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20 Animals Who Were Given A Second Chance At A Happy Life

All of my own pets have been rescues, and let me tell you, the most rewarding experience of my life has been giving some beautiful animals a second chance at happiness.

There's just something so pure and wonderful about welcoming a dog or a cat into your home and showing them what life can be like with the right owner — someone who will love them and care for them and do everything in their power to make sure their lives are as fulfilling and as wonderful as possible.

If you're in the mood for some wholesome second-chance animal rescue stories, look no further because I've found some excellent ones and put them all together, just for you!

*Feline* right at home.

Reddit | bellytickler-81

This little cutie's name is Mr. Triggs, and he was adopted into his new family after his previous owner simply decided they didn't want him anymore.

Now he's found a loving home and, suffice it to say, he looks pretty content with his new digs.

"Tell me the story of how I was rescued again."

Reddit | norwgianwood

My heart just exploded into a billion little pieces at the sight of this adorable dachshund.

I wish you nothing but happiness, you beautiful doggo.


Reddit | wild_northerner

As this Reddit user explained,

"Adopted this guy a week ago. Was scared of everything, but decided to trust me. Four days later, and he is a very good boy with his very first OWN squeaky toy."

Senior cat finally finds love.

Reddit | besweeeeeet

This skittish, 11-year-old fur-baby had recently been returned to the shelter after his previous family only kept him for six months.

Thankfully, his new mom loves him to pieces and said, "Goose was always meant to be mine."


Reddit | tiffanysonreddit

Apparently this Australian Shepherd was rescued in an effort to give its owner's existing dog a friend to play with.

Obviously, it was a match made in heaven.

"This is Ruger."

Reddit | blendedmom520

Ruger was rescued back in August 2019 when his owners discovered him in a cardboard box on the side of the road. Now he's found his furever home and is considered one of the family and ohmygosh just look at those baby blue eyes!

*Purrrfectly* content.

Reddit | itosssalads123

This smokey cat was only just recently adopted from a rescue shelter, but it's safe to say it's pretty happy with it's new home.

You don't smile like that if you're miserable, after all!

Cuddle puddle.

Reddit | tiffanymcclure

This fur baby was rescued as a senior cat and quickly fell in love with the 13-year-old girl we see cuddling him here.

Apparently this sort of love fest is what happens when the little girl goes away to camp for a week.

You know how some people kind of look like their dogs?

Reddit | slabcobot

Well, this fella who just rescued this other fella happen look exactly alike. It's obvious they were meant to find each other. They even have the same light patch in their fur!

Er...I mean, fur.

Pictured: motherly instincts.

Reddit | zozokittykat

That little white kitty had been crying outside this Reddit user's home when she was rescued and brought inside. That's when the existing cat came up and cuddled her, making sure she felt as safe as possible in her new home.

Pure love.

Reddit | epckitks

One week ago, this beautiful doggo was sitting in a kennel in a shelter. If you can't tell by the smile, they sure are happy they aren't there anymore.

He knows he's home.

Reddit | siminsu

This kitty had only just been rescued when he decided he felt safe enough to fall asleep in the hands of his rescuers.

Before and after.

Reddit | MisterMehMehMeh

The terrified dog you see at the top there was once named "Lobito". But the smiley, significantly happier pup at the bottom there has been renamed "Cooper."

We love to see the transformation of a dog who's not only been given a new name, but a second chance.

"I just couldn't stand to imagine him alone at that age."

Reddit | 420wassabinappin

This Reddit user's dad was adamant that he was not a dog person. That is, of course, until he met a senior dog named "Rock." Then things changed.

As he explained, "I just couldn't stand to imagine him alone at that age."

This blind senior cat's name is "Peas."

Reddit | beaannola

She was recently adopted from the shelter after having spent quite some time there. But now she has her very own comfy cat bed to enjoy, and enjoy it she most certainly will!

"After adopting our first cat everyone prepared us for a nervous and timid first few weeks, this was our sweet boy 30 minutes later."

Reddit | juliacodes

You can never really be absolutely certain how a rescue will react to their new home. But I'd say this is just about as ideal of a reaction as you could possibly get.

Adoption day selfies!

Reddit | cheshirechris28

Would you just look at that smile! Check out the wattage on this cutie. I think these two are going to be very happy together!

Nap buddies.

Reddit | ldybug263

As this Reddit user explained,

"When I first adopted Bug he would only sleep on the opposite end of the couch. Now he has no concept of personal space."

"This is my quarantine cat, Ahsoka."

Reddit | jamsax1

This stunning feline was adopted by her new owner to help manage their anxiety, while also to prevent her from ending up in the humane society. Although they'd been told Ahsoka would likely spend all her time hiding and avoiding, something incredible happened.

"After about 3 hours of being at my place I felt a tapping on my arm."

Give this beautiful girl ALL the toys she wants, please.

Reddit | Deesing82

This Reddit user explained,

“Lily’s former owner treated her badly. This is the first time she has her own toys, so she takes very good care of them.”

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