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34 People Who Really Came Through And Made It Count

There are heroes everywhere. Sometimes we don't see them, like the cook at McDonald's who tossed like three slices of cheese on my burger for no reason — I'd like to say this was the other day, but it was two years ago and I'm still just really stoked about it. Anyway. Some heroes, on the other hand, are hard to miss. Here is a selection of everyday champions who always bring it!

You know it's true friendship because he can't even use the notes himself.

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I guess it's lucky he didn't step in gum on the way into the test. Come to think of it, stepping in gum wouldn't be the worst way that could go.

2. When I was a kid, I would've been overjoyed to make a teacher deal with my snot.

Instagram | @studentproblems

But I guess that's why I lost my job in the school cafeteria.

This squad coming together to get the perfect shot is like the Justice League of selfies.

Reddit | Narcotle

Unlike Justice League, there's women represented, the special effects are reasonable, and it actually looks like it has some heart.

This guy is a quick thinker, problem solver, creative, and he performs well under pressure.

Twitter | @Mr_DrinksOnMe

All things that he can put on his next job application when this inevitably happens again and he gets fired.

If you're anything like me, you're too anxious to enter a Facebook convo with a stranger for any reason.

Twitter | @GHINA

But this man has his friend's back even in the face of social awkwardness, which has to be worth something.

"Hey, we need to get this lumber back home, but there's nothing to hold it down."

Reddit | nakilon

"No problem. Just make sure you remember this the next time I snag the last slice of pizza."

One of the best wifi names of all time.

Reddit | canehdianchick

The question is, how is Grandma going to guess the password is "1l0v3y0ugr4ndm4" without Nicolas Cage around to decipher the code?

9. Yet another reason that Bill Murray is the coolest person alive.

Instagram | @thefunnyintrovert

"Bill Murray Spotted Handing Out Free Puppies And Ice Cream, Leaves In A Hot Air Balloon Dropping $100 Bills."

Why am I only finding out about this now?


If it's a 45-minute walk to find a McDonald's with a working ice cream machine, that means I barely gain any calories!

In the time it took someone to dream this up and find the right pics to pull it off...

Reddit | ross5781

...the line at the Apple store moved exactly three inches forward.

Kid, no.

Imgur | masterm82

I mean, he's a good friend and all, there's really no denying that. But wash your hands 800 times, now. Or just enjoy the hepatitis, I guess.

14. I think this might be the first time since Colorado legalized pot that someone can say:

Instagram | @tank.sinatra

"I'm so high right now, dog," and mean something completely different. Dude's a legend.

I mean, it's kind of rough to make the guy jealous and all.

Twitter | @jadavenson_

But I like to imagine this is revenge for the pic he sent her with a roomful of bros who just spent three hours on their makeup.

This is an amazing move. But it comes with its own set of risks, too.

Twitter | @superdupersebas

Can you imagine what she's going to look like once he gets those things stained and dirty?

How is this even possible?

Twitter | @whoolia_

It's not just stitched together — there's elastic at the top, and it looks like there's some sort of interior lining. How extra is this grandma, and how much has her son spent on fine Canadian whiskey?

I suppose booty shorts are better than underwear.

Twitter | @Anguyenballer

All you can really hope for is that his friend comes back after her quiz is finished. Friendship Test in 50 minutes!

We all know what's really in McNuggets, and it ain't pretty.

Twitter | @AnnikaAgs

But I guess when you're showing someone you love them, chicken genitals are gonna beat out flower genitals every time.

Speaking of deep fried deliciousness...

Twitter | @rosemary_j

...this is like $90 worth of McNuggets! In Canada, where life is unfair and reason has abandoned us all, it's almost $180 plus your soul. But hey, you got a free drink from the manager!

I checked out how much this one would cost, too.

Twitter | @sabrinaa_hynh

But Amazon didn't have any jalapeño flavor left. Has the kettle-cooked chip market not yet recovered from this huge purchase?

Let's have a hand for this guy. 

Twitter | @freddyamazin

Maybe two hands. Also two eyes, maybe a new inner ear. Whatever made him do this, let's give him a new one of those.

What Walmart employee makes an elderly lady put away $300 worth of groceries?

Twitter | @josinic0le

What are they gonna do if she says no? Not say hello to her the next time she walks in?

26. Dedication.

Reddit | [deleted]

This school bus driver made sure to buy presents for each and every kid on the bus. My school bus driver threatened to crash the bus if we made too much noise.

And finally... YOU! Yes, that's right. You.

Reddit | berniecasso

Hey, you earned it! You came through to the end of this list — hell, you made it look easy. And that counts for something. Way to go, friendo!

It was just a VCR.

Reddit | effectivepep

Someone was just trying to unload an old VCR on eBay and got this unexpected reply from the buyer. Man, maybe I should sell one of my old tape players.

Where there's a will...

Reddit | 4chanAD

They don't market baby strollers as a way to get a better vantage point, but maybe they should. This dad has found a way to take dadding to a whole new level.

Spoiled for choice.

Reddit | samgnarly

If you're the kind of person who always needs a power outlet to plug their dying phone into, this house just may be the place for you.

Does it fly?

Reddit | sislik

Yes, it looks like something a serial killer might build. It also might just be the greatest tiny flying machine ever devised. I mean, it's got wings on wings.

If you must.

Reddit | crm3210

Sure, you could look at this monstrosity and wonder why it ever needed to be made. But you could also look at it as someone professing their love for Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

Battle ready.


This kid's parents are clearly on point when it comes to their cardboard game. I mean, that's basically a flawless suit of medieval-style armor, just made out of old boxes.

The hero we all need.

Reddit | szekeres81

We need to see more of this in the world, but I'm jealous that this guy got a trophy. I don't stand up early, and all it ever gets me is luggage dumped on my lap.

I'll never be this cool.

Reddit | BlitzKrister

This K9 unit is the most badass thing I've ever seen. Maybe it's the cyberpunk aesthetics, maybe it's the sunglasses at night effect, but I'm very impressed by this pic.

This is some heartwarming stuff.

Twitter | @caallmepapi

The last time I got a "jar of inspiration" from anyone, it was just a full jar of garlic pickles. I really like garlic pickles.

He's got big plans.

Reddit | BlaydBlyss

Sure, you could judge him for purchasing an egregious amount of Pringles, Diet Pepsi and canned soup, but this is a guy who knows exactly what he wants out of life.


Reddit | growan93

When you're watching a 25-year-old Fresh Prince rerun, it's a tad surprising to see Carlton wearing your shirt. Like, this person might literally be wearing Alfonso Ribeiro's old shirt.

This is what high end performance looks like.

Reddit | Will_I_Dream

The driver of a junky car works with someone who's so hardcore about their (less junky) car that they cover it up during the workday. Clearly, the driver of the junk car wanted to fit in.


Reddit | ssergei

The garbageman on the right might be a little less safe without his reflective vest, but what he lacks in safety he more than makes up for in style.

This man has a solid future ahead of him as a spy.

Twitter | @Alanaheaven

As long as he sticks to passing notes around and stays out of my browser history, that is.

When HR doesn't want to HR.

Reddit | delta1947

This is a good sign to put up if you're the kind of HR department that really can't even, and doesn't even want to even. At least they're up front about it.

Maybe the documents are bottle-shaped.

Reddit | SilentCheater

This camo job is perfect. No one's going to be suspicious of a bottle-shaped item in a brown paper bag from the liquor store. If they are suspicious, they can just read the label. It's work documents, obviously.