13+ People Who Thought They Tricked Us Good

It can seem like there is nothing real anymore in today's society. This can be attributed to the likes of Photoshopping on social media and wildly inaccurate marketing campaigns that just blatantly lie about what they're selling!

However, a lot of the time, these lies can be painfully obvious. So, here are 13+ people who thought they tricked us good!

"Are you sure?"

Reddit | cupcakebean

There is something quietly hostile abut this. It is as if they're saying, "Well, I think it tastes like if you don't that's on you!"

"Teeth brighter than my future!"

Reddit | [Deleted]

Legend has it that if you look directly into his teeth, you will go completely blind. Better not to risk it.

Finger Crackin' Good!

Reddit | berserker1989

Clearly a lot of the people who live near Special Fast Chicken haven't been fooled by this place either, judging from the somewhat massive array of empty chairs.

"What planet are they living on?!"

Reddit | justin213333

I mean, since we don't know what world that is that they're talking about...they could indeed be number one on that mystery planet!

"The worst part of it is the people in comments defending him..."

Reddit | gazelleonwheels

You know what, some people will say that this is fake, but this guy clearly spends all day every day working out...whatever muscles those are meant to be?

"Ah, Yes, Ferry Rose!"

Reddit | Arma1570

Nothing says I love you quite like an off-brand box of chocolates! Also, Ferrero Rocher tastes horrible anyway, so I don't know why you'd want a knockoff version.

"That’s the scariest movie I have ever seen!"

Reddit | JacoobAH7

I mean, "That" just doesn't quite have the same punch as "It" does it? There's something quite vague and unthreatening about "That."

"I mean.....really?"

Reddit | geethankss

Someone needs to check on this girl's organs because they're either missing or in incredible danger!

"Whats the point of photoshopping a Starbucks logo on your cup..? Had a good laugh bc of it."

Reddit | joanoa

Is Starbucks really that much of a status symbol? I genuinely cannot work out why this person would ever want to do this?!

"Wonder what kind of conferences happen here..."

Reddit | kingdizzle

These must be quite serious conferences. Either that or they're the most relaxed conferences on the damn planet!

"What could possibly go wrong..."

Reddit | wattashot

Pfft, I'm not falling for that! All this is is a trick by tank-driving monkeys to lure unsuspecting vacationing humans in so that the monkeys can use them to make more tanks for them!

"Tagged vs Her Instagram post (Taken only a few mins apart)."

Reddit | Ilikeualottt

I don't know what happened in those few minutes but, good Lord, I hope she is okay!

"They're not wrong but still..."

Reddit | srincreible

For those who missed the little text at the bottom, it reads, "Have a great day and laugh a little."

"Imagine being a celebrity with 55m followers and expecting no one to notice the curtain curving."

Reddit | doubleZs

The curtains never lie! Also, it truly is no surprise that there are so many people out there who have issues with their bodies when celebrities are doing this sort of thing with their photos!

"Finally, a brand that totally represents my view towards life."

Reddit | BelvoxYBN

This is one of those rare instances when the knockoff brand actually appeals to me more than the original!

"My mom saw nothing wrong with this candle."

Reddit | Giant_SquidAttack

And that is because there is in fact nothing wrong with this lovely candle. Every home should have one of these!

"Y'all need some redemption!"

Reddit | Vilisready

I love it when churches try and use pop culture as a way to get people into the church. It always feels so uncomfortably desperate.

"Who tf decided to make crunchy roundies?"

Reddit | BeansIsYesBig

"Crunchy Roundies" is the most British sounding Oreo knockoff that I can think of! The packaging is also absolutely pathetic!

"I member..."

Reddit | ghoooojoe

What is it with butter and margarine manufacturers and their constant sense of uncertainty?! This is why people have trust issues...because of margarine and butter distributors!

"Comparison Purposes Only!"

Reddit | Pr3ttyL4m3

Other fragrances in this range include "Not Quite Chanel," "Almost Hugo Boss," and "Half Way To Jean Paul Gaultier."

"Anybody want a cup of popsi?"

Reddit | Inkling7474

"Hey, Pepsi, can I borrow your homework?"

"Okay, but change some of it so it doesn't look obvious!"

"Her instagram v.s. whistleblower's photo."

Reddit | tupolevtu95

I never got why people posing on nice cars got so many likes on social media. All it makes me think is, "Wow, I'm probably never going to own a car as nice as that... What a bummer."

"That dog is smooth as hell."

Reddit | winegarbage

Ew, what, I'm meant to be seeing dogs with big pores? No thank you, that is quite frankly disgusting.

"Offbrand celebrity."

Reddit | Ulvs

I love that the guy on the right has an expression that just screams, "I cannot believe I look like Tom Cruise!"

"Nintoddo Socks - Didn't know till after I bought them."

Reddit | ZackTheMuffinMan

Some of Nintoddo's most well-known characters include Moorio, Yorshi, and Dornkey Kang.

"Armpit? I don’t know her..."

Reddit | eileen_likeacholo

Of all of the parts of my body that I already feel anxious about, I am now also worried about my armpits! Time to get working on those pits.

"Nice beard bro!"

Reddit | MonkeyChris

I think that I speak for a lot of men when I say, "Wow, I wish that my beard could bend the fabric of reality around it!"

"I got tricked by a tricksy blind man."

Reddit | flycounter

I wonder how many people actually end up slowing way down and keeping back from this person on the road!

"He claims to be one of the best Joker cosplayers. The tattoos... I can't..."

Reddit | _korbi

I'm willing to put money on the fact that the tattoos not only look wack, but are in wildly different spots in every picture.

"Adios money, hola low quality."

Reddit | 1Raheem

At least, in a way, they're telling you exactly what to do with their product. Say goodbye, don't look back, go find yourself a better shirt.

"I let my nephews download an Off Brand Guitar Hero and these are some of the songs they played."

Reddit | biencriado

Welcome to the Hotel Massachusetts. Such an okay place, such an okay face.

Really though, I can't decide if Bitter Child O'Us is my favorite, or Don't Look Forward In Rage.

"I think I’ll stick to Nutella."

Reddit | bryan6969

I dunno, I kinda like the sound of Nut Master. They're an expert at what they do. Why would I want my hazelnut spread from some amateur?

"Online shopping then came across this totally real tank top."

Reddit | coldbeanburrito

This wasn't a Photoshop fail, it was an MSPaint fail. I get that websites will recolor shirts, but that doesn't mean fully drawing over it!

"Can’t decide where to buy from."

Reddit | Crypticise

The brand competition between Adomino Pizza and Pizza Hot has been longstanding... Truly the top two rivals in the pizza chain game.

"She could've just said the truth."

Reddit | dramainsanity

I don't think users who browse Instagram really care if you take your own photos, so why lie? And if you are gonna lie, why not be more careful to not get caught?

When Will My Reflection Show...

Reddit | MaddieThePie

Someone suggested that maybe this was done on purpose to show the ridiculousness of photo editing, and I really, really hope that was the case, because if not...yikes.

"Why get the north face when you can get the huge mountain."

Reddit | gurisocan

There's something about The Huge Mountain that just sounds more impressive. Their product, on the other hand, looks way, way less impressive. That's some bad embroidery my friends.

"Ketchup isn't a brand name..."

Reddit | IguruDragneel

That's what makes this all the more concerning. They could have said ketchup, but they didn't want to make any promises.

"'I'm gonna getcha' said Sharp Hand Joe."

Reddit | stupidiot00

Sharp Hand Joe is from my favorite horror movie franchise, A Daydream On Maple Drive.

"This girl has a Disney-themed account, for her ‘travels’...most of the pics are like this."

Reddit | SofyB

This one is like, close to being believable if they had a few more details in there. A shadow, less contrast between her feet and the board. You're getting there. With a little more practice, everyone will totally believe you're at Disney World all the time.

"Where's the nose?"

Reddit | matty111222

She's one of the few who have evolved past the need for noses as we evolve into a new super species who smell with our ears. It looks like her mouth is starting to go too.

"Selling deer."

Reddit | randomuser9601

Admittedly, I've been seeing this picture around the internet for a while now, but it never fails to crack me up. Such a talented deer, learning dog like that!

Betrayed By Their Reflection

Reddit | Reddit

I do not really know why anyone would want a jawline that sharp! You'd just keep cutting yourself on it!

"I don't mean to brag, but I wear Timmy Middle Finger."

Reddit | The_FallenSoldier

If you're gonna wear a knockoff, might as well make it a tough one. Sure, you can't afford name brand, but that doesn't mean you should be messed with.

"Apparently we should all be ashamed of our knuckles now."

Reddit | Jo_Elle_Ball

Which of these obvious lies was your favorite, or rather, which one baffled you the most?! I still can't get over the people Photoshopping their armpits out of photos if I'm honest! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below..