13+ People Who Forgot To Double-Check

It is always important to double-check everything you do in life! Although, one of the benefits of people not double-checking things is that it often has hilariously unfortunate consequences!

So, with that in mind, please enjoy these 13+ people who forgot to double-check!

"Note to self...check the dimensions of EVERYTHING before ordering on Amazon..."

Reddit | cewallace9

I like how the cat is looking at it as though it is saying, "I like the sentiment, John, but I'm never going to fit on that."

"A nearly beautiful constellation mask."

Reddit | DeNumineX

All I can hear when looking at this mask is someone saying "Ha, butthead!" in a whiney kid's voice.

"Ordered a stamp, guess the photo didn't work."

Reddit | DelisionalMeatball

Unless, this is actually what they really did want on the stamp, and now they're just pretending like it wasn't to try and get a refund!

"This happened to my car today!"

Reddit | sc511

Always check for holes in the road before driving! This person explained that, "The water company of my city were doing some pressure tests and the pipe burst. Made a hole which collapsed when a car before us and we were going over it."

"Check hairlines."

Reddit | Mat145

Just like your passport, it is crucial to keep on checking your hairline to make sure you haven't left it in the airport.

"The sprinklers came on at my sisters graduation ceremony."

Reddit | YoWhatTheDuck

This is either the most unbelievable senior prank ever, or the most spectacular blunder from someone in the administration department.

"New sofa delivered... thanks forklift truck driver!"

Reddit | Kuffdam

The very thought of how much effort and phone calls are going to be required to get this replaced is making me feel tense just sitting here.

"When you're out for a nice Sunday drive."

Reddit | holdmybrew1

Thankfully, the person who posted this said that the guy who shot it paid in cash on the day, as they didn't want to have to explain this to the insurance company!

"No one is happy here."

Reddit | Elbobosan

"So, you definitely know how to use this bottle properly, yes?"

"Yes, I'm not a fool! Oh...damn, would you look what happened..."

"Had to check to make sure Luna hadn't gotten into the edibles. They were all there, but I'm still suspicious..."

Reddit | jber43

Yeah, I'd go right ahead and check again. And, if they are still there, then you need to swap out your edibles for whatever it is that Luna is on!

"Not everyone is happy about the new fence."

Reddit | MziggyG

"So, why didn't you check with everyone before erecting this atrocity?"

"I think you know why..."

"This is far from over, Steve."

"Well shucks."

Reddit | thatsitrose

How, at no point in the manufacturing process, did someone not go, "I think there's something wrong with these pens"?


Reddit | coffinfodder1

"Dave, you had one make this comb unbreakable."

"Look, the way I look at it is that if you break it, then you have two combs!"

"I'm at work right now and I decided to check up on my puppy on my new home security camera. All I can do is watch..."

Reddit | SomeChickkkk

When you've got a new puppy, it is vital that you make sure there is nothing easily tear-able that they can get at!

"We hiked 3 hours to get a good picture of our hometown. Our city is on the left..."

Reddit | 97Hshk

They're lucky that this turned out to be a really cool picture in its own right. Hopefully they'll check the forecasts before going hiking next time!

"Left a can of tuna in here to lure a pesky raccoon, found this in the morning."

Reddit | sassysazz

That's one hell of a weird-looking raccoon you've caught right there! It also looks like it is saying, "Look, I know this is embarrassing... Can you just let me out and move past it?"

"One of these is applesauce. One of these is grease from a deep fryer. Guess which one I ate a spoonful of a few minutes ago."

Reddit | NighthawkE3

I mean, if you leave these unlabeled near each other, then you deserve all of the misfortune that befalls you in this vein!

"Jesus Christ, did nobody check the layout of this front page?"

Reddit | nicklo2k

Christ alive, this is shocking. There's no way that this got past the editors without at least one of them knowing full well what they were doing.

"Mom told me the rooster was after her today. Had to check security camera to verify."

Reddit | gypsypanthr

Always make sure that the poultry is not in a bad mood before entering their domain. That is day one of owning a farm...I imagine.

"Uhhh... you may wanna double check that."

Reddit | btg7471

"Dave, I think that you might have brought back the wrong dog from the dog park...?"

"Ah, well, it's close enough, right?"

"Well, not really, no."

"Ate while driving, so didn't pay attention. Got most of the way through when I realized the chicken was 100% raw. Hope I don't die later."

Reddit | dymbrulee

If someone showed this to Gordon Ramsay he'd have a heart attack. Also, while we're here, I'm just gonna take this opportunity to express my undying, furious hatred for that melted-waxwork-looking, loud-mouthed, selfish git.

"Some guys in my town decided to check if the ice is strong enough to hold a car."

Reddit | Juffin

You know what, they got much farther than I would have thought by the looks of it! However, how stupid do you have to be to do this in the first place?

"My teacher friend thought a student was checking the time too often during a test..."

Reddit | Kylo_Melv

This is lazy cheating. They couldn't even be bothered to type out the notes onto their watch? Instead, they used this tiny photo? That's just insanity!

"Volunteered at my 9 year old's camp today. Asked him to pack us a lunch. Really regret not checking what he had packed before we left..."

Reddit | JephriB

Look, at least he didn't forget the Crystal Meth. That would have been a right nightmare, wouldn't it?

"Arrived at my destination, then turned around to check on my dog who was sitting in the back seat..."

Reddit | CherryandIvory

Always keep your dog and your Cheez-Its separate! I imagine he had a fantastic time while it lasted though.

"Found this while walking to work this morning. This is gonna suck big time for someone."

Reddit | Yurishirox do you even drop one piece of a puzzle? Why were they carrying an open puzzle around?

"My car has been making a rattling noise for awhile, so I took it in to get it checked out..."

Reddit | goodcommenter

If there is a rattling sound near the dashboard...then the first thing you would surely think to check would be the dash area... Or am I insane?

"My husband and I finally talked his dad into upgrading from his iphone4. It was a tough battle but now we can finally put this bad boy to rest."

Reddit | MeowMisery

I wonder how much trade-in value this had? I mean, it's retro as hell so that's got to be worth something...right?

"Everyone at work does a double take when I take this bottle from the fridge."

Reddit | Americancatfarmer

Forget hiding vodka in a water bottle, hide vodka in a bottle of water that looks like a bottle of vodka. No one can cut through all these layers.

"Offered to clean the house for husband points while the wife was out of town. Hired a maid but didn't check the work. Busted!"

Reddit | arbucklefatty

Honestly, good! I'm glad you got caught. This reads like a scheme out of a sitcom and you did it anyway. We all know how these episodes end.

"So my friend checked his trail cam and saw this."

Reddit | Beazly464

I'm curious as to what the man disguised his camera as that made a deer so curious. Perhaps a very pretty female deer?

"My 9-year-old left a surprise for my wife. Scared her when she looked in the rear view. Kids."

Reddit | Johnnyoneshot

Of all the people you could find in your backseat, I actually think Santa would be one of the better ones. You know he's got plenty of gifts to make up for the inconvenience.

"We got a new mom!"

Reddit | m2520

That cat looks like she did not sign up for this. She didn't even want kittens, let alone adopted ducklings!

"I teach chemistry and biology. My student wanted me to check this unusual mole on her arm today."

Reddit | mrwuapbiology

If you don't get it, a mole is also a scientific unit of measurement, which I absolutely knew before seeing this and didn't have to look up to understand this joke at all before I shared it with you.

"Ya know, I never thought to check the dryer for the TV remote."

Reddit | nick_wons

I'm really concerned about your dryer. I've never felt one get hot enough to warp plastic this badly. I think you have a fire hazard on your hands.

"Always read the fine print."

Reddit | rbrthenderson

The thing about this fine print is that it's true and a fair warning. Something like that could make someone reconsider this deal real quick.

"Couldn't find my dog this morning, I asked who wanted a treat and his head popped up. Now I know to check under pillows!"


Under pillows, in couch cushions, under tables. Little dogs love to be wherever you're not looking.

"When I booked my hotel a few months ago, I put in a few special requests as a joke. Champagne, roses and a plastic dinosaur. Then I totally forgot that I'd made that request. Absolutely lost it when I walked into my room today."

Reddit | robtwood

It's nice to have the room ready and prepped for romance as soon as you arrive... Really heightens the experience.

"Always double check the measurements when purchasing home decor online."

Reddit | RockYourOwnium

Easy solution: Just buy a lot of them and place them in the shape of a deer. That'll look normal.

"I gave my 2 year old a slice of cheese to eat while she was watching some Paw Patrol. Then I checked on her a minute later."

Reddit | saddad9441

Kids really do the darndest things. Also the smartest things. That's easy access storage that won't leave the cheese covered in thread and dust from the couch!

"Apparently, Wells Fargo doesn't bother to check the ID photos you send them."

Reddit | sydneyowen

Phew, thank goodness he compared it to his real ID. I almost thought a cat managed to get a credit card for a moment!

"Daughter asked the Costco guy to draw a mermaid when he checked our receipt. He handed it back and muttered an apology to my wife."

Reddit | TheUnbeliever

Today I learned that mermaids have no arms, no hair, no anything but a face and a tail. Are mermaids just snakes?

Aren't They Missing Something...


The person how posted this wrote, "My mom issues addresses for a Parish in Louisiana. One of requirements to issue an address is that the building's front door needs to be in place. This is what she rolled up to this morning."

"We have a door in the back of our office for emergency fire department access, and we figured we'd open it and check it out in case we need an escape route."

Reddit | TrekkieGod

This could become an exit if you suddenly get handy with a pickaxe. Do you want to die in an emergency or not? Get digging.

"Pre-ordered a signed vinyl record, the band mistakenly signed the cellophane wrapping and not the album cover."

Reddit | Havoksixteen

The person who posted this went on to write, "I did reach out to them. One of the other members replied 'I don't know what those two have been thinking' and said that it was wrong and a mistake."