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Alaskan Man Documents Backyard Visit From Mother Moose And Her Calves

Depending on where you live, you may find yourself with varying neighborhood wildlife. For example, my yard is a popular place for remarkably fat squirrels, roaming skunks, and a pair of bunnies who nest under the deck next door.

Very occasionally, there will be an urban deer spotted straying from the riverside parks, but otherwise, things are pretty quiet.

One guy in Alaska went viral recently for his very unusual backyard guests: a mama moose and her two young calves.

Facebook | Roland Rydstrom

Ryan Rydstrom lives in Anchorage and shared a whole gallery of images in a Facebook post.

"The view outside my Covid home office is better than yours today," his post said.

The trio wandered into his yard around nine in the morning.

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After sniffing around and considering their options, they decided that his grass was quite comfortable and settled in for the day. Besides two short wanders around the neighborhood to stretch their legs, the mom and her babies hung around until evening.

At one point, one of the calves got a little too close to the pots of marigolds and knocked one over.

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But no damage was done, and Roland straightened things out after the family left.

When he shared the photos, he didn't imagine that they would go viral.

Neighborhood moose are pretty common where he is, but not so much for the rest of the world.

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Not only is it not unusual to see moose in Anchorage, but Roland said they're particularly common in his backyard because it's part of the "loop" they tend to make around his neighborhood.

After so many questions, he edited his post to include a bit more context.

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It turns out that this mama moose is well-known in the neighborhood and she makes regular loops through on a daily basis.

Although this mother moose was no stranger to Roland's backyard, this extended stay was apparently much less common.

Facebook | Roland Rydstrom

The calves themselves were born about 12 days before these photos were taken. They were already so big!