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35 Things That Were Worn Away By The Sands Of Time

One thing that I never really stop marveling at is how differently we experience time as we get older. Not only does it seem to go by faster, but our whole idea of how long ago things happened can be totally thrown out of whack.

Sure, being inside for long periods of time has a way of showing us what that feels like as well, but it seems to happen no matter what we do as the years pass.

But whether we perceive it this way or not, time's mysterious march does make an impact with each step it takes. And while its effects are gradual and subtle, the objects we're about to see show how powerful they can be when they add up.

These work gloves have only been in use for a month, but its wearer considered it a month of "unrelenting hell."

Reddit | beard_meat

And considering that the uploader works in a grocery store, it doesn't take much wondering to figure out what was so hellish about the times they're living in now.

When a humidifier filter stays in place for a month longer than it should, this is apparently what happens.

Reddit | loserlogan

The way that parts of it have turned yellow definitely makes it clear that it's had to filter out a lot, but I'm still surprised that it's so beat-up.

One thing that shoes and belts have in common is that it's pretty obvious when they need to be replaced.

Reddit | Josh_Your_IT_Guy

I'm pretty sure that the sections of one of my belts were literally hanging by a thread by the time I replaced it. It's a lot harder to ignore when shoe soles seem like Swiss cheese, though.

This seems to be the same model of staple gun, which really illustrates how much the one on the left went through.

Reddit | Rodger96

There are some subtle differences in the black attachment between them, so it's possible that the one on the left didn't start with a grip.

But even if that's true, it's still staggering how much of it was worn away by heavy use.

This person lost the knife they had had for two years, but ended up finding it again after they bought a replacement.

Reddit | MoonDoggy7

The blade itself looks only slightly worn down by sharpening, but the grip on the bottom knife was also black at one point.

Apparently, all it took to wear the paint away was friction from their jeans.

This MP3 player finally met its end, but it faithfully served its owner for a whole 13 years.

Reddit | dlwnsguq0210

The uploader said it was like losing a friend and it hurts all the more for them because they've had no luck finding another one like it.

I suppose that means it's truly the end of an era for them.

These zinc anodes are supposed to be swapped out every two years, but the one on the right shows what happens after you leave it in for six years.

Reddit | rieh

If you're wondering how it got so corroded, the answer is that it's basically its job to end up like that.

An anode is a piece that's specifically included in pools with high salt content to take the brunt of what the National Association of Corrosion Engineers calls galvanic corrosion.

When two or more different metals come into electrical contact under water, one of them will corrode much faster than the other. When a sacrificial anode is put into a pool like this, it's supposed to corrode so the more important parts of the pool system don't.

Its unclear how long this beef jerky outlet has stood in Texas, but I would bet that it's equipped with its original stairs.

Reddit | shelbsteerae

As we can see, the steps have been scuffed and worn away so much that some of them barely have their wood finish anymore.

Considering that the uploader has had this hoodie since 2012, they've clearly been taking decent care of it.

Reddit | diablorious

We can see that its color is a little faded in some places, but you'd have to inspect it pretty thoroughly to find even the smallest hole or tear.

This edge has basically been polished by the wear-and-tear it's seen. But 25 years of dragging mooring lines across it will do that.

Reddit | beintimeforclass

I suppose that, as long as it still retains its shape, there isn't much that needs to be done about it.

After three years, this phone's fingerprint sensor has had a large, circular groove worn into it.

Reddit | tunielmegor

And since it's likely that we can only see the part in the circle when the casing is on, we're not likely to realize that we're even chipping this pane away until we see it like this.

Here we see a comparison between a brand new shoe and one that's five years old.

Reddit | stevietwoslice

I'm the type of person who gets my money's worth out of my shoes so the sole of the old one looks very familiar to me.

And, like this person, this sight is a good sign that it's time to get some new ones.

Considering what a wild life Willie Nelson has led, it's kind of miraculous that his beloved guitar Trigger has held up as well as it did.

Reddit | guymandudeski

Sure, it's hard to find a part of the body that isn't worn down and there's a pretty sizable hole in the bridge, but Rolling Stone confirmed that Nelson has had it since 1969 and he rescued it in a house fire in the same year that he bought it.

Grass may not seem so tough, but it doesn't take that long for it to do a number on a mower blade.

Reddit | mandeelou

That old one at the top was only in use for about five or six months before it turned out like this and needed to be replaced.

This is the Millennium Bridge in London and it's been around for long enough to show its users' walking patterns.

Reddit | hugh-r-man

As the name would suggest, the bridge first opened to the public in the year 2000 and in the 20 years since, it's obviously seen a lot of people turn around and go down this lower path.

It's easy to get so used to the way an old hat looks that a new one's colors seem to pop more than they should.

Reddit | PertPeak

It's not clear what compelled the wearer to get a new one, but six years of wear apparently seemed like enough to properly retire the one on the right.

When we see knives that look like these, it's never a surprise to learn that they've been in use for a while.

Reddit | deadman3300

In this case, the uploader's grandpa has apparently been using them and sharpening them for about 20 years. I'm surprised they haven't broken yet.

As the uploader put it, the coloration on this phone case can be attributed to "six years of nicotine smoke."

Reddit | Gnidreve

Oddly enough, one of the commenters apparently has a phone case that looks the same after six months of UV exposure.

Apparently, the uploader's dad still uses this key after 40 years.


Even taking into account how worn it looks, it's staggering to know that it's been used for that long. It's pretty amazing that it even still works.

This user received this watch as a gift from his grandfather on his tenth birthday and still uses it today at 24.

Reddit | 3abdurra7man

So not only was the "10 Year Battery" guarantee at the bottom there true, it outperformed itself! The user confirmed he's never had to change the battery in the 14 years he's had it.

After years of use, this person learns that *Guitar Hero* guitars need pick guards too.

Reddit | angrybob4213

After some digging, this is a pretty common problem for people who still play Guitar Hero. From families who play it with their kids to people who still play it frequently on their own, the paint on the guitars tends to wear down rather quickly.

This user couldn't remember how long they'd had this bottle but, if it looks like this, it must have been quite a while.

Reddit | Blew-ssaB

They wrote. "I'm convinced it never runs out," and I'm experiencing the same thing with my own bottle of moisturizer. It's been so light for so long, I know there's an end in sight but I can't seem to find it.

Called "fridge door cams," these are essentially what keeps your fridge door shut and, on the right, is what can happen after years of use.

Reddit | ch00f

No traction in those cams, no closed fridge - which, of all the appliances to not be able to close, I think it might be the worst. At least it's an easy enough fix!

Forget years old, this broom has been at work for decades.

Reddit | Funkyfreshh

And it shows. Surely this family is only using this out of spite and tradition now. But then again, it is just a broom...maybe it still works like new even in this state.

It's not just humans that cause wear and tear. On the left is a bird perch worn down by two cockatiels, while on the right is a brand new one.

Reddit | glytxh

It took the pair only two years to completely eviscerate their perch, which I didn't even realize was possible. I'm also excited to inform you that these two have the greatest bird names I've ever heard: Ugly Joe and Fronk.

No wonder those professional Rubik's Cube solvers go through them so fast: They wear down super easy.

Reddit | justSalz

Not only has this cube seen a lot of love, but it's left behind some pretty interesting images. The poster said he saw Edgar Allan Poe in the top left corner, and the comments were filled with other interpretations of the other squares!

A bookmark after 10 years of school use, from 3rd grade to senior year of high school.

Reddit | microwavableviolin

I'm more shocked than anything that this person didn't lose it. I couldn't hold on to a bookmark for more than a week, tops, without it vanishing into thin air.

The wear and tear of necessary systems: This is a storm drain where water runs into a runoff creek.

Reddit | Ratchet_X_x

The user said, with the amount of salt they use in the winter, it causes the concrete to be very brittle. Still, this is after decades of use and it still stands just fine, which makes me a lot more grateful for this type of infrastructure.

On the top is three years of every day use on a pair of headphones, while on the bottom are the same headphones with freshly replaced ear-pads.

Reddit | rawkout1337

This is one I can relate to. I've had my headphones coming up on three years and my earpads have totally lost that thin layer of vinyl-esque material. Who knew how much damage could be done just from sitting on your ears.

A soccer ball after being used as a dog toy for several years.

Reddit | smellytrashboy

I really did think this was a rock at first glance. I'm glad this dog's gotten so much use out of this toy though. Sure beats having a dog that destroys everything they get their teeth on.

A hard winter's work. Many hard winters' work.

Reddit | TLiddi

This shovel is apparently 25 years old, and it shows. Much like the broom earlier, this has to just be out of tradition and familiarity, because there's no way that doesn't take way longer to shovel with.

These are the same book, but it's pretty obvious which copy was the more well-loved.

Reddit | pukedad

To be fair, it wasn't just time that led the old one to bulk up. It was apparently caught in the rain at least once as well. That'll do it.

What looks like the map on the inside of a fantasy novel is actually corrosion on a water tap.

Reddit | UnsettledThought

The more I look at it, the more I just see a map. There's trees, names of cities and roads, this could be the next big fantasy hit!

This picture shows that keyboard protectors are a truly worthy investment.

Reddit | yayaya6969

This one was in use for six years before the owner decided to take it off and see the comparison, and to say it's shocking is almost an understatement. I think you might be due for a new protector there, pal.

Who knows how long this door has been standing, but one thing is made clear here: No one uses that metal plate to open it.

Reddit | zeldatriforce345

I get that's what it's there for, but if you wanted people to use it you should have put a handle there instead. Humans are lazy by nature, never forget that.

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