Husband Tasked With Grocery Shopping Returns With The Most Random Items

Grocery and food shopping on a regular day for a large family can take a lot of time and patience. It's hard to double-check that you have everything that you need for your family and your kids in a crowded store. But, with COVID-19, it's taken grocery shopping to a whole new level. It's even harder to get everything you need with the added pressure on.

Everyone can admit this: food shopping has been quite difficult recently.

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Aside from shortages on certain products, being in a store with that many people and a mask on can be stressful. You don't want to be too close to people, but the people are everywhere!

It's only natural we miss a few items on our lists.

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We can only carry so many things in our bags to the car. With many of us going on solo trips to keep our families healthy, we're missing out on a whole lot.

It seems that no one has quite grocery shopped during the pandemic like Emilia Donaldson's husband.

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The mom shared some photos on Facebook of her husband's iconic trips. She told Cafe Mom that in the family, she's the one who is usually doing the food shopping.

Emilia said that their shopping trips are to buy food for her, her husband, Anders, their two daughters, and her two step-sons from Anders' first marriage.

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Shopping for a full family of six can be a lot of work. Not to mention, you need a lot of items to make sure they all last until the next trip.

The mom said she "usually meal preps" with veggies and healthy food.

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She said she usually thinks of shopping as in meal planning with sides. She also said she's "very organized" when she food shops, to make sure she gets things she needs so they won't spoil.

Her husband has recently been doing the food shopping now with the pandemic upon us.

And, boy, he has got some hilarious trips. Emilia began sharing them on Facebook and with her friends on social media. Some of the trips just leave us saying "Why?"

Anders came home with an insane amount of pasta.

Facebook l Emilia Donaldson

From pasta to mac and cheese and even easy mac, he got a ton of carbs. But, he only got... ONE jar of pasta sauce for all of these boxes. Obviously, Emilia was confused!

He also came home with five-six packs of hot dog buns.

Facebook l Emilia Donaldson

I hope they like to BBQ, because honestly, I wouldn't know what to do with that many hot dog buns.

Let's not forget he bought the whole meat section.

Facebook l Emilia Donaldson

Veggies who? This family seems to be eating a lot of meat in the next few weeks coming up. I hope his kids like that carnivore special! No meat shortage here.

And then there was the total.

Facebook | Emilia Donaldson

How much did all of these random purchases cost, you ask? Well, looking at the receipt isn't pretty. The total was well over $300. Yikes! I hope they budgeted for that much!

Obviously, Emilia learned her lesson.

For all of the random and crazy things he got, Anders spent over $300! Emilia said:

"We all have different strengths, and we rarely ace a new task on the first try. I adore my husband and am grateful that he will take on any task for the good of our family. I thanked him instead of chastising his choices, because we all deserve grace."

So sweet!

h/t: Cafe Mom