these stages of hungover every Saturday and Sunday for as long as I can remember.

"There were two edibles in here last night. Someone in my family is having an interesting day..."

Reddit | reeeeeeeee-bruh

Bet it was super easy to figure out who it was when you headed into the kitchen to find your grandmother eating sour skittles and peanut butter M&Ms.

"My sister tried to buy a mirror on Craigslist, no picture was put up so she asked the guy to send her one...was not disappointed."

Reddit | BeatPutinArmWreslin

Well, you know what they say: "Sex sells." I'm not saying it'll sell here, that's just something people say.

"I tried to grow potatoes, 10 weeks after I get this."

Reddit | msoto15

Ah, living off your own produce really is a rewarding experience! You'll die of starvation, but it'll be a rewarding death!

"Sneaking wine into the office like."

Reddit | RickFromTheParty

"Allan, I need those documents finished by the end of the day!"

*Hiccup "If you shay fso bossh!"

"She didn't have a problem with it until we were 2 hours away from home, then suddenly it was a huge problem."

Reddit | makenzie71

I cannot imagine having a worse passenger in the car than a cat that really doesn't want to be there. That would be a nightmare.

"Thinking of buying a bra just for the sake of it."

Reddit | ccchapagain

Just look at the look on his face. He knows exactly how much he has messed up here. Please tell me you caught him with a bow tie at least once... That would be adorable.

"I've waited my entire life to see someone actually try this."

Reddit | dazthecat

They should just let them both in for the price of one for having the gall to actually dress up like this and give it a shot, really!

"South Korean football club uses sex dolls to fill empty stadium."

Reddit | AnchanSan

How on Earth did anyone think that this was going to be anything other than a PR nightmare? Although, it is good that they tricked them all out with face masks!

"After returning home this is how we caught my husky eating cat food..."

Reddit | Bubblebeam09212

That dog has one hell of a terrified stare on his face! I wonder how long he has been stuck in that sniffing only cat food and his own breath?

"I've been caught. What do I do?"

Reddit | The_Smirk

Time to 'fess up. There's no point in lying, they'll just walk all over you if you try that.

"He was just trying to take a nap."

Reddit | Chivobear

I love the way that he is just staring at the kid as though to say to the owner, "You'd better return this damn thing immediately!"

"This fat fool had to be rescued by animal control."

Reddit | mysweetriot

"Listen, animal control, I know this is the fifth time this week, but I can hear you laughing out there. Now shut up and help me out!"

"My mom issues addresses for a Parish in Louisiana. One of requirements to issue an address is that the building’s front door needs to be in place. This is what she rolled up to this morning."

Reddit | Nekrofeelyak

"Where is the rest of the house, Dave?"

"What are you talking about it's right... Oh, God, I spent so long choosing the door I forgot the sodding house!"

"We sent the new kid at work on a fool's errand to go buy some 'Elbow Grease'. He came back with his. This kid is going places."

Reddit | NotAboutTheHeroes

"Pfft, how did you find your trip out? Did you find any elbow grease, ha?!"

"Yep, here you go."


"Found my dog like this, She ate through her bed and got herself caught."

Reddit | TheTrueMuffinMan

"Please, help me."

"Okay, just one second I..."

"No, no photographs! Help me now!"

"Meet my boy Dez who had to check what was hiding in a cave by the road. Apparently pain is not in his vocabulary."

Reddit | DescartOrNot

"Dez, where have you been?"

"Nowhere, absolutely nowhere. Not doing anything!"

"Something tells me that you are lying!"

"I got caught taking a 'Boyfriends of Instagram' photo."

Reddit | toolemeister

The look on his face really says it all, doesn't it? It has that unique emotion of reluctant despondency.

"My cat caught a lizard and had no idea how to proceed."

Reddit | Booty-Juice

That is the look of someone thinking, "This seemed like such a great idea, until all of a sudden it really wasn't!"

"My security camera caught this shady character."

Reddit | henrymatt

That little picture that it has selected for this "person's" profile on the camera is absolutely hilarious!

"My friend is a middle school teacher. She caught a student with this today."

Reddit | lord_farquad

Time was that would have been a comic book, magazine, or just random crap hidden in a hollowed out book... We really are in the future.

"Lanyard caught on the handle and my keys swung inside the door as I closed it. Stupidest way to lock yourself out?"

Reddit | nkraus90

As far as ways to get yourself locked out go, this is pretty specific! If you have a more obscure way in which you have locked yourself out, please share it below!

"A friend of mine set out traps to catch a raccoon. Caught his black lab instead."


This dog looks so defeated by life in this picture. I don't think that I've ever seen a Labrador look so forlorn!

"Caught in the act. I come home to this at least 4 times a week."

Reddit | galaxywolfca

"Oh, hi, you're home. I was just chilling here under the fence... Definitely not stuck."

"That's good, I'll leave you to it then..."

"Wait...okay, I may be a little stuck."

"I can't believe my 11 year old actually tried to pull this off."

Reddit | PrettyOttery

In fairness, the piece of work they were trying to hand in was for forgery class, hence why they got a -1 mark for this effort.

"I came home to a postman's noble attempt to hide my package. Nobody will suspect a thing."

Reddit | MischaTheJudoMan

In fairness, at least they gave it a go at hiding it...even if it is a truly abysmal effort! It's better than nothing!

"Daredevil Halloween Candy Heist has been caught red-handed."

Reddit | PeacefulWay

That's actually pretty impressive! Although, if she accidentally pulls those doors open, she is in big trouble!

"Tried to take a selfie at JFK. Caught this gem before I could figure out how to reverse the cam."

Reddit | sumthinginteresting

She's been waiting her whole life for this moment. Her dreams of being a model, realized — just not in the outfit she thought she'd be wearing.

Just Another Life Hack.

Reddit | emzieees

This is actually kind of a flex: "Yeah, I'm gonna steal your food, and it's gonna help me lose weight, and you're gonna see it. Try and stop me."

"I caught my cat in the act of attacking a roll of toilet paper."

Reddit | Fuzzie8

I always knew it was a violent act, but I didn't expect it to be this visceral. That poor, innocent toilet paper.

"I found out I’m going to be an uncle! My sister wasn’t too happy about my interpretation of her upside down ultrasound."

Reddit | jmkilliea2

This artist rendition actually happens to capture exactly how I view kids. Congrats on being an uncle though!

"I made it on the wall at work."

Reddit | rosebud

The line between a sick burn and a dad joke is starting to blend, which ushers in a new era of comedy: the dad burn.

"Found out my kid won't even eat uncrust."

Reddit | tonusbonus

You present children with the perfect solution to a common problem and they still throw it away. Disgraceful.

"Caught in the act of stealing dinner."

Reddit | seyn121

I'd say "this dog has learned his lesson" but as we all know, dogs have the memory of a dandelion seed and he'll have forgotten this whole ordeal in about three minutes.

"Someone threw something at my car as I passed them. When I got out of the car to check for damages, this is what I found."

Reddit | MT3

What glued up sort of super gummy is this where it not only stuck to your car, but stayed on as you continued driving?

"This guy was passed out on a bar patio."

Reddit | mermaidfreckles88

Hope isn't lost yet. He's still wearing that shirt which means the possibility of an intervention is still on the table.

"I may have caught the moment my dog realized we weren't going to the park."

Reddit | NearlyOutOfMilk

Using "may have" is pretty generous for yourself here. He knew right away, and he'll never forgive you for it. Well, he will, but it'll be in three minutes like I said earlier.

"A group of students all copied each others' homework.

Reddit | Loganapple09

What's happening to kids these days? When my friends and I used to copy each others' homework, we at least had the thought to make it seem different so we wouldn't get caught.

"Something has been stealing cat food and leaving mystery poops in the garage. I was not expecting this."


It's the (almost) perfect crime! The last animal they'd ever expect as a thief is a turtle!

"Finally caught my cat in the act of stealing from my kid."

Reddit | Kangandrew5

To my amusement, the comments on this one were filled mostly with critique about the decor, which I can't really argue with. What maniac folds their posters like that?

Very Important Research.

Reddit | WHiSPERRcs

This woman is just doing some scientific data collection into mannequin sculpting and molding in retail spaces. I promise that's all this is.

"Fiancée tried to make doughnuts but added too much batter. I introduce to you, the muffnut."

Reddit | tophmitch

They may well be a mistake, however, they could be the greatest thing ever... Only one way to find out!

"My coworker up-cycled a plastic container for her greek yogurt."

Reddit | Lpontis22

I've done this before! Margarine container filled with leftover curry. Except I was eating it in a busy train station. I wish I could've recorded the looks I got.

"Landscaper was caught sleeping on the job..."

Reddit | GHETTOT3cH

"Dave, quick, run and get a bucket of water to hide the evidence, then they'll never know..."

"I think it might be a bit late for that, Tony..."