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35 Times Somebody Found A Hidden Detail

That things pass beneath our notice every day isn't exactly earth-shattering. You can't pay attention to every last little thing!

Nevertheless, if we knew what we were missing out on, we might stop to smell the roses just a wee bit more often. There's so much life in the details that we just don't see!

Somebody passing through an Ikea snapped a pic of this little detail.

Reddit | CarelessShrimp

Obviously, it's not in English, but we can tell that this is a neat play on the famous boy wizard: "Barry Otter" by J.K. Bowling.

Here's a detail that didn't get caught the first time around.

Reddit | 92641

Or it was ignored, as someone found this piece of broken glass with "Don't Litter" on it while out for a hike.

"I have a birthmark in my eye’s waterline," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | fabulously-frizzy

Well, you'd have to look awfully closely to notice it's even there. Still, not the sort of birthmark you see every day.

Think a dog lover owns this Jeep?

Reddit | myfacelookslikeafoot

They'd pretty much have to be if they're going to sport paw print brake lights, right? Like, I'm fairly certain that they don't come standard.

A job well done.

Reddit | saintash

Weirdly enough, not only has this bee successfully gathered pollen, but it appears to be carrying it like saddlebags. Get along, little bee, get along.

These aren't bullets.

Reddit | DumbIllogicCoolKoala

But as somebody discovered, when you take the wrapping off of batteries, they do bear more than a passing resemblance to bullet casings.

When the lack of detail is the detail.

Reddit | SilentKnightOwl

Because no, the screen isn't wonky - this apple has a section on it that looks low res. It's just weirdly blurry compared to the rest of the apple.

Here's hoping it isn't a sign of the Matrix glitching on all of us.

At some point, a dog walked on this clay roofing tile.

Reddit | calastius

And considering that the home it was found on dates to the Victorian era, it probably happened a long, long time ago. Neat!

Something seams to be wrong with the cat.

Reddit | NotVerySmarts

Get it? The seam where the fabric meets made it look like the cat has six legs. Okay, I'm a little sorry about that one.

Did Nancy Reagan start a frozen burrito company when nobody was looking?

Reddit | graceful_london

I mean, there's nothing wrong with putting the "Say No To Drugs" message out there, but on the wrapper of a frozen burrito just seems like an odd placement.

You might be able to tell something about the uploader from this pic.

Reddit | 9toebro

Specifically, they only have nine toes. "Still getting used to my footprint," they wrote. I can't even imagine, must be quite a challenge.

If it wasn't still there, would you ever know what made all the little lines in the fog on this window?

Reddit | Cuteroid

I mean, do you ever even think about the steps that spiders take? Me neither. Eight legs is a lot to manage.

Apparently, this tree was hiding a clock.

Reddit | socks_and_salad

Only when it was cut down would anybody ever have known - although the marks could be from spiles driven into harvest sap.

I guess that's an original 'g?'

Reddit | deadsocial

I feel like it's a mark of quality in recycled paper when there's actual legible writing left over. Even if it's just a single 'g', it's how you know that the paper used to be something else.

Flaunting it, but not really flaunting it.

Reddit | cmmatthews

I think a ring around the license plate is a suitably lowkey way to let people know you did a good thing on a game show.

This is actually pretty heartwarming.

Reddit | bitlorrent

The tiny little stethoscope in this Hot Wheel is a nod to the toy's designer's doctor, who drove this model of car and saved the designer's life from cancer.

This neighborhood has a cool safety device.

Reddit | KevinMcAlisterAtHome

It's a remote controlled lawnmower that cuts the grass on slopes so nobody has to risk their safety for the sake of a neatly clipped lawn.

Okay, I see what they did there.

Reddit | Jamestang1210

Workers digging out this trench took some special care. They could have torn everything up, but instead, they cleared out the dirt around the tree roots and left them intact.

Keyboard manufacturers have little samplers.

Reddit | KingSewage

You can test out the feel of a single key before you buy- and also, it's a key chain. Hey, they were thinking of their customers!

Shrek, is that you?

Reddit | ganjy420

I'm not sure I ever would have noticed if the shadow coming from my food made a famous face. Of course, that's because it wouldn't last that long. So, credit to the uploader for their restraint as well as their eye for detail!

A hairbrush for a hairbrush.

Reddit | arthurdentxxxxii

Your hairbrush is designed to smooth out and straighten the hair on your head. But what's the brush to do when it becomes full of hair? If it's this brush, you just use the handy-dandy tool it comes with.

What is this, popcorn for ants?

Reddit | xXBonerPrinceXx

It turns out microwaving birdseed results in tiny, tiny popcorn. No idea if birds like it or not once it's been popped, but it's undeniably cute.

Be unique.

Reddit | homicidal_turtle

One wouldn't expect anything individualistic or unique inside a box of Great Value spaghetti, but one strand of spaghetti here is daring to do things differently.

Does it taste like panda?

Reddit | platinum_j

This ramen seasoning packet contained flavorful little spice nuggets that look like panda heads. Clearly I need to get some more exciting ramen into my life.

The old days.

Reddit | aezac

This anti-piracy warning comes from a time before the internet was killing music. Decades later, despite taping, despite the internet, music is still alive.

Getting by.

Reddit | MrDorkESQ

The photographer noticed something a little bit different about this squirrel in the backyard. The little guy is missing a paw and a tail, but is still living his best life.

*X-Files music intensifies*.

Reddit | kaganey

Lots of people hang onto old newspapers when they announce a momentous event. In this case, the newspaper is commemorating the end of the First World War...four days before it actually ended.


Reddit | SuperiorBlade36

Transitions lenses use UV light from the sun to dim themselves in bright light. Apparently if you leave your specs near some Venetian blinds, things get a bit goofy.

Shadows of its past life.

Reddit | jonmon6691

This Indian Kitchen sign did a nice job of using the former sign as an Indian flag-themed background. But if you squint, you can tell this place used to be called Mango Chill.

Hey now, you're a straw star.

Reddit | a-g-r-o

I don't know much about the berry family, but I do not that strawberries are supposed to be shaped like strawberries, not like blobby stars.

The full collection.

Reddit | thisisinput

This delivery package was absolutely plastered with old stamps. It needed so many because they're so old. Those 60-year-old stamps must have a face value of, like, a cent.

Built to last.

Reddit | bluegreenmaybe

The aglet on the end of this string is attached not through crimping or glueing, but by a tiny screw.

A whole new world.

Reddit | shiftshayper

This sealed bottle of beer was found in the wilderness. Apparently its years in the wild have caused it to develop a full-blown ecosystem within.

That isn't how you tree.

Reddit | jworkmusicofficial

This would look like an unassuming tree if you just focused on the leafy canopy. But when you look down, you'll realize that it's somehow growing out of a wall.

The old ways.

Reddit | AmericanLocomotive

Modern identification cards are all plastic and come stuffed with different kinds of tech. Back in the day, Social Security cards were simple chunks of metal.

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