23 Things Seen At Costco That Raised A Few Eyebrows

Who else is a fan of shopping at Costco? I sure am. I mean, what's not to like? There's so much going on in this one store, you can pretty much spend a whole afternoon there just browsing away. Not to mention all the free food samples — score!

And sometimes, when you're really lucky, you can also spot some unusual stuff at Costco that you wouldn't otherwise find anywhere else.

1. This Giant Nutella Jar


I love Nutella as much as the next person but how long would it take to finish this giant jar found at Costco? Wow.

2. This Candle

Apparently candles smell totally different at Costco. This particular scent is called "Monkey Farts." Hmm, should I try it? I'm intrigued and scared at the same time.

3. Whatever This Is

Imgur | dirtydirtythrowaways

Is this a real-life Green Giant? LOL! What the heck is going on here? Talk about an odd choice for a display.

4. This Giant Bear


I've never seen these myself, but apparently Costco is known for their giant teddy bears. And we all know we need a big hug, especially now.

5. This Wedding Idea


Don't be surprised if you ever see people either getting married or doing their wedding photos at Costco because it seems like it's a thing.

6. This Christmas In August

Reddit | chrono1465

I know many stores are notorious for putting up their Christmas decorations way too early, but Costco doing this in August is pushing it.

7. This Celebrity Sighting

Reddit | thenewyorkgod

Celebrities are always coming up with a slew of new products with their name on it, but this Jennifer Garner sighting at Costco is wickedly unexpected. How would you feel if you saw her serving up some samples?

8. These Protective Measures

Reddit | Naevos

If COVID-19 has you scared to leave your house, no worries. Clearly, these people figured out a perfect way to protect themselves and others. I guess you can never be too cautious when it comes to safety.

9. This Christmas Return

Reddit | mj2323

I mentioned before that you can pretty much return anything back to Costco, but this used Christmas tree is a new low for this person. It still has the tree stand attached!

10. This New Inventory

Reddit | Merrittkr

Um, come again? Bet you didn't think they sold that at your local Costco. I guess that would work out great if you're a mobster. Ha, ha!

11. This Appropriate Display

Reddit | SlightJoke

It's awesome to see that the employees at Costco have a great sense of humor. You gotta have that attitude to pass the day. This is truly the best meme.

12. This Curious Box

Imgur | damysus

They really do sell everything at Costco. Am I right? And I bet half of what's there will actually end up giving you diabetes if you aren't careful. Remember that giant Nutella jar?

13. This Jamon De Bellota Leg

Facebook | Daniel David Warren

If you're a carnivore and need a real feast, get a load of this. You can buy this giant leg of aged ham for only $549.99. That's a real bargain if you ask me.

14. This Curious Item

Reddit | keethantom

If you were ever looking for chewable ice, then I've got some good news for you. Apparently, Costco does carry everything and this is one item they have as well. Seriously, who would buy this?

15. This Pigeon Trapping Incident

Reddit | defactosithlord

We see a lot of unusual people shop at Costco, but when a pigeon shows up that's pretty unexpected. Well, perhaps this employee silently trying to trap this little guy deserves a raise. Am I right?

16. This Winter Display In Dead Of Summer

Leave it to Costco to bring you winter wear right in the middle of a heatwave. I guess they know it's cold somewhere in the world. Ha, ha. Talk about being prepared.

17. This Barrel Of Whiskey

Oh my, I would think that ordering this much whiskey would only be possible by special order from a distillery, but it turns out Costco has you covered. It could be useful for a large wedding. No?

18. This Mother Of All Caskets


And speaking of odd items, who knew you could actually buy a casket on Costco.com? I certainly wasn't prepared to find this item there. I guess the delivery part is kinda handy.

19. This Sample Guy


Looks like somebody has been manning their Costco sample cart for way too long. At least I hope this isn't the case. I would get quite a chuckle if I saw this at my local Costco.

20. This Line

Reddit | halplatmein

Who knew that Costco was this popular in Queens, New York? I gotta say, I've never seen a line up as long as this. It makes me wonder, what in the heck are they selling there?

21. This Costco Cat


I always thought cats weren't allowed in Costco but maybe I was wrong. As a bonus, this one is also wearing a hat.

22. This Membership Card

Reddit | pluripotentcat

Those membership card photos always make you look so bad. I guess it doesn't help if you sneeze while they're taking your photo, though.

23. This Wedding Cake


If you're an adventurous bride and want to offer your wedding guests something truly different, look no further than Costco. They actually sell these wedding cakes made entirely out of various types of cheese. Say cheese!

Wow, shopping at Costco on any given day is something else.

You never know who or what you'll find there, and that's just half the fun if you ask me.