12+ People Who Didn’t Do What We Expected

Look, the world is a very difficult and complicated place. And some people manage to make even the simplest of tasks complicated, making their world even more difficult!

So, please enjoy this cavalcade of buffoons, as I present you with 12+ people who didn't do it right!

"The one time the toner exploded at work while switching it out. You can see where I was at that exact moment."

Reddit | paochow

This is like something right out of a cartoon. I'd have loved to have seen this person walking out of the room right after doing it!

This Kid's Hide And Seek Skills!

Reddit | PaperkutRob

I like how he's left his socks next to him to make it look as though he has been eaten by the crocodile.

"My cat is an idiot but adorable."

Reddit | KingkongRS7

I have known a few cats to be terrible at drinking water from taps, and it always baffles me. I mean, it's just running water... What is so hard about that?

"Long kayaking trip + belly rolls = most inconsistent sunburn ever."

Reddit | BustersHotHamWater

This person went on to write, "Honestly, I can't help but laugh. But then the laughing hurts, so then I just cry internally instead."

"It's stealth."

Reddit | NineteenEighty9

See, they've made a classic error here: The bloody wheels are still visible! What is this, amateur hour?!

"After a few weeks I returned to my apartment."

Reddit | voy_conlag_mental

Oh...dear, God, no. I don't think that I'd ever be able to shower in there again after this, no matter how much bleach was used to clean it.

"I'm 25, and suck at slides."

Reddit | Alex_Moser

The person who posted this is indeed the man careening down the slope, and he also mentioned that the girl at the bottom is his girlfriend's daughter who was five. He mentioned that she did survive.

"Stupid bird ruins my shot of some blurry trees."

Reddit | LordPizzaParty

"Hi, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior?"


*Angry religious peacock noises

"Some asshole took my spot after I shoveled 3 spaces for my neighbors and I in subzero temps.. Sucks to suck!"

Reddit | Sankey002

I mean, I know that this must have been incredibly satisfying, however, now they cannot leave so you won't be getting the spot back any time soon!

"Walmart knows exactly how stupid majority of their customers really are."

Reddit | suspectlamb

The very fact that they had to put this up makes me despair for the future of humanity.

"You know your fashion sense sucks when it's displayed in a charity shop window."

Reddit | dannybfs

Jesus Christ, that is indeed a look. They truly are the most boot-cut-y of all the terrible boot-cut jeans around.

"That's what you get for parking like an idiot!"

Reddit | NerdyNae

He won't be getting out of there in a hurry! But, I mean, they pretty much deserve it. That is absolutely shocking parking right there!

"My bike was stolen today. I don't know who the bigger idiot was."

Reddit | chenchiladas

Well, you know, at least you can use the padlock again... Although, maybe you should take the damn code off it next time. Actually, they didn't see it this time so do whatever.

"I guess my neighborhood thinks we're all idiots."

Reddit | MasonJohnn

I'm assuming that the neighborhood felt the need to put this here due to the fact that people have proven incapable of following this simple instruction.

"iDiot at the gym."

Reddit | shizney1

I know that it can suck having to work out without music. However, the idea of tucking an iPad down sweatpants is just disgusting!

"My daughter brought this home from school the other day. My first thought...the gingerbread man really sucks at shaving."

Reddit | evetsleep

Apparently, it is "art." I don't know what sort of art it is meant to be but I can't say I'm a fan.

"I got locked out and our cat just gave me this stupid look."

Reddit | ryansworld10

That cat definitely locked you out of the house. Just look at that goofy face laughing at you.

"I've done a lot of stupid stuff in my first few minutes awake but this is a new one."

Reddit | duncanmack27

The very idea of brushing your teeth with this is making me feel like I might be sick. Enjoy!

"Yes, my friend is that stupid..."

Reddit | RichiH

Now you just need to take the brick next to it out each time you want to get the key in. Simple enough!

Giving A Survey About An 11-Month-Old...

Reddit | JesadBellic

This person explained, "When daycare, completely seriously, asks my friend to answer stupid questions on behalf of his 11 month old daughter, it is inevitable that stupid answers is what they'll receive."

"Sister-in-law showed me her professor with a much better solution than a stupid laser pointer."

Reddit | othebuh

I'd like to see him trying to get it back to his office after he's finished class, taking eyes out left, right, and center.

"He's behind me making that face again. I don't even have to turn around to know it. God damn it. I hate that goddamned stupid face he makes."

Reddit | j0be

This is the face that my partner makes every time I say, "Excuse me" when a car nearby parps its horn. Classic joke, always funny.

"Un-bear-lievable but true."

Reddit | tankengine9

This is actually quite a common thing for bears to do, but would it kill them to give the tub a clean out after they've been in it?

"If it works it's not stupid!"

Reddit | personathethird

They should give something like this to teachers on a day out so that they can keep the kids all together.

"You Suck!"

Reddit | DoctorBruceWayne

At least they got a free ball out of it. Those things aren't cheap! (I literally have no idea how much golf balls are.)

"My wife thinks I'm stupid too."

Reddit | bmwhd

Someone asked this person if their wife was right, and if they did in fact need this much help. They responded with, "Sadly yes."

"If it works it's not stupid."

Reddit | DanielFranko

Surely, it would make more sense to have the hatch thing down over the eyes. I mean, they are what she's meant to be protecting?

"My GF got a bit of a shock when I dropped to one knee only to tie up my shoelace... Was not expecting the verbal onslaught that occurred afterwards."

Reddit | wizards-sleeve

I think that they pretty much deserved all of the verbal onslaughts. I mean, this is just a cruel prank to pull!

"Not something I thought I'd see in my statistics textbook."

Reddit | hewwitt

Good to know that mathematicians have a sense of humor too. A dad sense of humor, but one all the same.

"I don't know why she's not amused."

Reddit | LamaLamaDingDing

I don't know either. He even added the green beanie to represent the green cap! That's attention to detail!

"My office held an Easter Egg decorating contest. I'm not artistically inclined."

Reddit | Pattmost20

Put that egg on a stone pillar instead of a paper plate and it'd be art gallery-ready!

"She's a retriever, not a genius."

Reddit | Ripsaw99

This is her way of telling you she's hungry. She requires more treats, immediately, before she starves away...

"The library in my town put this outside."

Reddit | StillRussian

The bar for libraries is really on the floor, huh? All the services they provide and this is what they have to fall back on.

"My wife has been blaming me for not flushing before I go to bed. It wasn't me! I've been blaming the kids for it. Then one day in taking a bath and he just strolls in."

Reddit | ImComcastic

What a bold move. Sow distrust and discord into the family, then proudly show the head of the household it was your doing all along. Pure (evil) genius.

"My dad was Santa at our local Petsmart. This guy was brought in."

Reddit | MichaelDerp

What? Turtles deserve Christmas presents, too! And this turtle in particular has been a very good boy this year.

"Technically it's true. Not helpful, but true.

Reddit | savethewhales

Not only that, but it'll smell fantastic too, even after the wound has closed!

"Target's unrealistic body expectations."

Reddit | millhouse21386

It's due to things like this that we're seeing a rise of arm-lengthening surgery in men. Disgusting.

"We've been doing it wrong our whole life."

Reddit | HnapchatSacker

I can't even tell if this is better or more convenient in any way. It just looks annoying.

"A friend's face swap went horribly wrong."

Reddit | phaesios

This genuinely looks like a shot from a horror movie where the monster is taunting their victim.

"This did not live up to my expectations."

Reddit | Madsbolton

It's less about the garment and more about how the model wears the garment. Bring those ears up, give us a good, awestruck expression, then it'll look better.

"Thought I was using the wet wipes in my bathroom, I was wrong."


My god. Did anyone else feel a shot of pain run up their spine at just the thought of using this in the wrong spot?

"Got married in a movie theater. Gave guests popcorn to throw instead of rice. Knowing my friends, I should have seen this coming."

Reddit | mullenma44

Either someone was really happy for you and got a little too excited, or someone is extremely envious of your cool wedding.

"Potty training puppies are stupid."

Reddit | northshore12

Although, on the plus side, it looks like you've managed to somehow snag yourself a dog from an animated movie!

"My friend put a plastic tablecloth down so the cats wouldn’t think it’s a blanket on the table just for them."

Reddit | Lurkypie

Cats do not care what is "for them," nor what measures you try to deter them with. If they want it, they'll get it.

"A very compelling argument to become a volunteer firefighter."


At first, I thought, "Well, that's not gonna get anyone to join!" However, I did immediately think after reading it, " cool is this hat?"