15+ People Who Found Funny In The Oddest Places

It is possible to find humor in the strangest of places in this world. For some people, this can be somewhere as simple as their desk at work, and for others, life's funny moments can be found cut into a neighbors lawn on Google Earth!

So, without further ado, here are 15+ people who found funny in the oddest of places!

"It's a ferret, if you're confused..."

Reddit | datassdope

I wonder if this person's boss has ever seen a dog in their life before? And, if they have, they must have been some weird as hell dogs!

"The coolest cat I ever did bee."

Reddit | diggy123456789

I love how displeased that cat looks with this completely adorable situation that it has found itself in!

"Found this at work."

Reddit | rutan5006

What a wonderful way to make a hygienic thing seem completely disgusting!

"My boyfriend told me 'Under no circumstances are you allowed to catch the bouquet'. Apparently God had other plans."

Reddit | katwatermans

That is one hell of a header from that kid! Someone get her in a soccer academy immediately.

"That's One Scary looking Log!"

Reddit | Benoice7

Be careful, if it bites it could give you a splinter! Although, as a general rule, it's bark is worse than its bite!

"My car thinks the drive thru attendant is a cone."

Reedit | BinaryShrub

The only way to beat Skynet is for us all to dress up like traffic cones. This is the answer that the Terminator franchise doesn't want you to know!

"How am I driving?"

Reddit | dogismywitness

These are three questions that have plagued humanity for thousands of years... or, at least, since cars were invented.

"There's a bathroom in my parent's house that is lit by a single window and this is what happens every day."

Reddit | scoottehbesht

There is nothing quite like going for a poop while choirs of angels serenade you... it is very, very, uncomfortable.

"This kid hit his bike against a car. In Taiwan, any traffic accident requires a breathalyzer test."

Reddit | ProBlorger

"He's tested positive for too many juiceboxes and sugary sweets! He's going away for a long time!"

"I found this in my neighborhood."

Reddit | the_perfect_answer

Well, you know what they say, Goldfish are one of the most naturally aggressive creatures in the animal kingdom.

"My brother wanted to measure the trees in his yard. This is how did he did it."

Reddit | Shwnwllms

"Hi, I need a piece of wood please?"

"Of course, how long a piece do you need?"

"Two me's by one of me please!"



Reddit | etb190

Sure, he may be a poser, but he's the cutest poser on the planet! Just try and sneak catnip through customs with this little guy on the case!

"I set a trap. She fell for it."

Reddit | hiker_mittens

Pfft, I cannot believe that this cat fell for one of the classic blunders! I don't think that it really cares, so long as it has a box to squeeze into though.

"Strange bird looks like a dog."

Reddit | Codexlibero

You really don't want to be under one of those birds when they're pooping that's for sure!

"This is how my daughter's Paw Patrol book ends. (Swedish for 'the end')."

Reddit | homerunchippa

I know that it seems like everything needs a gritty reboot nowadays, but I don't think Paw Patrol needed one.

"I cleaned the closet and discovered my roommate's strange collection. You wouldn't believe how nervous the dog was."


What a random item for someone to hoard? Although, I think that it would be quite good to have a roommate that hordes vacuum cleaners, after all, I don't think my last roommate even knew what a vacuum was!

"She woke up from her nap looking like this."

Reddit | omgxsonny

She must have had some truly trippy dreams! What would dogs have nightmares about do you reckon? Like, loads of vacuum cleaners or something like that?

"The kitty litter bag broke so I put it in a bucket. I think the cat got confused."

Reddit | thirclejerk

One person went so far as to suggest that this indicates that this cat is ready to be potty trained, writing:

"Your cat is totally ready to be potty trained. Just keep letting Mr. Buckets keep doing that but move the bucket closer to the bathroom each day. Then, when you leave for the day, put some plastic wrap around your seat like you're pranking yourself, but leave some slack and put litter on it. If Mr. Buckets goes for it, let him do it for a week then take away the litter and wrap. Done."

"Got a rental, it seems to confuse a lot of people."

Reddit | justjoshinya89

Someone in the comments also pointed out that the company has also attached the spare key to the original key. How on Earth did they arrive at thinking that this was a good idea d'you reckon?

A Modern Tragedy

Reddit | Gunslinger_jr

Years of training with top chefs, only for your life to end up on the streets. They'll have to try and retrain as a lawnmower or something,

"Online school is fun."

Reddit | Casperzwaart100

I remember always struggling with the questions on [Math Processing Error], it was the hardest part of math for me personally.

"Best translation I've read in a while."

Reddit | dragonbornsqrl

"Bark bark, grrr, woof!"

"Well, quite frankly Buttons, I think that you're hypothesis is flawed."

"Woof woof, bark bark, sniff."

"Look, if you're not going to take this philosophy class seriously then you should just leave."

"I introduce to you... iHair."

Reddit | radrian1984

Is this what it means to be a cyborg? Well, it's probably the closest that we will get to cyborgs in our lifetimes.

"The most invigorating hand sanitiser I've ever used."

Reddit | SloanWarrior

Now that is a sanitizing that you will not be getting over in a hurry. I don't think I'd be using that hand sanitizer again.

"Tried to use a decoy to send a message. The goose received it and sent one back."

Reddit | princealiofil

Geese do not take kindly to threats. They are one of nature's most fierce predators.

"Apparently there was some confusion?"

Reddit | Lucketoo

You know that, while this may be a joke, there is more likely one absolutely buffoon that meant they actually had to put this sign up for real.

"Wakka wakka wakka!"

Reddit | Conan9654

Just looking at this is giving me flashbacks to playing hours and hours of Pacman on an arcade machine they had in a pub at University. I spent a terrifying amount of time on that thing and got little-to-nothing out of it.

"My gf's dad carried this picture in his wallet for decades. He might've out-dadded every dad joke."

Reddit | theoddwillow

Imagine actually committing to a joke for this amount of time. I hope that the payoff was worth it when they finally got to use it.

"Back then I didn't realize I was somehow different from my classmates."

Reddit | Authentic_Phil

At least you were always easy to spot! No teacher had to spend more than two seconds looking for you.

"Someone in my neighborhood is having fun."

Reddit | bbaaammmm

It seems like they're not having fun, actually, they hate their cat!

"These tiny men on my fence."

Reddit | Clumsybulldog

Yes I know it's perspective but oh how I wish it were tiny construction workers fixing this fence.

"In case of fire, exit the building in a jiffy."

Reddit | glorious_cheese

I think the sound of this starting to work would startle more than a normal fire alarm does.

"Didn't know I had to worry about this."

Reddit | gMRibcage

And here I was thinking the bathroom was the one place I was safe.

"The house was very quiet until I realized where my fiancé and our dog was."

Reddit | Kpham0729

You better be paying you model, preferably with those tiny tacos.

"I put a zombie face in front of our baby monitor. My wife was not happy when she checked on our baby in the middle of the night."

Reddit | Nitrain17

Yes, this is a good prank. Yes, this is also an evil prank. Pick your battles.

"I’m a dad now, and therefore legally obligated to make these jokes."

Reddit | revcompton

Okay but what if these were depressors meant for your tongue specifically. "Wow, you could really use a brush."

"The cat who is judging our poor life choices."

Reddit | SmilingAssassin23

I feel the overwhelming urge to apologize to this cat. I know it's disappointed in me.

"Full Speed Abread."

Reddit | Tamizander

I can't decide which part of this is my favorite, but I will say I'm now in desperate need of a bakery named Full Speed Abread.

"I didn't know it was possible for a stick figure to look guilty. But look at this guy!"

Reddit | TheGreggors

He's running like a cartoon villain. I think he may have had something to do with this here fire.

"My grandma wanted some “creative” grad photos of my friend since we’re graduating at the same time. This was her least favorite."

Reddit | Toll_House69

It may be your grandma's least favorite, but it's the favorite of thousands on the internet.

"My dad had no place to store the werewolf he bought during Halloween, so now he leaves it out and dresses it up for each holiday."

Reddit | trollin_n_scrollin

Normally I would question why someone would buy this giant werewolf with nowhere to put it, but I'm too delighted by the result to care.

"1 out 5 Star Quality Award Winner...didn't know they had awards for that."

Reddit | Whitechedda1

You can always find something to be proud of.

"This guy pissed off his neighbor, who had a giant back yard and a lot of free time..."

Reddit | WellFedHobo

That must have taken quite a lot of planning to make it so neat! Either that, or it was done by aliens...

"When my wife had an ultrasound for our first child I took a photo of the print out so she could send to friends and family on whatsapp. Instead I sent her this xenomorph image and she sent it to everyone before realizing what it was. She was not amused."

Reddit | WKFClark

Congratulations on the baby alien! Wishing you a smooth and healthy pregnancy.

"My faucet looks like Sid from the movie Ice Age."

Reddit | ativan666

Actually, I think it looks a lot more like Scrat, the weird little squirrel thing from Ice Age, don't you reckon?