16+ Slick Ideas That Must Have Come From Some Kind Of Genius

We all want to be full of good ideas all the time, but the reality of the situation is that most people kind of have to wait until a good idea comes along and smacks you in the head.

No guarantees that looking at the handiwork of people with good ideas will inspire similarly good ideas on your part. That said, it can't hurt.

For the lulz.

Reddit | technolegy2

This person has had a little bit of fun with the style of their Mustang's tail lights, modifying them from their usual pattern to spell out "LOL rUn."

Handy dandy.

Reddit | HarlemHarlowe

If, like me, you're very serious about toast, this old school wall-mounted foldup toaster oven contraption should pique your curiosity. This should come standard in every kitchen out there.


Reddit | MrCaspan

Everyone knows that the tube in spray bottles will eventually cease to work, leaving you with a small amount of stranded liquid. This bottle, though, solves that problem completely.

Lemme scootch past ya.

Reddit | Tweedie2014-

Most of our days are spent hunting down power outlets to charge up one device or another. Traffic jams around outlets are inevitable. Some plugs, like the one above, are designed to accommodate other cords.

A simple addition.

Reddit | Ultimate88t

You see these on some outdoor staircases, but there really ought to be more. The rail on the right side is designed to make it easy to walk your bike up the stairs.

Fortunately, that's not the only place you might see that handy staircase addition.

Reddit | lliH-knaH

Apparently, this building in Japan is an underground parking lot specifically made for bicycles. With that in mind, it would basically seem like a requirement to have these little bike ramps leading up to the exits.

Prepare for the inevitable.

Reddit | theacropanda

This is a spoon carving kit. It comes with bandages. Why, you ask? Well, if the kit is asking untrained people to use sharp knives to cut wood, injuries are basically unavoidable.

Sandwich hacker.

Reddit | RugbyScrumsicle

Deli meat is usually circular, or irregularly shaped. Bread is basically square. This leads to sandwiches with hangy-down pieces, or areas with no meat. If you cut your meat like a true sandwich master, you won't have that problem anymore.

Precision pan.

Reddit | emilyr3183

This wok has a series of handy circles in the middle to help indicate different amounts of oil. It's a much more precise solution than my method of dumping a random dollop of oil.


Reddit | whitepinecircle

It's good to sanitize your hands, but it isn't so good if lots of people are touching the same sanitizer station. This pump has been attached to an old drum kick pedal to make the whole thing hands-off.

Blind date with a book.

Reddit | stim_jerling

Here's a fun twist on the community libraries you see in some neighborhoods. Rather than leaving the books exposed, this person has wrapped them up in paper that offers a clue — but not the title — related to the book inside.

The final countdown.

Reddit | IndividualAtmosphere

Ask anyone with an asthma inhaler and they'll tell you that it's tough to know when they're due for a refill. This inhaler takes the guesswork out of the equation with its built-in countdown timer.

One of those nights.

Reddit | Pekuuna

Have you ever been standing at the urinal at the end of a long night and wished there was somewhere to rest your head? Well, maybe you haven't, but for those who have, these cushions might seem inviting.

The ultimate cake tool.

Reddit | arwenblues

This cake lifter accomplishes three things: it looks classy, it lifts cake, and, most importantly, it comes equipped with a little pusher-outer device to help get cake slices onto plates.

Cascading marks.

Reddit | 132kimh

It can be tough to make out the millimetre marks on most rulers and measuring tapes for the simple fact that millimetres are small. This ruler makes things a little bit easier by staggering the size of the marks.

What wizard designed these?

Reddit | NutellaOreoReeses

Birthday cake candles have been around forever, but I've never seen any as cool as these. Somehow, the flame of each candle burns in the same color as the candle itself.

Someone order a crane collection?

Reddit | amarsh79

Even if you're really good at origami, I'm guessing it would take awhile to fold this many paper cranes. Nonetheless, someone made that effort, and then used them in place of packing peanuts.

If you've ever found yourself rolling coins and losing track of what denominations you've got, this should leave that problem in the past.

Reddit | silverbug9

Not only can you use these rollers for any U.S. coin, but you can clearly mark which coins were used and how much each roll adds up to.

It's pretty easy to be startled by the sounds our fridges make sometimes and whoever made this diagram seems to know that.

Reddit | thaserguy

Their idea of helping us visualize those sounds and showing which part of the fridge is making it is a stroke of genius.

I'm starting to see a few variations of this sign, which seems to suggest that it's rightly catching on.

Reddit | 232473

If there's one thing that'll get us far in life, it's the ability to never underestimate what people will take way too seriously.

When this toolbox lost its handle, one clever crafter came up with a solid solution.

Reddit | mbash013

The cable and the cable clamps would serve the purpose on their own, but zip-tying this length of rubber hose to the handle makes it feel complete.

We all get annoyed when our remotes get lost in the couch, but this person is actually doing something about it.

Reddit | Twin8

They call their invention the marionette remote and it's both a brilliant solution and a fun way to feel like a master puppeteer.

When the top part of this knob came off, this person needed a quick way to reattach it.

Reddit | kate_racer

They didn't have any glue on them, so these rubber bands were able to make a decent quick fix until they could find a proper replacement.

It doesn't always happen, but it's nice to see that the tools you need were included in the package all along.

Reddit | jimp84

That was the case with this bed frame that came with a mini-ratchet wrench. It apparently came in handy, too.

Even if you have a handy trick for getting USB drives in on the first try, the reality is that it doesn't work for all models.

Reddit | Mightychapo

So, rather than make you fumble with different positions until you finally land on the right one, the manufacturers of this USB device simply made both sides work when plugged in.

Whoever made this obviously anticipated when we'd be at our most vulnerable during a night out.

Reddit | SchuminWeb

Things didn't exactly go to plan if we find ourselves staring at the bathroom mirror in a daze, and that's why they wrote this sign that it's time to call it a night backwards.

Whether the fridge isn't handy or it's simply too full, that doesn't mean you're out of options.

Reddit | Atticusg432

That's why these folks decided to just place their drinks on the air conditioner. Apparently, it works even better if you cover them with a wet towel as well.

This may seem like some misplaced effort, but this person's fix has had a surprisingly long lifespan.

Reddit | af7v

They fixed this coat hanger with wire and epoxy, but the most impressive thing is that they still use it over four years later.

That makes it hard to consider the time they spent to do this wasted.

It's standard for light bulbs to have facts like these on their packaging, but the way they're presented isn't always so familiar.

Reddit | CivilizedPsycho

All we need to know is presented in a handy box and I have to admire their restraint for putting "per bulb" on the box instead of "per serving," like I definitely would have done.

I wouldn't have thought to use part of a pair of jeans as a placemat, but I kind of love the idea.

Reddit | tascv

How many other table settings can you think of that have a built-in utensil pocket and a napkin holder? I'm not sure how necessary that is, but it's satisfying to look at.

According to this contraption's maker, using this old pipe to drain this kiddie pool was both faster and less messy than using the drain plug.

Reddit | Zippyversion1

And it seems that this setup also helped them water the plants, so I suppose they thought of everything.

It may not be the sturdiest way to hold up an air conditioner, but it seems to be working for now.

Reddit | gabardipardi

And someone else pointed out that this laundry basket puts the unit at a good angle to drain nicely. Of course, that's not going to mean much if it falls out, but we'll see.

This seems oddly complicated as a phone tripod, but it also leaves it nice and snug.

Reddit | twocargar

In case you're wondering, that green thing that's in the water bottle with the banana is a spoon. I can only imagine how much trial-and-error it took before they discovered that this was the magic combination.

As the uploader put it, "Grill was broke so we improvised."

Reddit | 01000101_01111010

And considering how many beers had to be drunk for this setup to work, I'm sure it's an improvisation that a lot of people could get behind.

All things considered, those steaks look pretty good.

This person lives in their car, which put them in an uncomfortable position of choosing whether the heat or the bugs are worse.

Reddit | irishboy22697

However, they were able to craft an ingenious solution and make this magnetic, detachable screen to keep the bugs out, but let the breeze blow in.

I hope things get better for them.

This sun visor kept swinging downward, which became really hazardous when it started blocking the driver's view of traffic.

Reddit | Tims_the_drummer95

Although they plan to unscrew and replace it later, you can't exactly do that at a red light. They soon learned, however, that the traffic light did give them enough time to zip tie this visor back up.

When a stubborn tree stump stayed in this person's yard, they found a new purpose for their engine block jack.

Reddit | stoner_222

They still had to cut some of the roots out after they yanked this thing out, but it otherwise worked surprisingly well.

The uploader used their meat thermometer to help them make candy, but that idea needed a couple of extra steps.

Reddit | Salmonidae

Considering that they balanced a chip clip onto a wooden spoon made from bamboo over the pot, I'm guessing that the thermometer wasn't staying in place.

Problem solved!

Green tunnel.

Reddit | FinalP0rpl3

This unruly tree is all over everything, including the road. But rather than chop the whole thing down, the city has found a compromise: simply trim the tree so it doesn't interfere with traffic.

Safety glasses.

Reddit | alanbrendan

This optometry office likes to keep things clean by seating its employees behind glass. It isn't just any glass, though — it's glass that's especially on-theme for a place that sells eyeglasses.

Drive right through.

Reddit | MrHookup

Most drive-thrus, despite their name, ask customers to drive up beside the establishment. But this taco place takes things in-house by making its drive-thru an integral part of the restaurant.

Crowdsourcing at its finest.

Reddit | USMCFoto

With a simple QR code and some painted swatches, the residents of this home have outsourced the difficult decision of choosing a color to anyone who might walk by.

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