12+ Moments That Make Us Go ‘I’ve Seen Enough’

As we go through life, there can be moments that test your sanity. Perhaps it is seeing someone cutting a slice of cake right from the centre, or when you accidentally tear up a $500 bill.

With that in mind, please enjoy these 12+ moments that make us go "I've seen enough!"

"I lost a loved one today. I'm not sure which one yet, but whoever cuts cheese cake like this is dead to me."

Reddit | MrSquigles

I keep thinking that there has to be a way to salvage this, but it seems nearly impossible. Best just to eat that as one giant piece.

"But that's my dad's middle name..."

Reddit | keelymepie

"Error, the name must be five characters!"

"But, computer, my name is Paul!"

"No! No! This is not possible, that is not a name!"

"Wow, computer, thanks. Way to kick me where it hurts."

"Naturally what you do if you live in apartment 314."

Reddit | leezahfote

I like to imagine that the person who lives next door to this is just a miserable old man who hates this joke beyond belief and has to see it every day.

"When my wife's school said they had BBQ for Teacher Appreciation week, she was excited to hear to there was a vegetarian option! It was a potato with BBQ sauce."

Reddit | Dmed24

"What do vegetarians eat?"

"Potatoes, I guess?"

"Isn't that a bit boring?"

"We've got some BBQ sauce?"


"10 years since Bill Gates told me that lunch was a once a day thing."

Reddit | joelkes

In fairness, if your lunch is just a plain potato with a little tub of BBQ sauce, then I can see why you wouldn't want to have two lunches!

"What the....? Who uses red paint for a base color for a wood chipper?"

Reddit | ryusomad

Sureeee...a base coat. What a great attempt to cover the fact that this person has just thrown their ex into that wood chipper.

"I was invited to a BBQ and this is how my friend was cooking the steaks."

Reddit | deathbymartymar

Let me know in the comments if this hurts for you to just look at it! Because one thing is for sure, it is killing me!

"Days worth of dirty diapers for whoever keeps stealing packages off our porch."

Reddit | TheLastDeBarge

Firstly, it sucks that people are stealing packages, but the fact that this is the idea for a deterrent that came into someone's head is insane!

"75% required to pass this practice exam..."

Reddit | Meromero73

And to think that people are worried that the computers are going to take over the world! They can't even count!? Unless...maybe they're just playing dumb to fool us!

"Ended up putting pepper in my pasta... WHY IS THE PEPPER WHITE AND THE SALT BLACK?!"

Reddit | Tetraazidomethane

"Dave, head office is asking why you're putting the pepper in white tubs and the salt in black tubs?"

"Wouldn't you like to know..."

"Yes. Yes I would."

"Yes, I bet you would! Muhahahaahahhhaaaaa!"

"When I've had enough the store is closed..."

Reddit | inexion

This is a work ethos that I can very much get on board with!

"Barber: What kinda cut you want? Dude: Ever seen the moon? Barber: Say no more..."

Reddit | doorbellguy

If you're a big fan of Super Mario Odyssey, or if you're super into astrology for some reason, then this is the haircut for you!

"This is how they send my contacts. every. year."

Reddit | dankenport

"Good news, Dave! I reckon we should be able to squeeze all of these boxes into the one package!"

"Hold up, Allan. I've got a hilarious idea to mess with this guy..."

"The bank gave me a Chuck E Cheese token in my quarter roll."

Reddit | celliott215

I've never actually been to Chuck E Cheese (mainly because I like to eat pizza that hasn't been sneezed on) so I don't actually know what you use these for? But, I can only assume they aren't legal tender.

"A bored and lonely hairdresser's cat."

Reddit | halps32

That cat has got the vacant expression of someone who has seen one too many things and endured one too many injustices.

"I normally enjoy irony, but not this time."

Reddit | fernguts

Someone pointed out that this could at least now be turned into a pretty ironic pencil holder.

"Friend: 'What you are going to do with your engineering degree?' Me:..."

Reddit | sloppyFarts

For a man who has made a giant sombrero out of tonnes of pint cans of beer, there is something quite forlorn about his expression!

"My dad thought 2-year-old me was strong enough to hang from the curtain rod while he takes a picture."

Reddit | TheBattleOfBallsDeep

Wow! This dad wasn't messing around. That is a very high place to dangle your child from! I bet this kid learned a very important lesson about trust that day!

"I sat on the toilet, closed the door, and my 2yo decided I wasn't pooping fast enough."

Reddit | jonathan-gostelow

I can hear this image through the screen. Just a constant, unsettling, blood-curdling scream!

"I work with an office full of sadists."

Reddit | NoTick

What is wrong with people? This, to me, is like an aneurysm in a cake! How did they even cut those out so neatly?!

"[Merry] Christmas!"

Reddit | Himetora

Well, that is one hell of a fantastic way to start off Christmas day! Can you imagine how frosty that Christmas dinner was?!

"My friend's girlfriend's mother did not think her knitting project through enough."

Reddit | Acrylicus

Oh... Oh, dear. I wonder how long it was before she realized what she had done? Or, perhaps they are still completely oblivious to what they have done!

"The battery on this notebook."

Reddit | Ceapa-Cool

There is so much wrong here. I mean, first of all, this is a terrible looking notebook. Second of all, how hard is it to get an image of a full battery?!

"A free bag I got from my school."

Reddit | KaneInferno

So... I'm assuming that this is a trap, and that you're meant to say no to this bag? Otherwise, you will hear the planet crying every time you use it.

"Kev was a little bored in the office today."

Reddit | darybrain

I just cannot imagine how long this must have taken! I think that Kevin might need to hide this from his boss. Otherwise they may be getting a slightly increased workload.

"The irony. Seen at my university."

Reddit | morajic

Ah QR codes... Why tech guys keep trying to insist on making these a thing I will never know. People just don't like them for some reason?

"The close-door button fell off, revealing it was never connected to the control panel."

Reddit | rsapolsky

Well, that is reassuring. I wonder how many other buttons in elevators aren't attached? What if all elevator buttons are fake, and they're just moving around at random!

"Was bored at the vets."

Reddit | Tackle3erry

Now that is a long dog! This also just goes to show that art really is all around you! Anything can be your canvas to create upon!

"My brother (6'6") recently moved to Lithuania, my mother asked that he sends a picture that was 'undeniably him in Europe,' this is what she received."

Reddit | Farretpotter

I had no idea Lithuanians were so...wide! That's a broad doorway. They must be jacked if they need all that room for their shoulders to get through.

"Someone call an ambulance."

Reddit | Flamegator_Tamer

That has to be the most ferocious wave I've ever seen. I'm trembling in fear over here... Quaking!

"I caught this saucy Miata flirting with me."

Reddit | gianthooverpig

Wow, she has such gorgeous eyes. Think you're gonna make a move back at her, hotshot?

"The 'Don't' section in our Office Toilet."

Reddit | glassofwiskey

Hey, you can never be too careful when it comes to bathrooms. I had a job as a teenager involving cleaning bathrooms and it definitely seemed like a lot of people didn't follow this etiquette.

"Every time my Mother-in-Law paints a landscape, I Photoshop in a dinosaur...much to her consternation."

Reddit | HynraFoo

It's a shame she doesn't see your additions as anything but masterful. If she did there could be a sweet collab in your future.

"My wife doesn’t want our newborn son’s face posted on social media, so she asked me to censor over it. Needless to say, I won’t be asked to do that again."

Reddit | MoeHanzeR

What does she expect you to do? Pixelate it, draw over it? Boring. This is the only good way. It establishes direction and it's funny.

"My wife wasn’t sure what to spend our 1900 Dave and Busters tickets on. I made an executive decision."

Reddit | narcolepsyinc

And boy am I glad you did, you look fabulous! It's never too late to chase those childhood dreams, and who didn't want to be a mermaid when they were little?

"Beaver Dam with Canadian flag and satellite dish to watch the game."

Reddit | pizzamaaaaaan

Listen, they just moved and the game is on tonight, so they had to get that satellite dish on asap. They'll finish decorating tomorrow.

"Tried taking some cute photos with my cat...did not go as planned."

Reddit | princesskairi13

I've seen so many of these failed cat selfies, I'm kinda convinced a lot of cats just don't like pictures. You know that myth where, if a photo is taken of you, you lose a piece of your soul? I think that applies to cats.

"Got my boyfriend this vintage pulsar calculator watch for Christmas. Waiting in line at Best Buy and he says he has something to show me."

Reddit | Radientlytired

Ah, pure class. I'm surprised it wasn't the first thing he did with it. I know I wouldn't have that kind of restraint.

"The math department at my former high school decided to dress as dominoes for Halloween."

Reddit | sammifarnsi

Most people would say "someone didn't get the memo," but I think that guy is the only one who did get the memo. He's representing the only dominoes that matter.

"I asked the guy taking my order for, 'as much fire sauce as you can give me without losing your job.' Turns out that’s 243 packets."

Reddit | superman2706

At least they know you won't be asking for sauce for a while. It's like an investment in you and your sauce needs.

"My 7yo son was excited to show off his clay pirate boat."

Reddit | TheDiscordium

I can, um, see why! It's certainly fine art. You must be very proud.

"Maybe I made his car a little too fast?"

Reddit | wickedwhitex

It's a rough lesson to learn kid, but it's gotta happen. I know you want your thrill rides but speeding is a serious problem that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Take Your Own Advice!

Reddit | TheArcofGames

I will never get why people feel the need to wear these shirts. You know what, if people want to live on their phones, let them! It doesn't matter to you!

"My dad fixed my mower and dropped it off while I was out. Came home to this."

Reddit | yesermen

And I thought letters were inefficient in today's modern age, but this is even worse! You can only fit one word every few weeks!

"Took this after lunch at the restaurant... at least the irony is delicious."

Reddit | ritchiesoultodevnull

Which one of the moments on this list was your favorite? Be sure to let me know in the comments below! I think the hairdresser's cat will stay with me for a long time!