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Stray Mama Cat Brings Her Ill Kitten To Human Hospital And Medics Rush To Help

Co-existing with animals is something humanity sometimes struggles with, but there are certain animals that we've developed a special bond with.

Cats are one of those animals. We may joke about them being aloof, but they often show a surprising amount of love and trust.

Especially in places like Turkey, which is famous for its culture of caring for strays.

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It's common in the country for residents to provide food, water, and even shelter to stray animals.

This phenomenon was the subject of the 2016 documentary *Kedi*, which told the stories of seven strays and how they related to the people around them.

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Clearly, strays have learned to trust humans, judging by this heartwarming story from Istanbul.

An Istanbul hospital got a visit from a worried mama cat.

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The photos were first shared by Merve Özcan on Twitter, where the viral story was then picked up by Turkish media.

Because it's adorable.

The mother cat carried her weakened baby right into the hospital, knowing that humans were there to help.

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And boy, were they ever.

A crowd of medics quickly came to her aid, taking the kitten for a check-up and keeping mom calm with some milk and food.

After ensuring that there was no immediate threat to the kitten's life, the staff got in contact with a veterinarian.

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Mom and kitten were kept safe and comfortable until they could be transferred to the animal health experts.

Well, this turned out exactly as adorable as we would've hoped!

It's such a sweet story and it's great to see a local culture so ready to help even the smallest, furriest of those in need.

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