45 People Who Are Undercover Comedians

No one likes a misery guts, do they? People hate a misery guts more than they hate people actually using the phrase misery guts!

But, it really is important to have a laugh in life and, to show you how to do that, here are 17+ people who are undercover comedians!

"Grandma wanted 'creative' grad photos of my friend since we’re graduating at the same time. This was her least favorite."

Reddit | Toll_House69

One of the most amazing things about this is how professional that photograph is! Did they pay for a proper photographer for this joke? If so, that's amazing!

"Memorial for the squirrel that ate through a wire that canceled classes for two days. Paid for by the undergrad class."

Reddit | Lynncy1

There really was nothing quite like the feeling you'd get when school was canceled unexpectedly for something daft.

"Sent picture of my kids (left) to the wrong number and their (right) response was..."

Reddit | kamel_hump

Well, at least now you have two pictures to cherish for the rest of your life. On the left, you have your real kids, and on the right, you have your internet kids.

"At work I secretly watched a fifth-grader add the letter 'F' to 'art' and quietly snicker to himself all the way back to class. Classic."

Reddit | nissi395

I like that the person who posted this just let the kid get away with being a kid! The kid who wrote this probably spent the rest of the day thinking they were the funniest kid on the planet!

"My 4 year old niece can't read and bought me this birthday card because it featured 'a cute dog with a party hat.'"

Reddit | Bubbaloosh

Your 4-year-old niece isn't fooling anyone, they knew exactly what they were doing! Be careful around that one!

"Mother-in-law just served me this piece of cake..."

Reddit | SaltyDogBiscuit

Apparently, the person who posted this and their mother-in-law are actually on good terms. This was just an "accident."

Sure it was...


Reddit | Ken_LolGamer

Now this is how you do puzzles properly! This is an incredibly inventive solution to the situation!

"Vietnamese cafe password."

Reddit | escahpee

How pleased with themselves do you think the person behind this was when they first thought of it?

"If there's a single line of footprints in the snow I like to walk on the opposite step to make it look like one person was hopping."

Reddit | MythicalBeast42

What I really like about this is how wildly unnecessary it is! There is absolutely nothing to gain from this except their own amusement, and that's why I love it.

"Top Secret Files, just above the..."

Reddit | TRYPT1C0N

I like how they've tried to pull the old switcheroo here! The bottom secrets are clearly the really important ones since they're locked... Unless it is a triple bluff?

"My husband's idea of a gender reveal cake."

Reddit | Lemongrass29

They haven't even announced whether they're having a boy or a girl yet, and this father is already a master of the dad joke arts!

"My neighbor is 3 kids in a trench coat."

Reddit | Beatreporting

What I can't tell about this one is if that actually is two kids messing around when they're supposed to be doing chores, or if this person's neighbor actually looks like that?

"The perfect undercover disguise."

Reddit | kevin_cg1

Always remember to never give up on your dream career. You can always get the job you want if you work hard enough!

"Co-worker sent me this... We work at NASA."

Reddit | jftims

If people who make jokes this bad can end up getting jobs at NASA, then there is still hope for me!

"This manager just doesn't care anymore."

Reddit | critsonyou

You really can feel the sighs and general despondency through these messages, can't you?

"My cousin wanted cake and ordered one. Told the bakers to write whatever they wanted because it was for just for her anyways."

Reddit | B1ockh3d

Being hungry and bored together is one hell of a dangerous combination! If I was hungry and bored then there would be nothing stopping me from eating that entire cake to myself!

"Towel animal left by the hotel staff."

Reddit | OyeSimpson

This is actually really impressive! How do you even figure out that you're good at something as specific as bath towel origami?

"Found this at work."

Reddit | rutan5006

It's supposed to be good luck when a bird poops on you, isn't it? So I guess this could count as being lucky as well as hygienic!

"The secret of immortality revealed..."

Reddit | tookusernamealready

Ah, so that's the reason! I wonder where this was written... On a desk at someone's work perhaps?

"Caught them at shift change."

Reddit | sekshibeesht

I mean, it could be a lot worse. It looks like you have two cats now! Either that, or just pick up the one that looks less like a nuisance!

"Better Safe Than Sorry."

Reddit | m5k

There's always one! But, hey, at the end of the day they're just living life to the letter of the law!

"A really honest company..."

Reddit | depasonico

I feel like everyone who works in the service industry should have this tattooed across their forehead.

"Microwave at the office is out of order & i work with artists/comedians."

Reddit | bugzrrad

I like that whoever is in charge of this office decided that, as opposed to unplugging and moving the microwave, they should just put a flimsy sign on it.

"I was rewatching slow-mo guys and I noticed something…"

Reddit | BloxPizza

A lot of people in the comments pointed out how good it is that this little Lego man is patting the back of someone who is clearly choking. Just being a good Lego citizen is all that's going on here.

"The secret to owning a Porsche."

Reddit | Myxomitosis87

"My Porsche doesn't keep me up at night screaming!"

"But, does it have the capacity to love you back?"

"... Maybe."

"The donkey statue on my hometown's fountain was prone to getting stolen so was temporarily removed. Someone secretly replaced it with this."

Reddit | Veenux

A lot of people asked if this could stay, and the person who posted this wrote,

"It has already become quite the attraction and people love it, so if there aren't any complaints by Dreamworks there is a good chance that it might stay."

"I secretly added a minor detail to my colleague's desktop picture. Me."

Reddit | kvd

It took me a worryingly long amount of time to see that man's face in this image! Quite unsettling how well his big old head blends in!

"My dad recently got a 3d printer and made a stool sample for his doctor."


This is the most technologically advanced dad joke that I have ever seen. Congrats, whoever you are, for bringing dad jokes into the 21st century.

The Possessed Banana Trick!

Reddit | seabassseabreeze

The person who posted this explained, "[My] favorite new thing is scratching haunting things into bananas at the market so when people take them home hours later and the words appear they think a ghost knows their secrets."

Confidence, Then Hesitation.

Reddit | ChaoticallySad

I cannot describe how long I spent laughing at just "alamba." My sense of humor is in shambles.

"So...taking a wild guess here, they stopped choosing them?"

Reddit | churro_luvin_milf

Well, considering you got a sign like this made on cheap vinyl poster board, I'm not surprised. Put a little effort in.

"Give ‘em the ol' razzle dazzle."

Reddit | docta_nelson

A jazz performer? A magician? A dapper little man? This dog has so many options, the world is his oyster!

"Keep up the good work!"

Reddit | Flight-Boi

That porta-potty really came through this month. Picking up shifts, staying late to finish tasks, they earned that parking spot!

"My friend told me that I look like a popsicle stick."

Reddit | genuinelyinterested

Oh...there's a lot of tragedy to this picture. First, the existence of that wicked sunburn, followed by the mockery of a friend, followed again by the fact that they're kinda right. I'm so sorry.

That's Enough, Right?

Reddit | Iatrogenia

Even the pigeon looks a little embarrassed about it. "Look, I know it's not much, but it's mine."

Irony At Its Finest.

Reddit | Jbsmitty44

Even without this situation surrounding it, having a "trees rock" bumper sticker is hilarious to me. Like yeah, I agree, trees do rock! But what a vague, neutral stance to have on such a mundane thing. I love it.

Modern Art.


Apparently enough thought to make a whole stencil for it! How subversive.

"Everyone be careful. There’s a mad grandma setting people on fire."

Reddit | UniverseCatYT

Grandma! How many times do we have to tell you, just because you don't like Magic Man Justin Flom, doesn't mean you can set him on fire!

"Sign is supposed to say: 'Drive like your kids live here.'"


You want me to drive like my kids? Alright, if you insist. [Vanishes into thin air. I don't have kids.]

"Doing some WebMD self-diagnosis when suddenly."

Reddit | SqueakerSqueakin

Aw, thanks WebMD, how did you know? I happen to love these things, especially dizziness. It's my favorite!

"My favorite track by him is 'Keep Refrigerated.'"

Reddit | tla10c

Yooo, I've been waiting for him to drop this track for months! This is a collab for the ages.

"Good thing they put the cone there, I would have kept going."

Reddit | Kcufuoyyhcrana

I could barely see what was wrong! The cone really drew my attention to it though. Glad I caught it.

The Everyman.

Reddit | SAM8604

Is this probably a graphics error? Yes. Am I choosing to believe this man's name is actually Firstname Lastname instead? You bet I am.

"My dad fixed my mower and dropped it off while I was out. Came home to this."

Reddit | yesermen10

I think your dad has an excellent sense of humor and I would quite enjoying sitting down for a drink with him some day.

My kind of guy.

"I spent the last 15 minutes looking for my kitten."

Reddit | BalloonUnderstudy

Something tells me your kitten was looking for you too. That is not the reach of a man cat who is calm and not-stuck.