Funny Wine Quotes We'll Gladly Raise A Glass To

Alright, wine moms. This one's for you. If you ever find yourself wondering if it's too early to pour a glass, these quotes will help you out. The answer? Any time is wine time.

That checks out.

I mean, it's like opening a bag of chips. It's already open, it's right there... may as well dive in and knock the whole thing back. Saves you room in your cabinets!

Do it for the wine.

So, what's your motivation for going to the gym (if you have one, which I so do not). Is it your health? Snacks? Or is it wine? No judgement here, y'all.

An easy mistake to make.

Alternative: move to a vineyard, start your own label, raise your daughter as a single parent, send her off to camp and realize she's switched places with her identical twin in order to fool you into reuniting with your ex-wife — wait. Sorry. That's the plot of The Parent Trap.

It's the call of the moms.

Nothing gets a tired mom up and moving like the pop of a cork and the splash of wine into a glass. It's what they deserve after long days of being moms, tbh.

It's more fun to drink with friends.

Or distant neighbors that you accidentally peep on while out for a walk. Either way, I support you.

The wine part. Not the peeping part. Don't spy on your neighbors, Petunia Dursley.

Quarantine and chill.

Wine hangovers just hit differently, you know? They don't put you on the floor like tequila, but they will keep you in bed and praying for death — or fried food.

This is me.

I have no concept of wine, because I am a big baby who likes fruity, blended drinks. So yeah, all wine tastes the same to me. I am so sorry.

Classic Ammy.

I don't know how to describe this tweet. It's the single funniest thing I've ever seen. It's so simple. So beautiful. No standup comedian could come close to landing this joke.

Wine stoppers? Never heard of 'em.

I love that this implies the whole bottle disappears whenever a wine bottle is opened around them. Open wine, consume, move onto the next bottle. No shame in that game.