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Baby Girl With Down Syndrome Goes Viral After Showing Adoptive Mom Her 'New Smile'

An eight-month-old baby girl with Down syndrome has stolen hearts everywhere after she was filmed flashing her adoptive mom an adorably gummy, and positively jubilant, smile.

Identified only as "Baby H," this little cutie went viral thanks to a heartwarming video of her that was posted on the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network's Facebook page.

In the video, Baby H is getting some tummy time on a play mat at her home in Texas while her adoptive mom films her.

Facebook | National Down Syndrome Adoption Network

"How's your day going?" her mom asks, prompting Baby H's face to light up as she flashes her mom a heart-melting smile.

"Ohh!" her mom happily exclaims, "I love your new smile!"

As the video continues, the new mom says Baby H's smile is "the cutest" and asks to see it again.

Facebook | National Down Syndrome Adoption Network

Of course, Baby H was more than happy to comply and she instantly beamed at her new mamma once more, inspiring even more delighted giggles from behind the camera.

And because laughter is so infectious, hearing her mom just makes Baby H's smile grow even wider as she joins in on the giggle fest.

Since it was shared on Facebook, the video has been viewed more than 17 million times, for obvious reasons.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Baby H's mom explained that the gleeful smile was something that she and her partner had only recently experienced from their new baby.

"When Baby H was almost eight months old, she woke up one morning with this brand-new smile," the unnamed woman said. "We noticed it several times and realized she was showing us a cheesy grin - we laughed and laughed every time she did it and she just loved the attention."

Apparently all it takes is a little prompting from her parents to get a positively wonderful smile out of this adorable baby girl.

Facebook | National Down Syndrome Adoption Network

"She got to where she could do it on cue and I just happened to be talking to her, in our home, one morning and she started cheesing for me," her mom explained of the viral video.

"You can tell by my laughter how much we adore this smile and she actually only smiled like this for a couple of weeks so this video is a treasure for us."

Baby H's mom said she hopes all the millions of people who cooed over the video of her sweet little girl come away appreciating all the joy a baby with Down syndrome can offer.

"We hope that all the viewers will see the beauty that lies in people with Down Syndrome," she said. "Although a Down Syndrome diagnosis can be scary, the reality is that your child has a purpose and will be able to live a full and happy life."

The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network (NDSAN) is a program that connects children with Down syndrome who are up for adoption with loving families. It also educates people about the process of becoming parents to a child with Down syndrome. Visit their website for more information.

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