16+ Times People Ran Across Something Amazing And Went Viral

In the age of the internet, going viral is a rare but monumental occurrence. Be it for a talent, a good deed, or a simple discovery, one post can gain a ton of attention overnight.

That's what happened to the photos on this list. They made rounds online, fast, and thus made us want to share them with you!

"This purely golden bee landed on my car today."

Reddit | EliteDangerous72

This post actually prompted a debate in the comments about what kind of bee it is, with users torn between a cordovan honey bee and a teddy bear bee.

Regardless of what it is, this guy looks like a little drop of honey! Pretty fitting, all things considered.

"Still operational, original 1957 wall mount refrigerator."

Reddit | hercule2019

Apparently, this type of fridge used to be way more common, but eventually the stand-alone fridge model took over as it was easier to install and work on.

"Shirts made from plastic bottles."

Reddit | AutumnBegins

I've heard about recycled plastic being used in clothing before, but I never really visualized how. It really is spun just like fabric is, which seems impossible to even imagine when you look at a bottle by itself!

"The stitches in my eye after my cornea transplant."

Reddit | MOTPeng44

Seeing this pic gave me shivers, and not the good kind, but it really is incredible. The stitches are often left in for a year, but another user who had cornea transplants said, "Sutures stay in until they need to come out."

That same user also confirmed that eye surgery is as terrifying as it seems.

"This is a crab claw that has been opalized in the same way that petrified wood is."

Reddit | gator426428

Opalization is a process sort of similar to fossilization, and takes a long, long time to form, so this is an amazing find! It really does look magic. Try waving it around and see if some spells shoot out.

"Bent railroad tracks after a New Zealand earthquake."

Reddit | AppleGamerFish

Many people thought this was caused by heat and not an earthquake, but people quickly jumped in to remind them that the earthquake that caused this was a beast.

One commenter wrote, "[It was] the 7th most damaging earthquake ever, causing around $15 billion dollars in property damage."

"My grandparents clock measures time on a one week scale instead of a 12 hour one."

Reddit | creezewe

One jokester called this the "retirement clock," as, when you're off work all the time, it can sometimes be hard to remember what day it is. As someone who works from home and gets confused easily, I could also use this.

"Not yet released 2020 car being driven downtown, totally hidden."

Reddit | purpleeliz

Clothes for cars! I guess driving new cars somewhere and hiding them is easier than getting a truck to transport them. Plus, you get a look into car fashion!

"I have a hereditary gap in my eyebrow."

Reddit | zoeck014

This photo was super interesting to me, as I share the exact same cowlick as my dad in the same spot on my head. Hair growth patterns are a form of hereditary birthmark, and an incredibly cool display of genetics!

"Squirrel with a blonde tail."

Reddit | AcadianMan

We've all been there, squirrel, backing out halfway through a dye job because you start to doubt it. Really, though, fur varieties in squirrels are actually rather common.

I know my whole childhood I'd see a new brown/black mix squirrel, but this is the first time I've seen blonde!

"This baby store has different surfaces to 'road test' the strollers."

Reddit | eyedubb

For such a cool and smart idea, it's amazing it hasn't been done on a wider scale. People in the comments suggested different terrains they could add like sand, snow, and full curbs.

"The ants in my garage built a bridge over my glue trap."

Reddit | TayBertits

Sometimes I'm reminded about how smart bugs are and it throws my whole perspective off. It also throws me into a rabbit hole of ant colony videos.

"Found an old beer bottle in the mountains with a mini eco system inside."

Reddit | shiftshayper

After some crossreferencing and research was done, this was cited to be a lichen, which is essentially a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and an alga.

They work together to help the other survive, and are super localized, like in this bottle!

"Water froze on the car door like this."

Reddit | GiofilmsFan11

Seeing these coats of ice on my car in the moment fills me with sadness. But, if I got to do this every time and break it off in one satisfying chunk, maybe it wouldn't be as bad.

"Bees killing a murder hornet by raising their temperature in order to cook it alive."


The explanation behind this makes bees sound like a tactical militia. Bees have a higher heat tolerance than hornets, which is how they're able to survive this (although some will succumb to the heat as well), and cause the temperature spike by vibrating incredibly fast.

This only works against single attackers though, so they'll do it to kill off singular "scouts" to prevent the hornets from finding the location of their hive.

"Giant puffball mushroom my sister found in the woods."

Reddit | kfranky

I want to touch this thing so bad. It just looks so squishy.

Someone in the comments was talking about this species of mushroom (Calvatia) and said, "[I] have never seen one so large I could make a mushroom steak out of it," which captures exactly what this is.

"This tree looks like a dragon coming out of the ground."

Reddit | Unicornglitteryblood

Are you sure it's just a tree and not a long-forgotten forest god whose slumber you've just disturbed? Y'know what, maybe it's best not to find out.

"My house built around 1900 has a doggy paw print in the cement slab in the basement."

Reddit | NCwolfpackSU

You get to see the very special imprint left by a 120-year-old good boy! I'm sure his owners at the time were not pleased, though.

"The way the bubbles formed a spiral in my bath."

Reddit | andromeda-eros-

I'd look around before you go stepping in there. That looks kind of like a sea monster tendril and I don't want you to find out the hard way whether it is or isn't.

"This keypad randomizes the numbers every time so someone doesn't figure out the password from your hand movements."

Reddit | celebi1023

You know when you see something so incredible and smart that you can't help but wonder why it isn't more common in the world today? That's how I feel looking at this.

"New credit card 3 digit (CVV) changes every 4 hours."

Reddit | jjvj

Exactly the same as the last one: small scale security innovations that really ought to be used more. Maybe I'll make that its own list.

"This rock that looks like a half eaten potato."

Reddit | classicjondor

This is the last thing you'd want to find yourself accidentally biting into. I know someone who chipped a tooth on sushi, imagine what this thing would do.

"My Great Great Aunt's 100 year old nursing kit has a vile full of cocaine tablets and a syringe."

Reddit | Crepes_for_days3000

It's wild how most things that were considered cures back then are illegal now, like most drugs. Almost like they were never cures and were founded on some wack science by some random who was surely not a real doctor.

"All 4 of my cats paws have unique black/pink combinations."

Reddit | IAmAHiggsBoson

It's like this cat is carrying around a secret code right on its paws! A code for what, you might ask? Well that's for you to find out, I can't give the whole quest away!

"The logo on my umbrella only shows up when wet."

Reddit | jawgee0000

I can't get over how smart this is. It's advertising when it matters most, and is something totally unique I haven't seen before. Good on you, whatever company this is.

"The perfect symmetry of this plant."

Reddit | japsanityxc

This really is a gorgeous, rare find. It reminds us that art and nature can truly be one and the same sometimes.

"My son's school text book tells us to beware of aliens."

Reddit | Knightz101

Hey, they're just putting the good word out there! Textbooks are for learning and education, and they're helping you learn to beware of aliens.

"One onion out of the bag was secretly a red onion in disguise."

Reddit | MrBobandy

Can someone answer me something? Do different onions genuinely taste different? I've never been able to tell. But, I also find oven-bake chicken fingers to be a high delicacy, so maybe my palette is just unrefined.

"Nation[al] Geographic Gallery uses its logo as a door handle."

Reddit | samcp12

I've never been one to make those "they saw an opportunity and they took it" jokes but, wow, they really did see the opportunity and they really did take it. I'm so happy.

"This pen from a technical college that says how many words can be written with it."

Reddit | SatanPuntMeN2TheVoid

As nice as this is, we all know we'd get maybe 30 words out of it before losing it forever, like every other pen we've ever been given.

"My grandparents have a glassed-over well in their kitchen."

Reddit | TheRedGeradir

As gorgeous as this is, this is totally a plot point in a fantasy novel, right? Like one day you're gonna look down and see, I don't know, fairies or something tapping at the glass.

"The fog lifting and changing the view from my house between 8am and 10am."

Reddit | Westerndork

When your life changes from a horror movie to a travel postcard in a matter of two hours.

"The way my GF’s dad closes cereal boxes."

Reddit | kol_kay

Okay, this is interesting, but is there something wrong with using the little tab on the top? Is that just not cool anymore? Have we moved on to bigger and better box folding?

"The different colors of the honey I harvested this year: spring, summer and fall."

Reddit | Zig-Zag

When asked what caused the difference in color, the poster answered, with nectar sources! It can even change the taste, which is crazy to think about since "honey" seems like such a standard taste/flavor.

"The grave of assassin John Wilkes Booth is covered in Lincoln one cent coins."

Reddit | Dongtastrophe

Unknown to me until I saw this, this is actually quite the tradition. You're meant to leave the pennies face up too, to honor Lincoln's legacy and insult Booth.