7+ Clever Little Ideas That Made A Big Difference

Y'all know what time it is: genius design appreciation time.

When a design is at its very best, it can take your breath away. These incredible and clever designs have us seriously wishing we'd thought of them first!

These GENIUS measuring cups.

Welcome Industries

For some, it's hard to visualize fractions. These measuring cups demonstrate exactly how much of an ingredient you're actually using. I can't believe I don't own these, tbh.

They're called Fraction Cups, and they're not just a concept — you can buy them here!

Hands-free elevator buttons.

Reddit | rastroboy

Seriously, if the 2020 coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it's that we touch stuff with our hands way too much. An elevator button that you can touch with your shoe is right up our alley at this point.

This hilarious business card.

Reddit | adorubi

Now, this is creativity. This card for a divorce lawyer is great for people who want to split and need the contact information for each of their lawyers. Unless they use the same lawyer — but that's pretty doubtful, huh?

This awesome lamp.

Reddit | keuerle

This skateboard had seen better days, but it was still too cool to get rid of. The genius solution? Turn it into a lamp, of course. This would be so cool in an office!

An ashtray with a chilling message.

Reddit | mosedalemagpie

The more you smoke, the blacker those lungs get.

While it's a habit that can be hard to break, it is important to break it — if only for the Singapore Cancer Society's sake!

This colander spins.

The simplicity of this is matched only by its genius. How has no one thought of this before? Don't tell me if they have — this is a fun new discovery for me.

Food courts with wireless charging tables? I'm in.

Reddit | sozazac

I would never leave a food court where I could also charge my phone...which actually might be a design flaw, come to think of it. Still! Can we make this a reality everywhere?

A cable that is considerate of other cables.

Reddit | gigez

While this may not be a new design, it sure is genius. This cable is tilted to perfectly avoid other, less considerate cables. Please, can this herald in the end of chunky cables?

Crosswalks for dummies.

Reddit | littlegenius666

Are you someone who walks and texts? Yes? Same. Some people, however, walk and text at the exact wrong times — like at crosswalks. So, these lights were installed to indicate whether they could cross or not. Neat!

A flippable masterpiece.

Need a dutch oven? Got it. A skillet? Got it. A wok? Also got it. This set flips to become whatever you need it to be. Now that's a multi-tool.

A dishwasher that talks to you.

Reddit | d2shanks

Well, kind of. This dishwasher has a light that projects onto the floor, indicating how far into its cycle it is. Goodbye, opening up the dishwasher and getting a face full of steam!

This hub holds it all.

Perfect for a front entryway, the Geco Hub shapes itself around whatever object you need it to hold. Simply mount it to the wall and let it do its thing!

This water fountain is for the dogs.

Reddit | danruse

Okay, so all outdoor water fountains should be like this one. Whatever you don't drink goes straight to your furry companion, or down the drain! Just watch your feet, okay?

Never buy another bag again.

When you buy this bag, you're really buying four. The All Day Bag by Wool and Oak is designed to transform from a side bag, to a backpack, to a regular tote — oh, and it has a luggage strap.

A pot that grows with your plant.

Reddit | Thyphan69

This origami-inspired pot can unfold into three different sizes, which will easily accommodate your growing plant. Plus, it's absolutely beautiful to look at! We love when functionality meets aesthetic.

This little device lubricates your bike chains for you.

No muss, no fuss! It has a rotating lubricator wheel built into it that allows you to lubricate your bike chains quickly.

It was designed by Drivt, and is actually available to purchase!

A tiny bathroom tray.

Reddit | xXKiller_ClownXx

I've encountered a few bathroom stalls with little trays like this, and I just want to say, they're a lifesaver. It's awkward to find a place to put your phone in those things!

This laptop stand eliminates the need for a standing desk.

Instead, it will elevate the laptop for you! This is called the MOFT Z, and it started as a Kickstarter. Now, the stand is available for purchase on their website!

Combining these two is a no-brainer.


Of course pill organizers should have a built-in water bottle! This seems so obvious, right? Asobu Design created this water bottle to join their lineup of other high-tech bottles!

Say goodbye to the boob gap.

Reddit | kalimoo

Anyone with boobs knows the pain of the boob gap. It happens with button-up shirts all the time. However, this shirt comes with secret buttons to stop the boob gap right in its tracks.

Do fake legging pockets next!

This fire extinguisher art is so clever.

Reddit | Agenciak_

Who says necessary safety equipment has to be ugly? Adding in a touch of fun to them is the perfect way to personalize a space. Also, that scuba diver's butt is hilariously detailed. You're welcome.

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