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20 Refreshingly Bright Ideas That Got Some Attention

There's nothing like seeing something new and realizing it was the sort of thing that was in front of your eyes all the time, and you just didn't know it. It's just so...refreshing. It's the kind of thing that gives you new life and makes you feel like anything is possible.

Just check out these ideas that people thought up and see if a light doesn't turn on just a bit for you.

A spray bottle meant to get every last drop.

Reddit | MrCaspan

Because there's little that's more frustrating than trying to clean something and knowing there's liquid left at the bottom of the bottle and it just refuses to come out the sprayer.

All spray bottles should use this design from now on.

Someone made a little ladder/ramp and a landing basket specifically for tadpoles becoming frogs to be able to get out of this pond.

Reddit | EuCleo

We give points for kindness here, and this is quite kind. And although it's intended for tadpoles and pollywogs, no doubt other animals will come and go via this ladder.

It's not exactly magical, but it's definitely whimsical to make your bread into a gnome hat.

Reddit | squid50s

That's some excellent branding. I mean, you're going to remember the place that turns baguettes into gnome hats, aren't you?

And people will want to take pics of it, and maybe with it.

Somebody absolutely earned dad kudos for life by building this backyard planetarium out of cardboard.

Reddit | hardlyAwordsmith

It couldn't have been easy to do, and you'd definitely need the weather conditions to be perfect for it to not blow away or collapse in the rain, but when it all works out, it's a magical memory for the whole family.

"My brother installed this tiny shelf above his toilet paper to hold his phone."

Reddit | samituret

21st century problems, amirite? One does not simply use the bathroom without taking their phone with them.

However, there will inevitably come a time when you need your hands free, and the little shelf above the TP accomplishes that goal while not taking up much space.

Plugs that allow you to use the whole outlet are more than welcome in my house.

Reddit | Tweedie2014

I know these have been around for a little while, but they're just so handy. They deserve more attention and should be at the end of more cords than they already are.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

"We made 2020-themed Dumpster Fire candles to give to friends/family," wrote the uploader of this pic.

Reddit | 3LlamasInATrenchCoat

And I suspect there will be more than a few copycats out there, because this is spot on. I'm not one who owns things like candles or non-cake things to hold them, and I'm thinking there's a place for them in my home.

This taco place's drive-thru is a real drive-thru.

Reddit | MrHookup

Is it more convenient than the drive-thru setups we're used to seeing at fast food joints?

Perhaps not for employees, but on a rainy day, having that roof over your head certainly makes the transaction a nicer experience for all involved.

Packing peanuts don't have to be a mess of space-takers.

Reddit | sayeela

These biodegradeable packing peanuts replace the old styrofoam variety with what's basically just starch, so they can be dissolved in water or buried to break down.

Really, you can toss these in your yard because the next rainfall will take care of them.

Reclaiming something with an unfortunate reputation is always a good idea.

Reddit | MyPhilosophersStoned

These stairs in Georgetown are famous for their appearance in The Exorcist. Someone felt possessed by the need to make them pretty, however, and decorated them with all kinds of origami.

Looks like it has been fixed in place, too, so it doesn't all blow away and become litter.

This article of clothing comes with a spare button in a pouch.

Reddit | Canidium

And while it's nothing new to get a spare button with your clothing, it all too often comes in a form that's much too easy to lose before you need it. With this one, you just cut it out when its time to shine arrives.

This person set up their home office on a carpeted floor, which didn't really do much for the wheeled chair.

Reddit | julzipoots

So to fix that, they got some cheap laminate on clearance, clicked them together, and made themselves a little surface where their chair can freely roll.

Spotted at a gas station, this bathroom stall has chalkboard walls.

Reddit | chaosmeres

Not sure how I feel about this one. People are going to write on the walls regardless, so this is much easier to clean.

On the other hand, I wouldn't want to touch chalk in a public bathroom, I don't think. Could get nasty.

These colored pencils combine to form a map when they're lined up.

Reddit | kfhansen

It's a cool and possibly inspirational effect for an artist. The only real drawback to these is that you'd never want to sharpen them for fear of ruining the map.

Ah well, into each life some rain must fall.

This karate academy's wooden advertising board is making some good promises.

Reddit | OnderGok

It both doubles as a traditional sandwich board out on the sidewalk, and a preview of what's to come once you learn to chop and kick like a pro.

Recycling seldom looks as good as this.

Reddit | TB12thMan

These are all drawer handles, homemade using old, dried-up paint collected from a bridge for the colorful embellishments.

That definitely makes them unique pieces. Nice work, turning old artwork into new artwork.

This laptop comes with a built-in cover that slides over the webcam.

Reddit | kingkaiserkorp

I guess laptop manufacturers are starting to realize that a lot of people are already using tape or cardboard to cover their cams when they're not actively in a teleconference, so they're providing a much less unattractive solution.

This person attached some doll eyes to her laptop near the camera so they know where to look during those teleconferences.

Reddit | Mlunadia

There are so many things you don't think about concerning working from home until you have to do it regularly. This is a great idea to help you not look like you're staring at nothing while you talk to your co-workers.

A fork is a big help when grating veggies.

Reddit | derdeutschvolk

I kind of feel silly knowing I could have just used a fork the whole time and saved myself all the scraped knuckles, and gotten the last of the veggies with ease.

Definitely using this idea on the regular now.

"I repurposed my broken iMac, touch control dimmable, even the USB ports work as phone charger."

Reddit | ydw1988913

I wish I was handy enough to turn an old computer into a touch-dimmable lamp with working USB port phone chargers. So, much credit to the person who made this lamp, and extra points for the touch of nostalgia.