45 Things That Look Like Other Things

I don't know why it is, but there is something inherently appealing about seeing something that looks like something else. It is a very simply principle, and yet it fills me with unexpected joy, as it does to so many others!

So, I hope you will join me in enjoying these 17+ things that look like other things!

"This baby looks like he's ready to pour you a pint at his pub."

Reddit | robwallace7

And, judging from the baby, it would be the finest pint of Guinness you'd ever have in your entire life!

"If you look closely you can see a twerking Batman."

Reddit | DrFlames2192

I actually didn't have to look that closely... It was the first thing I saw! Although, that may actually say more about me than I care to admit.

"My girlfriend's cat looks like she's been working the drive-thru window for too long."

Reddit | kirrk

Wow... Now that is a cat that looks done with absolutely everything! I think that this cat could be my new spirit animal!

"My 23 Year Old Brother Decided to Shave His Hair and Beard so That He Could Look Like an Old Man..."

Reddit | Ldog__

I feel like I have to tell you that this guy is indeed 23, as the person who posted this confirmed. How this is possible, I have no idea.

"This dog looks like Bob Ross!"

Reddit | TheSecondGuard

There are no mistakes in life, only happy accidents. And this, this is one of the happiest of all the accidents!

"Pic of two plump pigeons perched on the ledge but ended up getting a picture of two massive pigeons looking for their car."

Reddit | TastyTalk

It is amazing how perspective can create the most hilarious scenes. Also, this makes me want to see a live-action Bojack Horseman for some reason.

"My dog can see up to the sidewalk in the reflection of my crystal ball so he watches for people and cars but he looks like he's seeing the future."

Reddit | SmallRubyTouringHat

How do you know that he isn't seeing the future? Did you never wonder how he knows that people are coming down the road? Spooky...

"My girlfriend, Bonnie, is convinced she was the inspiration for the Toy Story character. Here's a picture of her from 30 years ago."

Reddit | agangofweasels

That is pretty spot on. She's radiating the same energy in that picture as I do to this day when the store doesn't have the flavor of Ben & Jerry's that I want.

"Cat has a lazy eye, makes him look like he's constantly judging you."

Reddit | hleannb21

Maybe he doesn't just look like he is judging you, perhaps he actually is judging you! I know my cat is.

Yes... Lighthouses...

Reddit | Deontas

Look, I love lighthouses (no joke, I genuinely do), however, why would you ever make lighthouse-shaped candy?

"Forgot to reposition the camera to take a jump pic, looks like we hung ourselves."

Reddit | Gravitom

I am not sure what their intended effect was, but I can guarantee that this was not it. How inadvertently, yet terrifyingly, bleak!

"My daughter fell asleep in the cart at the grocery store last night and she totally looked like a fallen viking warrior being sent out to sea."

Reddit | JephriB

This is how I could imagine my own viking funeral going. Being cast into the aisles of a supermarket on a burning trolley filled with frozen pizzas and fries.

"My cat always looks like he has anxiety. Yes, he always looks like this."

Reddit | PyrateHooker

The top right one is my absolute favorite. However, I love that the other cat on the bottom right looks absolutely sick of his panicking!

"My dog looks like a middle-aged man who just took his first selfie."

Reddit | euph31

He also looks like he is about to leave a comment on someone else's profile picture saying something to the effect of, "Hi Jan, good to see you again, look so blessed in this picture... x."

"I got a kangaroo."

Reddit | DigitalPressinfo

I have always loved kangaroos! I mean, they just make no sense to me. How did they end up with that weird design? Amazing stuff from nature right there.

"This cat looks like Ed Sheeran!"

Reddit | greg_focker

Wow, it really does! Someone get it an acoustic guitar, have it sing some whiny, terrible songs, and the transformation would be complete!

"Dog at my pup's daycare looks like he's having a Vietnam flashback or a bad acid trip."

Reddit | MetaMorphoSis348

That dog looks like it is hearing Enya playing very loudly in its ears interspersed with helicopter blades.

"My slippers look like they're up to no good..."

Reddit | forbestalley

These slippers look like they are plotting a bank robbery in the 1920s.

"My girlfriend made gingerbread people and put the sprinkles on too soon and they melted. Now it appears like they got shot!"

Reddit | mssjj

A few people suggested that these might actually have been warning cookies for those who were thinking of getting her bad Christmas gifts!

"Pipe or Rafiki?"

Reddit | Poopsicle-Pete

If you do not hear the opening to the "Circle Of Life" from The Lion King when you look at this, then you didn't have a proper childhood.

"My kid did this portrait of me over 10 years ago. I still look the same, IMO."

Reddit | 10fletcher

As someone else pointed out in the comments, what is amazing about the picture is that they have ornately framed it like a classical masterpiece.

"My friend told me that I look like a popsicle stick."

Reddit | genuinlyinterested

I mean, they're not wrong! Those are some serious tan lines, and I can tell you now that they won't be going away in a hurry!

"Was out for a drive and came across this tense scene..."

Reddit | hehatesthesecans

Actually, this is quite eerie. There's something about Woody just staring out of the window instead of helping that is quite haunting!

"My neighbor told me that my house seems like it's made out of olives and now I can't unsee it."

Reddit | danthoms

In fairness, a house built out of olives sounds far more tempting to me than a house made out of gingerbread!

"Bottom of Remax air balloon makes it appear like Rod is wearing a Dracula cape."

Reddit | puppybus

"I am the vorld's nicest salesman! Ahahahahaaa!"

"Do you sell garlic?"

*Furious salesman hissing sounds!

"This dog looks like he's vegan."

Reddit | HamburgerBarry

It also looks like it is about to try and sell me some of its home-brewed kombucha and teach me how to center my energy.

"This banana looks exactly like my mom's dog."

Reddit | vansebastian

That is actually terrifyingly accurate! That dog also looks like it knows what you are comparing it to and is not very happy about it!

"Took this picture of my dog the other day and someone said 'Looks like a Vogue cover' and then this happened."

Reddit | carlaas

I would actually be a lot more likely to read this than an actual issue of Vogue.

"For the past 10 minutes I've been trying to explain to my sister-in-law that it looks like her legs are over her husbands shoulders...she doesn't see it."

Reddit | camhanson

There isn't a doubt in my mind that she absolutely can see this, but refuses to admit it now that you pointed it out. She won't have her wedding photo ruined by you.

"The word for 'Pull' in Thai looks like an old school doctor, ready for some fisticuffs."

Reddit | KnuckleSamich

"That's it, you've come in one too many times. I already told ya there was nothing wrong, but now something's about to be. Put 'em up!"

"I bought my wife a necklace for Christmas. The guy asked me if I would like it gift wrapped. I told him yes and asked him to make it look as horrible as possible. He pulled out a roll of tape and said 'as you wish sir'."

Reddit | lardman1

Not only does it look awful, but it's gonna be a pain to open,too. It better be a nice necklace in there as payoff for the process of opening it.

"My coworker told me today that I always look suspicious. I was very confused as to why she would think that and then remembered I have literally looked like this since I was a baby."

Reddit | kenzieckc

Oh, that baby's scheming. That baby is going to get into some serious trouble, then be forgiven for all of it. They're smarter than any of us know.

"I farted and my dog moved to the far side of the sofa and has been looking at me like this since."

Reddit | Jaisyjaysus69

When a dog, of all things, is judging you for a fart, you know it's rough. I'd look into your diet choices.

"When your travel pillow makes you look like Shakespeare."

Reddit | Mopninja

"Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and stale airplane air."

"Maybe it's just me but the woman crowning Miss USA looks like any typical horror movie villain speaking to their captive."

Reddit | SLYfox2713

That, or this looks like when you're trying to comfort a friend but you have no idea how. Should I...get close? Put hand on arm? It'll be okay, shhh.

"It's going to be a pretty good crop this year."

Reddit | mike_pants

The pug harvest is always rather difficult to get right, but the results are amazing. Just top-tier pugs...nothing you could find at a pet store, only from local farmers.

"My daughter and her husband bought me this little guy. I thought because it was a Harley gnome. They thought it looked like me."

Reddit | mtlrat

And they were right. To think, you could have had a successful career as a garden gnome, if only you were a little bit shorter. Just a smidge.

"This bird looks like he is coming over to beat me up."

Reddit | ReaganAbe

I don't know what you did to piss this bird off, but if you made it this mad, you deserve whatever's coming.

"My dog put his face in the snow, when he lifted his head the snow and some grass made it look like he had buck teeth."

Reddit | schlinker

Looks like your dog needs some dental work! I'd get him to an orthodontist, see if he can be fitted for doggy braces.

"Ran into a guy at a bar last night, couldn't help telling him he looked like a male version of Lorde. He told me to google 'male lorde'. His picture was the top hit."

Reddit | RadioMars

Can he sing? If he can, I'm really hoping for a collab between him and Lorde one day. If he's this popular of a search, she must know about him.

"My fiance took this pic that makes the cat look like he's made out of a head and just one massive arm."

Reddit | redditdadssuck

Is this the cat equivalent of a unicycle? Now that I've made that joke and I'm picturing it in my head, I hate it actually. I'd like to take it back.

"The packaging on my guitar strings makes it look like they're gonna improve my sex life."

Reddit | rattlethebones

The tone lasts 3-5x longer, and so will you with Elixir-brand guitar strings.

"I told my dad he looked like Arthur today and he didn't agree until he saw the picture!"

Reddit | thicccymouse

I used to love Arthur as a kid. The best song was still the "Having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card!" one.

"My wife bought a LED light for our puppy's collar so we can see him at night. It makes him look like Tony Stark."

Reddit | wwthompson

Well, now that you've made this discovery, I'm hoping to see a fitted Iron Dog suit for him very soon.

"My friend's arms look really long in this photo!"

Reddit | 1964Kyle

That's why they called him Captain Humerus...always the funniest guy in the room!