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Jason Momoa Ax Throwing Is The Only Video We Need See Today

Jason Momoa seems to be maximizing his family time lately and I, for one, am a big fan! Why am I such a big fan, you may ask?! Perhaps, it's because this quality time means Mr. Momoa is is teaching his kids how to throw tomahawk SHIRTLESS.

And seriously, who doesn't need a lil' bit of that kind of content right now?!

Jason Momoa is the closest thing we will ever have to a modern Renaissance man, okay? Don't @ me! What CAN'T he do?

Comedy? Check.

Acting? Check.

Grow a beard? Check.


Yep, that's right! Mr. Momoa can literally throw axes at a bullseye target without even LOOKING.

He is in full Khal Drogo mode in this video and I am SOOOOO HERE FOR IT!

I mean look, there's few things getting us through this dark times, and this video is absolutely one of them.

And guys, I haven't even told you WHAT the best part of the video is...

Can you believe it gets even better?!

He's teaching his SON how to throw axes with him:') AW!

Does that make me extra nervous about the no-look throws?

Absolutely! But hey, it's Jason Momoa!


I truly couldn't say it better myself, Mr. Flibble. I am a lady having a hard day and this made everything better!!!!!

Didn't this video make your day so much better?! I know right?! I'm doing the Lord's work, truly! You're welcome, everyone!

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