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11 Funny Tweets For All You Small Town Folk

If you're someone who grew up in a small town or have somehow found yourself living in one now, then I'm sure you'll agree that it can be pretty great. But that's not to say small town living doesn't come without its... problems.

As a person who was born and raised in a hideously small town, I feel I've earned the right to scour the internet for the best tweets that'll make all you other small town folk not only laugh, but also feel seen.


Everywhere you go, they're there.

Hope you left the house looking your absolute best because you're about to run into a stunning amount of people in a very short amount of time.

But the teacher completely understands.

A cow, a horse, or a tractor — there's always going be something blocking your way. That's why you should make sure you leave early enough to prepare for these kinds of imminent roadblocks.

Everybody knows everybody's business whether you want them to or not.

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You have no idea how fast gossip spreads in a small town until you make the mistake of telling your friend something within earshot of another person — suddenly even old Jim who runs the gas station knows you have a date with Paul's boy, Mike.

Don't make eye contact.

You just have to accept the fact that a town with only one grocery store means that, at some point, you're going to have to make small talk with every teacher you've ever had.

It's unavoidable.

That's about it.

Make sure you're friends with someone who has a truck, or at least someone who knows someone who has a truck, otherwise you're going to spend a lot of boring Friday nights just sitting in a field walking distance from your house.

Might as well be.

The only thing my town was missing was a cool guy from Chicago ripping down the dirt roads while blasting rock music.

I genuinely understand all the excitement about Red's arrival because something like that would have definitelymade life more interesting.

It's like we're in the big city!


When I was a teenager my town finally got its very own Montana's, and when I tell you it instantly became the place to go. I'm not even joking.

Pick any kid from my high school and I'll tell you which category they fall under.

The other thing I've noticed about small towns is all the girls who got married and had babies in their early twenties now sell homemade signs with loopy cursive writing on them.

And that's it. That's all they're up to nowadays.

It was a big night, obviously.


Pushing half a dozen tables together to make one mega-long table... Forcing one poor waitress to take orders from 25 pimply, overly-excited teenagers dressed in their fanciest outfits they got from that Sears in the next town over...

Ahh I miss it.

Oh, how true this is.

In high school, my math teacher was my dad's old teacher, my history teacher was my second cousin, and my English teacher was my mom's ex-boyfriend.

That's just how it goes.

It's the only way they're going to "know" who you are.

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I just hope one day I'll be the one that all the old people know by name, and my children will have to be the ones who introduce themselves this way.

That's how you know you've leveled-up in a small town.