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Neighbor Sends Mom Letter Threatening To Call Police Because Of Child's Laughter

Unless you're either extremely lucky or live out in the wilderness, there's a chance that you're going to clash with your neighbors at some point. And unfortunately, the odds are good that it'll involve something that never made a difference in your life until they started bothering you about it.

For instance, I had one that seemed to have a very different concept of her property lines than everyone else (including the city). This meant that it wasn't unusual to try and chase away delivery people and technicians who parked in the easement between our houses.

But while every story of neighborly squabbles is different, and that certainly wasn't fun to deal with, some situations rise above the others by simply seeming unbelievable.

For about a year, tech writer Bobbie Hineman has lived with a new neighbor next to her.

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As far as we can tell, this arrangement was largely uneventful for a time and Hineman's young child (not pictured) spent a lot of time running around in her backyard playing and laughing joyfully.

However, it seems that this child was laughing either too loudly or too much for the neighbor's liking.

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This person sent Hineman a letter saying that it was disrupting their two dogs and bird who like to look at her back yard through the window.

It was unclear what sort of reaction the child's giggling apparently caused.

What was clear, however, was that this neighbor was willing to call the police if the child continued having fun in a way that wasn't to their satisfaction.

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What's also puzzling is that the neighbor appeared to assume that Hineman would see her child's happiness as a "problem" that she was "too inconsiderate" to correct rather than as something enjoyable.

When Hineman posted this on Twitter, users were astonished by her neighbor's response.

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One suggested that she buy her child a horn, to which she replied that she was thinking that a drum set might be a better way of showing her neighbor how good they really have it.

And that classic neighbor-aggravating idea apparently sent some folks' imaginations into overdrive.

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Another person suggested going even bigger and getting a complicated set like the one made famous by Rush drummer Neil Peart.

It definitely seems like it's packed with more than enough to help an energetic kid make all the noise they want.

Understandably, another simply could not believe that this was a real letter.

However, another user shared their story of a similar situation that illustrated that there's nothing some people apparently hate more than the sound of children having fun.

It seems some are more vocal about that than others.

Another user immediately pictured this neighbor in their mind and shared what we'll call an artist's rendering.

I can only imagine what the reaction from the dispatcher would look like. Although I suppose there's no telling what kinds of bizarre calls they get every day.

Others could only imagine the reaction from police if the neighbor does make good on their threat.

If anything, they might be unpleasantly surprised to find themselves as the subject of some police attention depending on whether they're brazen enough to call 911 about this.

Doing that for non-emergencies is a quick way to catch a charge, after all.

Yet another person summed their feelings up with this handy throw pillow.

And while I can see where they're coming from, it's good to remember that things aren't all bad.

After all, we'd really have to wonder what was going on in this world if everyone thought the neighbor was being reasonable and that's clearly not the case.

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