45 People Who Aren’t Winning Any Common Sense Competitions

Common sense is one of those things that everyone likes to think that they have in spades, however, very few people have any decent amount of common sense nowadays.

I for one have embraced the fact that I lack common sense, and clearly, so have these 13+ people who aren't winning any common sense competitions!

"My brother's an idiot."

Reddit | Monster-_-

Look, cartons can be hard! Also, I'd expect this kind of thing from the sort of nutcase who drinks Strawberry and Kiwi juice! Buy a proper juice!

"This fat fool had to be rescued by animal control."

Reddit | mysweetriot

This little guy is going a long way to help change the nickname from trash pandas to recycling pandas! Go green, guys!

"A girl at the fire station after getting stuck in a Barney head."

Reddit | beet111

I love how it looks like she is trying to tell her life's story leading up to how she ended up in this situation. However, the guy's face on the left shows everyone's response to this image.

"Girl stuck in basketball hoop."

Reddit | djernie

"Dave, we've got a girl stuck in a basketball hoop. Whose department is that?"

"Jesus, damned if I know! Just call everyone!"

"A buddy of mine seemed to think stick sun screen was a good idea."

Reddit | iwaspresidentonce

Well, I guess you could say that the stick did technically work... However, the person using it didn't.

Poor Dog Getting Stuck On His Own Lead!

Reddit | Astrid00

The person who posted this explained, "Dad took our dog Archie for a walk. When they got back Dad went to eat breakfast. He came back outside to see Archie was 'stuck'. His back foot was on the lead so it strained when he walked forward. So he was 'trapped'."

"Maybe not the best idea to have a red flower down there."

Reddit | GallowBoob

Hmmm, yes, the designers really should have thought a little more about the effect that they were going for.

"The person who decided to stock back pain relief on the bottom shelf is either an idiot or diabolical."

Reddit | zstoney13

I can imagine the man stocking this shelf as having a large twiddly mustache, cackling nefariously away to himself.

"So my university tried to raise awareness for breast cancer..."

Reddit | minidrc

It took me a long time to figure out what they were actually meant to be! I think they're meant to be pink ribbons? But I'm still not sure...

"This idiot got himself stuck today."

Reddit | ausfez

That is the textbook face of, "I've made a huge mistake!" I made this face when I realized how much money I'd spent on my Master's degree.

"Cheerleading Is A Way Of Life."

Reddit | Jakovasaurr

"Danielle, I'll just grab the ladder."

"Err, are we cheerleaders, or ladderleaders?"

"I...don't know?"

"I've been living in Italy for a year, and it's common to see things in English that do not make sense. Today, I found the winner."

Reddit | hobnight

Somebody pointed out that this might be a reference to Wayside School Is Falling Down, a children's book in which the protagonist apparently gets a tattoo of a potato on his ankle.

"USPS bent my diploma. I have no words."

Reddit | GummybearGoddess

There are countless images that show diplomas being ruined or bent when it clearly says to take care with it... What does USPS have against people's diplomas?

"They lost their common sense too..."

Reddit | stickpoke

This seems like it could be the weirdest sting operation on earth. It's almost like they want to get robbed.

"I'm trying to figure out what kind of disability is this."

Reddit | flinstown

I don't know what disability it is with any certainty, but it looks pretty unpleasant! Although, I've known a fair few people with head-up-the-arse syndrome in my time, and it could be that.

"Most misleading packaging EVER!"

Reddit | sexpressed

"Yo, Dave, we need a name for the apple company."


"Are...are you saying that should be the name of the company, or do you just like trouts?"

"Trout! Trout! Trout!"

"Fine, Trout it is!"

Spacial Awareness Is Crucial!"

Reddit | VivaLaStubbs5

This is why it is important to give kids those toys where they have to fit the blocks through the right-shaped hole.

"They pay me to build pipes, not to move rocks."

Reddit | Craztnine

"Dave, I'm just going to move this rock..."

"Don't you dare!"


"I've never moved a rock in my life, and I don't intend to start now!"

"Due to the lack of common sense..."

Reddit | cheerilee

I mean, I get that it is slippery because of the rain, but isn't it still the shop's job to mop the floors regularly to try and prevent this?

"Attention idiots..."

Reddit | freebirdls

It should probably say, "You are a completely incompetent idiot!" and not, "You are a complete incompetent idiot!"

"Who Threw Their Diploma?!"

Reddit | MalissaRasmussen

I love this... Such a feeling of carefree abandon. Do they care how much that piece of paper cost? Not a jot! Should they...probably?

"Trying to explain to the 70 year old Swiss man who offered to take our pic that his finger was covering the lens."

Reddit | Inesmu

I never understand why people expect strangers to take nice photos of them. I mean, they don't care if you like the photo or not, or if their finger is covering the lens!

"My cat just came back from one of her evening strolls with someone else's keys in her mouth."

Reddit | robrobxD

If you're going to leave your keys in a place where cats can steal them...then cats are going to steal them!

"Wife frantically called to tell me our dog got stuck in the fence and couldn't breathe. Came home to this."

Reddit | skooba83

A lot of people suggested that they butter the dog and try and squeeze it out. However, in the end they had to get a hacksaw and cut it out!

"Nobody at the church thought this was a bad idea?"

Reddit | Kirbykid12

I mean, I absolutely agree with this statement... However, it does seem a little odd for a church to be taking this standpoint!

"Sometimes I do things that only confirm: I am an idiot."

Reddit | Sunshiny_Day

And this sort of thing is why I never do anything myself. I always pay someone to do something so that I can tut at them if they get it wrong.

Put Your Back Into It!

Reddit | browns_backer

I used to love it when we'd lock the door at Costa after we'd closed and people would swing on the door trying to get in. I used to love looking people dead in the eyes and telling them that they couldn't have their nonsense low-fat whipped-ice mocha!

"I work with real idiots."

Reddit | drsgtpepper

Well, there's a couple of hours' work down the drain! There's nothing quite like realizing that the work you've spent hours doing is completely useless!

"Anyone want to mess with some squirrels?"

Reddit | Berserk38

Now this is a sign of someone who goes after their dreams. Doug wants to pull a prank on some squirrels and nothing is going to stop him, except the fact that he doesn't know how to make a grilled cheese.

"My step dad looking at maps on the PC. I did eventually tell him you could zoom in."

Reddit | bob_drinks_beer

"You kids and your newfangled technology, y'ever think to use a good ol' magnifying glass? Reliable, unlike this computer."

"Would you tell him, or would you pop a bag of corn and wait?"

Reddit | Crash_86

This is secretly genius because the straps will tighten and secure the ATV, and surely nothing else will go wrong.

No Mounds at this store!

Reddit | darkfalz

You haven't heard of spunoW? This time the coconut is on the outside, it's revolutionary.

"Should I tell my mom she's supposed to take the iPad out of the box?"

Reddit | FrederikTwin

This way she doesn't actually have to buy a case. It can't get broken if you don't take it out of the box.

"I'm an idiot."

Reddit | iamnotanasian

This is a form of rebellion. I don't need your tabs or easy access, I'll work hard for my ravioli and you can't stop me!

"Pet food bag from New Zealand, someone messed up."

Reddit | JimmyNice

For all your puppy needs! Baby puppy and mother puppy, the only two types of dog there are. Also is emu oil real? That sounds made up.

"Somebody call Kellogg’s please and tell them the Frosted Mini Wheat harvest is ready."

Reddit | LC6942b

It's that time of year again: Soon you'll be able to find fresh Mini Wheats in the produce section of your local grocery store, bringing about the most sugary taste as they're in season.

"This cat is massively messing with his owners."

Reddit | ledgendary

He just thought it was a game of hide and seek, and this sign being up means he won.

"My brother pays $15,000/yr/child to send his kids to private school - this is the homework from last week."

Reddit | Logun0

Maybe private school is where it's at. I went to public school and never learned how to find a rock.

"We actually had to help him down."

Reddit | mrstoness

He simply climbed too close to the sun, and now his wax wings are melting and getting him stuck in a tree. It was your own hubris, cat.

"Someone screwed up."


This reads like someone's drone child having a birthday. "Happy birthday, CK-543C! You've been such a good patrol agent this year, we got you a cake!"

"Wear a hair net they say...but don't worry about the beard."

Reddit | Tanoshikatta

You don't understand, this isn't to protect the food from your hair falling in it, it's to protect your hair from food falling in it.

"Decided to try out a selfie stick. Still don't see what the point of it is."

Reddit | wardrop

I feel a lot of kinship with this guy. I've yet to see a good selfie taken with a selfie stick. I just don't get it. I'm also definitely just as handsome as him.

"German city of Karlsruhe just issued a parking ticket to Austrian artist Erwin Wurm for one of his bent car sculptures."

Reddit | aeonChili

Traffic wardens can't appreciate anything at all in life, so it is no surprise that they wouldn't appreciate this is art ⏤ they are barely to be considered living after all.

"This is what happens when you leave your boyfriend alone for 5 minutes."

Reddit | xmary21

This bath has to me more bubble bath than actual water at this point. I also think this is what heaven looks like.

"So my sister was complaining there's no toothpaste left..."

Reddit | sambobmac

What kind of animal twists the toothpaste tube in the first place? You squeeze from the bottom and roll it up!