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35 People Who Weren't Exactly As Slick As They Thought

It really is amazing what people can get away with sometimes. As CNN reported, one man managed to steal the Mona Lisa just by hiding in a closet overnight and grabbing it and it took about two years to catch him.

But while some people may even surprise themselves by how effectively they were able to hide in plain sight, others are totally convinced that nobody is watching, only to discover exactly how wrong they are.

Some of the sneaky plans we're about to see are elaborate and creative to the point where it seemed like they should've worked, but all of them ended up on this list for the simple reason that none of them did.

Well, that's just great. This was probably the one time this guy ever felt inclined to pick his nose and look what happens.

Reddit | RequiemDreamer

Yup, he happened to be mid-pick just as the Google Street View car passed by, so now he's been immortalized.

I guess this techincally fits the definition of cheese fries, but in the most disappointing way possible.

Reddit | Nocab_

If it helps, this probably didn't happen because someone felt like being a jerk.

According to one Buffalo Wild Wings manager, what likely happened here was that a new employee was confused by the fact that the ordering system says "slice American" when you go with a different cheese than they usually use for cheese fries.

It's unknown why the system has such a confusing way of putting it, but there you go.

This kid apparently tried to sneak an Apple Watch into class by claiming it was an ankle monitor.

Reddit | Niktam-Air

I have to admit that it's pretty clever and it could've fooled me, but one teacher either had a lot of experience with Apple Watches or house arrest, so they didn't buy it for a second and the watch was confiscated.

Tough break, dude.

The uploader's daughter used this to try and sneak out of the house, but to no avail.

Reddit | TamIAm82

This technique may have worked on the guards at Alcatraz, but they probably weren't asking the inmates a question and wondering why they weren't getting a response.

Also, it's usually a little risky to pick a decoy that can pop easily.

This person had the opportunity to feel slick for a moment, but their celebration was short-lived.

Reddit | jeberly4

You know, they probably could've gotten away with it if they didn't take out their phone in the theater.

Nothing makes people more likely to snitch than a Tommy Texter, after all.

If that snack seems a little weird, it turns out that there's a good reason for that.

Reddit | TheH0F

Yeah, this guy apparently thought he found a clever way to hide his chewing tobacco, but he made the mistake of underestimating how bored the game's camera people can get.

This fake wristband was apparently supposed to help someone sneak into a pep rally, but alas.

Reddit | P0ultry970

I'm guessing they realized to their chagrin that security staff won't just let you quickly flash your wrist at them and walk on by.

Because it only takes a brief look to realize what's wrong with this.

I suppose this trick technically worked, but not if whoever was behind it is hoping for repeat customers.

Reddit | HylixGamez

People don't like being ripped off by a quarter of a corn dog and they have a way of remembering who wronged them.

Just ask my mom, who refused to shop at Radio Shack forever when they sold her a defective clock radio in 1989.

Wow, I can't imagine how the police were able to apprehend such a master criminal.

Reddit | Ovedya2011

Is Guitar Center known for having really high counters or something? If not, I just can't figure how this guy thought he was getting away with this.

In a similar vein, these two couldn't have seriously thought that their little heist here would go unnoticed.

Reddit | demevalos

In case it's not clear, they stole a power pole from the city in broad daylight.

Even putting aside the mystery of why they wanted it, what else did they expect people to think they were carrying around?

We all know that there's some trick to each carnival game we come across, but they usually don't make it so obvious.

Reddit | redbeardoweirdo

If you've noticed that there's often too much stuff in the way to see these basketball hoops from the side, now you know why.

A tilted-up, oblong hoop that's just barely as big as the ball doesn't exactly scream "fair play."

I want to give the guy points for trying to adapt his plan to new circumstances, but I'm not sure what he thought this would accomplish.

Reddit | Largonaut

I guess he was just really hoping they'd delete the footage of him stealing even though they cared enough to prominently display his picture in the first place.

Yeah, no such luck.

Well, I've got some bad news for this guy. He's already given the people what they want.

Reddit | GentlemanFaux

But who knows? Maybe he got his wish anyway and this picture managed to get 100 likes after his little blooper went viral.

The guy responsible for this hit and run was so confident he wouldn't get caught that he flipped this truck's owner off before speeding away.

Reddit | Ssouth84

However, in all of his bravado, it seems he didn't realize that he left something kind of important behind.

Unsurprisingly, it didn't take police long to catch him with such a helpful clue on their side.

Yeah, some pretty unscrupulous company tried the old bait-and-switch with this "Amazon gift card."

Reddit | Jim_Moriart

Unlike most gift cards, this one is apparently contingent on leaving the seller a "fair" review and not showing this card at any point during that review. Hmm, nothing suspicious about that.

Yeah, in case you weren't aware, incentivizing reviews like this is against Amazon's Terms of Service.

Considering how subtle this is and how much effort went into it, I'm legitimately surprised that whoever was behind this got caught.

Reddit | CherryBlackEyes

Apparently, someone tried to slip about 45 million rupees' worth of international currencies through security at the Delhi airport by hiding it in these peanut shells.

It's honestly impressive, but it's apparently not impressive enough.

This woman hated this Tesla enough to key it, but apparently not enough to know all of its features.

Reddit | TerrenJamal

And because of that, all nine of its built-in cameras were able to get a clear view of her vandalism. Oops.

To the student who thought to bring this full ghillie suit along: Nice try, but you're going to class.

Reddit | paint_chips_kid

And I'll admit that I didn't like school very much either, but whoever caught this kid kind of did them a favor.

After all, I think even math homework might seem more fun than just sitting here and pretending to be a bush for hours on end.

They always say to read the fine print, but that's apparently true even when you don't have a contract in front of you.

Reddit | greeneeb

Ah, yes. A totally normal and not at all scummy practice to give your rate for every 10 minutes instead of your hourly rate.

After all, the fact that there isn't even a name for rates that work in increments of 10 minutes totally suggests that everyone does that.

This is a lesson in not getting too excited too quickly.

Reddit | 73s_cruz_z0d14c

As this user put it simply when he posted it: "caught a fist, lost a fish." This is why I don't go fishing. Can't lose a fish you never caught.

Found at a high school that lets students paint their parking spaces.

Reddit | andrewalmond10

I see a lot of posts like this. Is assigned parking at high schools normal? At mine I just had to show up early and hope for the best after waiting in turning traffic for 15 minutes.

She means business.

Reddit | AThousandSailsPassBy

The translation is, "Thank you very much for keeping the bathroom clean. If you see someone making a mess, let me know. I’ll clean them up." If there's one way to enforce cleanliness at your establishment, this is it.

Cookies inside!

Reddit | AtTheLeftThere

Am I in the wrong for knowing I'd be disappointed that there weren't cookies? Sugar gets me through the day. Also, I still live like a child.

A comedy of errors.

Reddit | bubblebeam09212

This dog was trying to eat the cats' food, then he got his head stuck in the tub. Even the cats behind him are looking at him like, "I can't believe this betrayal. You've forsaken us. You deserve this."

Catching a sock in the middle of being lost to the dryer dimension.

Reddit | Fracking4Lyfe

And to think he almost got away with it, too. you will not be escaping today, young sock, you have a long life ahead of you yet.

I think Cole messed up. Badly.

Reddit | Strebeck

Forget a security system, forget a guard dog, the threat of a mother's wrath is enough to get me to do anything.

"Caught the cat trying to snuff out my brother."

Reddit | C00k33

I'm not sure what this boy did to this cat, but with that look of determination and vengeance in the cat's eyes, he must deserve whatever fate he's being given.

When your sick day throws off your pet's schedule.

Reddit | electricsheepz

Dogs act all buddy buddy when you come home from work, but the second you infringe on their alone time, it's a whole different story.

Sleeping on the job.

Reddit | GHETTOT3ch

I'm more impressed that the water didn't wake him than I am mad he was napping while working.

A moment of realization.

Reddit | FellSamurai

She caught the bouquet at a wedding. That guy behind her looking like he's reevaluating every choice he's ever made? Her boyfriend. I think y'all need to have a talk.

You've got a 50/50 chance here.

Reddit | maiiltiime

I have full confidence a store clerk did this on purpose just to laugh at people who stare in panic. A sadistic joy.

Sometimes, even national restaurant chains can get caught doing something embarrassingly sneaky.

Reddit | Bigs2013

That is, this error message on this display at Jack in the Box definitely gives the impression that they pirated a copy of windows.

To be fair, it's apparently not unheard of for Windows XP to generate this message even when you have a legitimate copy. Still, good luck convincing people of that.

They start young.

Reddit | NoraRose_86

This young man was caught giving roses to three different girls at his first school dance! The drama! He's going to learn real quick that there's no greater revenge than that created by a band of girls working together.

Neighbor popping by for a visit.

Reddit | galaxywolfca

You should be flattered. This dog knows you have the good treats and is willing to do anything to get them.

Fine print is important.

Reddit | TwinningDad12

Now the question is would this deter or encourage package thieves? What are their true motivations?

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