31 Normal People Who Got Famous For 5 Minutes

At the end of April, Chrissy Teigen asked her followers to share their brief moments of fame with her.

She wrote that this could be anything: "a talking head on an infomercial, in the background of a big movie?"

Did fans deliver? You bet.

Here are 10+ normal people who got famous for 5 minutes.

This girl and her wiener leggings:

This is like that time in Friends when Joey did a poster for VD and accidentally ended up plastered alllll over New York City.

Oh, well. Homegirl rocked those Weiner leggings!

This girl who was spotted on *Very Cavallari*:

This is soo meme-able.

Kristen and Jay's embrace is made even more uncomfortable now by the fact that they're currently going through a very nasty divorce.

This girl who appeared on *Zoom* in 1998:

These days, everyone is all about Zoom calls. But back in the day, the show Zoom was where it was at.

Teigen was very happy about this tweet, as she wrote that she loved Zoom and still makes zebra cakes!

This girl who got more than she bargained for:


"My mom and I went to a yard sale where Clean House was filming. I ended up on the episode “negotiating” for an item so Matt Iseman could yell “Deal!”


What an easy way to get famous!

This guy who got punched in the face while working for John Oliver:

This is such an honor and clearly needs to go on the resume, ASAP!

Chrissy also loved it: "yes yes this is precisely what I want lollll," she tweeted.

This guy who accidentally became a model:

This guy was simply in the right place at the right time!

All we can say is that he better have gotten paid for all this unexpected modeling he did!

These twins who were on *Friends*:

"My twin brother and I played Chandler and Monica’s infant twins on Friends. It’s uncredited, but it’s fun to tell people and see their reactions." —ShadeOfBlue

I would have loved to be on Friends.

This girl who became a viral review for eyeliner:

Who knew there could be a silver lining to a car crash?

As someone who owns this Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner and uses it every day, I can attest to how amazing it is!

This girl who was on the box of Kraft Dinner:

#LifeGoals, y'all. She was a Blue Box Kid!

This box deserves to be preserved for all time. Thanks to Sav's tweet, she even found one of her cousins on Twitter!

This girl who had Tom Holland fan-girl over her:

It's not every day that Tom Holland knows you by your voice and it's not every day that Tom Holland gets to meet the Watch Mojo girl!

This was just epic on every level.

The mom whose son went viral:

You may have seen this video floating around when it went viral.

It's hilarious and brought on a lot of unexpected fame for this family. Like, you know, getting to talk to Kelly Clarkson!

This girl who got a picture with NSYNC in a magazine:

"It got so crowded at a small NSYNC show that my friend and I had to sit on the stage. There was a picture of us with the band in a magazine shortly after that. My dad cut it out and framed it." —c4d946ac4c

This girl who was a seat filler:

In case you don't know what a seat filler is, they're someone who literally gets to fill an empty seat at major award shows.

Basically, it's a dream job and this girl got to work it!

This girl who sat next to Rebecca Black:

Great, now the song is stuck in our head again. Will we ever be free of it?

Judging by the fact that the song wasn't very well-received, this gal might regret this claim-to-fame.

This guy who mistakenly married Priyanka Chopra:

He better watch out for a call from Nick Jonas!

Since some news sites were spinning his story, he later clarified that he knows that he's not actually married to the actress. It was just a joke!

This girl who became a meme:

Becoming a meme is truly an honor, but we can't help but have so many questions.

Is she happy about this? What was she thinking when she made that face? And, most importantly, what do we type to bring up that GIF??

This guy who had Danny Bonaduce talk to him about not doing drugs:

Danny saw the tweets and actually responded!

He shared a picture of Chrissy's Cravings cookbook and said, "I had my choice of taking a mountain of drugs or baking your banana bread. I think I chose wisely."

This girl who got to be in a *My Super Sweet 16 Commercial*:


"I went to one of MTV's My Super Sweet 16 parties. I was just an attendee, but I was in the commercial for a week leading up to the episode's airing." —rachelback33

This guy who sang in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade:

These parades certainly have it all: deflated balloons, lip syncing singers, and awkward hosts.

They also have FRAUD, since this guy's dad was never in the army!

This guy whose arms stole the show.

If you've flown American Airlines, you might recognize this twitter user... Or at least his arms.

Blue Man Group, you can eat your heart out, 'cause it's this guy who's got the safety game on lock.

This girl who is, technically, a model.

This Twitter user explained that when she was nine she was a model for a Dorothy costume from The Wizard of Oz, and she was recently pretty shocked to learn that her decade old picture was STILL being used when she saw it pop up on Bill Maher's show.

This girl whose dad embarrassed her on a viral scale.

This twitter user explained that her dad recreating her tailgate outfit went viral and showed up on meme pages all over the place, but she doesn't seem all too upset by it.

If my claim to fame was my dad making fun of me, I'd be pretty upset!

This girl who apparently showed Michael Bublé the future.

This Twitter user shared a clip from a television show where Michael Bublé explained that he had been almost shell-shocked when he had seen her backstage because he thought his daughter would grow up to look like her.

Isn't that so sweet?

This girl whose fangirling will remain immortalized.

I always wonder, whenever I watch a filmed concert for a band, what the crowd is up to and if they ever realized they were in the movie version.

This isn't quite that, but it's still a pretty awesome memory to have immortalized!

This girl's sassy reaction shot.

The best part about watching shows like Jerry Springer is the audience's reactions, and this girl proved that with her absolutely perfect sassy response to the drama.

You can practically hear the "oh, girl."

This guy's quest for a particularly raunchy version of *Cats*.

Evidently, there existed a version of the film Cats where the cats accidentally had what looked like, um, buttholes.

This Twitter user went viral for his quest to uncover this version of the film, for some reason.

This girl's iconic guest appearance.

Extras on television shows have to come from somewhere, and they have to go somewhere too.

I've never seen someone I recognized on TV, but if I did, you can be sure I would be texting them every time that episode aired until the end of time.

This dog's famous lookalike.

A dog named Nori went viral for their particularly human facial expression, and Nori's own Twitter presence was a result.

Even actor Seth Rogen got in on it, saying he'd been told he looked like Nori pretty much incessantly.

This girl and her unique job title.

I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener worker!

This Twitter user explained that she had the coveted position of driving the Wienermobile, but a news station labelled her as a wiener worker instead. Yikes.

This guy who got more than he bargained for.

This guy's pictures ended up being used on way more than just a website!

Honestly, he should probably be looking into getting paid for all that — it's probably not an insignificant amount!

This girl who showed up on TV and on the side of a bus.

While there's nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to having a period, I'm still not sure I'd want my face plastered on the side of a bus as the face of period problems.