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Stunning Ancient Roman Mosaic Floor Found Under Italian Vineyard In Pristine Condition

2020 has certainly seen some things to say the least, and one of those things is an ancient Roman mosaic floor that archaeologists have been looking for for 100 years.

Italian archaeologists have been on quite the mission over the last century.

They've been trying to locate ruins from an ancient Roman villa.

The discovery of the villa was initially made by scholars about 100 years ago, but its exact location was lost over the years.

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However, this didn't make researchers and archaeologists give up on their search efforts.

In an incredible search, archaeologists finally found what they were looking for.

They were able to uncover a beautiful mosaic tile floor in virtually pristine condition underneath a vineyard in the northern Italy town of Negrar di Valpolicella.

Take a closer look at a portion of the pattern.

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The colors are still fairly vibrant, and the pattern is seriously stunning!

While the mosaic floor is beautiful on its own, it actually works to reveal a rich and beautiful history tucked in each tile.

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According to the Ancient History Encyclopedia, these mosaics reveal a lot about everyday items in general, such as clothes, food, tools, weapons, flora, and fauna from that time period.

They're also important records of a host of Roman activities, from gladiator contests, to agriculture, and daily life through portraits.

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It's pretty amazing!

According to the municipality's website, the town and archeologists will be working with the owners of the property to find an appropriate way to make this finding available for public viewing in the future.

Looks like Negrar di Valpolicella may be getting some extra tourism in the future!