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Peacock Tarantulas Are So Striking Blue That Even I Think They're (Sort Of) Pretty

Okay. I love all creatures great and small, and want to ensure that humanity is doing everything we can to conserve the natural habitats of the creatures we share our plant with.

However, I am not particularly fond of the creepy-crawly sort of creature, and my fondness decreases in direct proportion to the number of legs said creature has. Thank you, Spider Bros, for your services, but please remain where I cannot see you.

So to say that I regularly question the appeal of keeping spiders as pets may be an understatement.

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Tarantulas may be docile, but they are also hairy and LARGE and shudder.

But even I paused upon seeing a picture of this Peacock Tarantula and thought, "Huh, that's sort of pretty."

Emphasis on the "sort of", because it still makes me itchy just looking at these pics.

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That bright blue is so striking, though, and then you have the pops of bright yellow to contrast. The artist in me can't help but appreciate it.

They are venomous, though, so don't go poking or provoking them to bite.

Unsurprisingly, these guys are popular in the pet trade.

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Their scientific name is Poecilotheria metallica and as the only species in the entire genus with this coloring, it's no wonder it's sought after.

Unfortunately, the species is considered Critically Endangered with the population continuing to decrease.

It's possible that the only ones left in the near future are those bred in captivity.

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Their habitat is only about 100 square kilometers (approx. 38.6 square miles) of forest in southeastern India, which is continually threatened by deforestation and local civil disruptions.

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