30 Dramatic Moments That Were Caught On Camera

Some of the most amazing moments in a person's life will be completely unnoticed by the world, today and throughout history. While quiet celebration can be nice, sometimes a little public love is better.

Luckily, sometimes people are around to take the right pictures at the right time, documenting astonishing and touching moments that would otherwise pass us by.

"Taking my first steps after a spinal fusion from T4-L4."

Reddit | crownedPom

This user cites this moment as the one that changed her life, and I can clearly see why. This had to be a great time for her, her family, and all the doctors that got her there.

"An East German soldier ignores orders to let no one pass and helps a boy, who was found on the opposite side from his family, cross the newly formed 'Berlin Wall', 1961."

Reddit | 010110101001

It's photos like this that can really remind us that everyone has some humanity in them, some good that comes through at the right moments.

"Me and my girlfriend were walking in the woods the other week and saw a rainbow pool for the first time."

Reddit | brentenross

Something tells me that somewhere along your walk you passed through some kind of portal, because that looks for too magical to exist on regular ol' earth.

"When this jogger realized he stumbled into my friends’ engagement photo."

Reddit | 123CJP

I hope he was invited. This man is officially part of the family! That or I hope you at least let him be present for other important events so he could make that amazingly perfect stunned face.

"This time last year we went to the courthouse to get married. My uncle was our witness with only a few hours notice."

Reddit | Cptnbumout

The choice to not only sit a few rows back, but to also bring a skull (I think) balloon to a wedding, leads me to believe that I really want to meet your uncle.

"When I was a kid, I liked strawberries so much that I would eat them until I got sick. Here is one of those times."

Reddit | brevity-soul_wit

My parents wished I loved any fruit as much as he did. Instead I got sick over weird things like pretzels and ham.

"Right place at the right time."

Reddit | Goal1

I think that's a god. I truly think you stumbled upon a forest god. It doesn't look super pleased to see you but if you leave it alone, you'll be fine.

"Ridiculously photogenic baby meets her dad for the first time."

Reddit | bigk24

While an extremely touching moment, this baby is also looking at the camera like, "Hey, this guy seems pretty cool! Neat!"

"My amazing grandmother turned 100. She gave a speech tonight about her firsthand experience the night of Kristallnacht, losing her family to the holocaust, her time in England during WWII, and her being an interpreter at the Nuremberg Trials. Truly a living legend."

Reddit | Lansman

Trust me, I'm incredibly happy to be living in the time that I'm in. It does bum me out a little that I won't have such incredible and grand stories to tell any future grandkids, though. I guess that just means we need to cherish the ones our own grandparents tell even more!

"A mother laughs hysterically at her husband who just fainted at the sight of their newborn son, 1986."

Reddit | diablek

Even the nurse is laughing alongside her! A lot of emotions can be coursing through a room during the birth of a child, but it's good to see this one ending in smiles. Except for the husband, but I'm sure he'll be laughing later, too.

"Friend of mine posted this photo of the job site today."

Reddit | rabaful

I really hope that whoever made the mistake leading up to this is ready and willing to do their part to clean it up — assuming they're still employed.

"Hong Kong 2019: Love in the Time of Tear Gas."

Reddit | lebbe

This is such a badass picture, and with this being in the age of social media, it makes it all the more interesting in my opinion. The whole world can see this, see their love, and still not know who they are.

"This dude in front of me had white paint dripping off his trunk... Surprise upon arrival."

Reddit | vinylas

Every time I drive home with freshly purchased cans of paint, this is the nightmare that flashes before my eyes every time I hit even the tiniest bump.

"The moment my son opens a birthday card from grandpa with a $100 bill in it."

Reddit | igowest

This kid proving, yet again, that money is the best gift money can buy. Really though, seeing this kind of birthday excitement always makes me smile. Seems his friends are jealous, too!

"In 1945, a train of Jewish prisoners that was intercepted by Allied Forces. They were then liberated, this is them running free after learning they were free and not heading towards a concentration camp."

Reddit | raghavmaheshwari_

This photo was taken by one Major Clarence Benjamin, who took a series of photographs around this rescue, documenting the whole event. Thanks to his pictures, survivors were able to be identified years later and spoken to about the experience, keeping history and stories alive for decades.

"I just messed up real bad."

Reddit | exoduscv

Can we take a moment to just appreciate the sheer luck and skill of a photographer not just being there at the right moment, but also achieving such a clear image?

The only bit of motion blur is at the end of the cheetah's tail.

"My father has brain tumors and I was told he wouldn't make my graduation. Well, he mustered the strength and this is the moment captured when I saw him right after."

Reddit | randomeyeopen

I won't lie, this one made me tear up quite a bit. It should always be our most important goal to cherish our time with our loved ones and to be there for every moment we can. I'm so glad he was able to make it.

"Almost escaped unscathed but the little boi just nicked my skin."

Reddit | rastroboy

I'm glad to hear that the damage didn't end up being serious, because that dog looks like it's going in for the kill.

"I took my daughter [sledding] for the first time. This is her trying to avoid the ramp."

Reddit | theyork2000

A little on the lighter side, I have a feeling extreme sports is not in this girl's future. I get it though, ramps are scary.

"US Marine returns a flag he took from a fallen Japanese soldier during WWII to the soldier's family. They had never received any of his remains or belongings."

Reddit | TragicDonut

The Marine's name is Marvin Strombo, and he spoke in an interview about the experience: "I was so happy that I returned the flag. [...] That almost made me cry. It meant everything in the world to her."

Apparently the flag was covered with over 180 signatures friends and neighbors from the village of Higashishirakawa, where the Japanese soldier, Sadao Yasue, grew up, wishing his safe return. It was thanks to those signatures that Strombo was able to track down Yasue's family.

"This is an arapaima gigas one of the largest fresh water fish in the world."

Reddit | bryanpaima

You know the uncle everyone has that likes to brag about the size of a fish he once caught a decade ago? Next time he starts up the same old story, just show him this epic catch.

"Flooded Bitcoin mining farm."

Reddit | The_Demolished_Man

Bitcoin is confusing, but basically, to "mine" it, you need a ton of computing power. That's what all this was and now it's all worthless.

"The one time the toner exploded at work while switching it out. You can see where I was at that exact moment."

Reddit | paochow

I really wish there was an accompanying photo of the person holding the camera, because the mess must be incredible on them, too.

"The moment your dog comes out of the fire you thought he died in."

Reddit | CarolineGrace

I truly feel that dogs are a lot tougher than we give them credit for, but also what a relieving moment this must have been. Just when you think you've lost everything, arguably one of the things that matters most returns to you unharmed.


Reddit | Jonny_____

Sure, this is less dramatic than some of the other images on this list, but if you've ever discovered earbuds in the pockets of freshly laundered clothes, then you'll understand the pain of being able to see the damage as it happens.

"My wife went to work for the first time in 3 months. No words are needed."

Reddit | OkIHereNow

While many of us will be happy to get back to the routine of the real world when the current crisis is over, the shift will be very dramatic for our pets.

"Didn't quite reach 88 mph."

Reddit | 9999monkey

That is a seriously dramatic reaction to slamming on one's breaks for a red light. How fast was that van going?!

"This man saved our dog. You can see our cat jumping out the window."

Reddit | distriived

Similar to the previous one but with sort of higher stakes since the home is still on fire. Displaying the kindness of a neighbor and the dexterity of a cat all in one shot!

"Children at a puppet show in Paris, 1963, at the exact moment the dragon was slain."

Reddit | still-improving

This picture was taken by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt. I like to think I had similar reactions when watching cartoons growing up.

"Recovering patients are being taken across the street to admire the view of the seaside in Barcelona."

Reddit | SS2602

Someone in the comments pointed out that not only is this a wonderfully kind gesture, but it reminds the patient what they're fighting to recover for, and could possibly reignite their strength and fuel them, even more, to get better.