22 Tattoo Designs That Are Unfortunately Permanent

Regret can sometimes be hard to deal with, especially when it comes to a quick decision you've made. The same can be said of getting a tattoo that seemed like a good idea at the time but somehow failed in terms of execution.

These people found out the hard way that tattoos are indeed permanent, and now they will just have to live with their choice.

1. This Word Jumble

Reddit | gigi6ix9ine

Getting something written on your body in ink is super scary to me. After all, you need to check it and then recheck it once more before you allow anyone to tattoo it on you. Right?

2. This Ungodly Tat


Something clearly got lost in translation here. Maybe the person who uttered this said it in another language because none of this is making any sense to me. And what is that bug doing there?

3. This "Tradgey"

Reddit | Chickens1

Well, there is some kind of tragedy happening in this person's life and it's definitely the execution of this terrible tattoo. Isn't this the most ironic piece or what? I think even Comedy is laughing at it.

4. This Black Mess

Reddit | Cossimlucky

I cannot believe this lady sat through the pain that it must've taken to get this tattooed on her body only to end up with a black mess like this. I would've been so royally pissed.

5. It Doesn't Get Better

Again, watch your spelling, people. Unfortunately for this person, it isn't getting better the more you look at it. Ha, ha! Time to put that laser to work and better do it fast. Am I right?

6. This Abomination


Honestly, I'm not even sure what I'm looking at here. Is this supposed to be some kind of deer and wolf combination? I'm so utterly confused by this design. Why would they do this to someone? Why?

7. This Octopus

Reddit | Cassiedoescali

For someone who's a huge fan of octopuses (I even have an awesome octopus tattoo), this is so sad. I can't get over it. Doesn't this poor octopus look super disappointed, too? We all feel your pain.

8. This Weirdo

Reddit | ringsofbravo

This person actually traded a guitar for this awesome tattoo when they were 18. Well, that pretty much explains a lot. I would have kept the guitar. This looks like some angry lotus creature. What do you see?

9. This Vegan

Reddit | trashprincessgarbage

I dunno about you, but if I was a vegan I don't think I would get a tattoo of a cow and a pig like this person did. And to add insult to injury, this tattoo is terribly executed, too.

10. This Grim Reaper

Reddit | Ready_Player1

I think this grim reaper is definitely, well, grim. I feel like his body resembles Chewbacca more than anything. Ha, ha! The whole design is totally off and it's going to fade away real fast.

11. This Wad Of Cash

Reddit | Odessa91

Okay, we get it — you really love cash. But if your tattoo artist can't draw people correctly, that was your first mistake. This Benjamin Franklin is looking pretty crazy if you ask me. Oh, my.

12. "Nolege" Is Power

Reddit | --rubberd**ks

This is one instance where knowledge isn't that much power really. I mean, once you know you've screwed up, what are you going to do? Head straight over to the laser tattoo removal place? Ha, ha!

13. Regret "Nohing?"


It's nice to know that this person doesn't regret anything. But I bet once they find out about this fumble, they will regret getting this tattoo disaster. Wonder who's going to point it out to them...

14. These Puzzle Pieces


Oh, how sweet. These two wanted to get two puzzle pieces that fit together. Unfortunately, there's no shape or form where these two would actually fit together. Nice try though. Good idea, terrible execution indeed.

15. This Family-Inspired Tat

Reddit | Culsandar

Just how many families does this dude have? One has to wonder here. You would think in this day and age somebody would have access to the internet or even a dictionary to spell check.

16. These Eyes

Reddit | 7Votorious420

If you ever have that funny feeling that somebody is watching you, it could be this dude. If this isn't the creepiest tattoo I've ever seen, I dunno what is. I have no words to describe this.

17. This Lovely Piece

Reddit | docnova

Apparently, this was supposed to say, "I don't care if you're contagious." It's from a song of the same name by Pierce the Veil. So somebody royally screwed up here for sure. Nice going, indeed.

18. This Cupcake?

Reddit | darthsassy

This cupcake, if indeed it is one, looks like it went to hell and came straight back to bite whoever ate it. LOL! I dunno about you but, to me, this isn't the most attractive tattoo idea.

19. This Buddha

Reddit | aybone95

If I hadn't read the caption on Reddit, I would never have guessed that this supposed to be a Buddha tattoo. It just looks like a blurry mess. I can't imagine it surviving the test of time. Right?

20. This Obvious Mistake


Take it from Johnny Depp — there's a reason why people tell you to never get a lover's name tattooed on your body — because this isn't the best option once you break up. How silly is this?

21. This King Of The Jungle

Reddit | Kingjj553

I know lion tattoos are popular for a reason. They're so macho and powerful. Unfortunately, this warped lion isn't doing much for me. What do you think? Scary lion or just some scary ink?

22. This Joker

Reddit | lizzie816

First of all, if you're going to honor the Joker with a tattoo, pick a better artist. This one is not even a great representation. And second of all, Jared Leto? Hmm. I would've gotten Ledger or Phoenix.

Wow, who knew there were so many awful tattoos out there.

You'd be surprised. There are a bunch of Reddit threads devoted to stuff like this, and for a good reason. I could just keep going with these. I kid you not.

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