Man Builds Mini Wild West Chicken Coop Town For His Wife's Chickens

If you're lucky enough to live at a place that allows for some domesticated animals, you're my hero. I mean, I would love to have a mini-farm someday.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon this one project a husband did for his wife that's literally the sweetest thing ever. He built a chicken town for her chickens. OMG!

Seriously, this guy pretty much deserves the title of the sweetest husband, doesn't he?

Facebook | Mitzi Ballard

He actually built this whole town for his wife's chickens. And I can't get over how cute and detailed every one of these pieces is.

This unique chicken coop looks just like an old town square. I think it's absolutely fabulous.

Facebook | Mitzi Ballard

It includes all kinds of cool places like a hotel, a cafe, a mercantile, and more. Each one is painted in a different color, too.

And get this, there's even a saloon. I guess that's where the chickens can go after a hard day of laying eggs. Hee, hee.

Facebook | Mitzi Ballard

I bet they'll have plenty of interesting conversations there, too, while they nibble on their feed.

Speaking of feeding, this blacksmith workshop actually comes with built-in feeders.

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You can just drop the feed from the top and it comes out of the bottom. How convenient is that, huh? Talk about creating a smart design here.

I can't get over this awesome red barn here.

Facebook | Mitzi Ballard

Even the little doggy keeping an eye on it seems to be pretty impressed by it. Hee, hee. I wonder how long it took this guy to make all of this stuff.

There's even a place for some naughty chickens and it happens to be the town's jail.

Facebook | Mitzi Ballard

This is my favorite piece in the whole chicken coop square. It comes with a lock and a set of keys. How appropriate. LOL!

The hubby even built this cool-looking Rooster's Ridge.

Facebook | Mitzi Ballard

This awesome and handy water barrel actually holds 15 gallons of water. And it also catches rainwater, too. Talk about an ambitious project, am I right? Wow, I'm blown away indeed.

Check out the amazing detail that was created in the window of this mercantile. Wow, that's super cute.

Facebook | Mitzi Ballard

Oh my goodness. Ha, ha! If only the chickens knew how much work went into this. This is so aesthetically pleasing, isn't it?

And then there's this amazing little cafe that looks just like the real deal.

Facebook | Mitzi Ballard

Looking at this menu I could have some fried chicken and eggs right about now. Eh? I dunno how the chickens would feel about this though.

Of course, people online went wild for this Wild Wild West-style chicken coop.

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Some of them even wondered if the chickens have any Western-inspired names. And to their happy surprise apparently they do. That's the funniest thing. Ha, ha!

So what do you think of this Wild Wild West chicken coop?

Is this husband the best man on earth or what? Ha, ha! I gotta say, I'm super impressed by this awesome place. Too bad it will soon be covered in poop.