45 People Who Regret Their Choices

It is very easy to look back on things in hindsight and think, "Well, I could have done that a little differently and avoided that whole kerfuffle!" However, where would we be without those occasional little mistakes? Probably a lot better off actually, but let's just ignore that for the moment.

So, with that in mind, here are 15+ things that could have been prevented!

"Breakfast was almost ready..."

Reddit | SachiCaesar

I mean, what were they thinking leaving half a sandwich on a shelf? Did they never watch Tom and Jerry? Food left on windowsills is always stolen!

"A friend of mine called a restaurant about a spelling mistake on their sign. And they changed it."

Reddit | enis_with_a_p

So close, yet so far! I wonder if they tried calling again or if they just gave up?

"I have made a terrible mistake."

Reddit | Iciclewind

Sure, it may seem a little overwhelming right now, but you'll come around to them! Apparently...that's what people say, don't they?

"My state has a town that makes 50% of [its] revenue from a speed trap. Google made the mistake of visiting it."

Reddit | Nukefury

I didn't even know that those Google cars could go fast enough to break the speed limit! They're never exactly racing along.

"I made a huge error with this faceswap of my wife and son."

Reddit | cyclopath

The little kid just has such a look of Ellen DeGeneres now, it is terrifying.

"Someone at my stepdads work put dry ice in the toilet by mistake."

Reddit | Samaraiii

How on earth can this happen "by mistake?" Unless the person who did this suddenly began pooping dry ice out of nowhere, then you have to believe that this was intentional!

Elementary, My Dear Watson!

Reddit | 186394

Oh, Phil, you poor fool. This is how you listen to an audiobook on hard mode.

"This cat being too close with fire."

Reddit | irfankamil

Sure, cats like to pretend that they're independent and too cool for our help, but this just proves that they need constant monitoring!

"This. Would. Suck."

Reddit | dfGobBluth

Well, you know how to avoid this? By not sucking at fantasy football!

"Because sharing sucks..."

Reddit | riceomatic69

Nobody really wants to share pizza! In fact, no one ever really wants to share food at all! if you want food, then you should have ordered food yourself!

"I ordered wrapping paper online, there was a mistake and now I have a massive poster of my face, I'm not even mad."

Reddit | SpontaneousCupcake

I mean, I guess that it's good that they're not mad, but I'm sure that the people who live with them aren't exactly over the moon about it!

Something Tells Me That They May Regret This Purchase

Reddit | Wolf_Craft

I sometimes wish that I hadn't bought things, like that fifth takeout in a week...but thankfully, nothing as expensive as a car!

A Grave Mistake

Reddit | Slothkitty

Sometimes you have to take grave risks for the things that you love in this life...even if what you love is pretzels.

"My parents bought this sign in Mexico, I had to point out the mistake."

Reddit | Live_Ore_Die

But, what if there is no mistake and they do actually mean that it is "5 olcock" somewhere? I mean, I don't know what it means, and frankly, I don't want to.

"Wearing a hat was a good choice... Maybe some sunblock next time."

Reddit | Wolfgore777

Jesus Christ, that is some intense sunburn! Just looking at this is making me tense up. I can't even go out in winter without sunblock on as I'm so fearful of sunburn.

"I've made a huge mistake..."

Reddit | amnesiac854

This dog doesn't look too comfortable with flying. Although, if God had intended for dogs to fly, then They would have given them little planes of their own!

"It's actually flour storage."

Reddit | mememaster59

Look, you're not fooling me. This is clearly a terrible attempt to cover up what you've really got in there. It's sugar, isn't it?

"Who Leaves These Two Right Next To Each Other?!"

Reddit | pickles_on_reddit

Well, one thing is for sure, this person won't have any trouble with itches in their teeth or gums!

Low-Salt Salted Duck Eggs

Reddit | ickypotter

I do not understand what the base purpose of this product is. Seriously, why do these even exist? They're more useless than adult-sized gloves are for Donald Trump.

"'It's always so cold in our house. Our furnace sucks.' -Wife Jan2020 -32C."

Reddit | dfGobBluth

This reminds me of our house except, in ours, it isn't bags and clothes covering the vents, it is cats and dogs!

"Marathon runner ran 26.3 miles to spell out 'BOSTON STROG' in her fitness app."

Reddit | Mcarps424

This is a perfect example of why proofreading and double-checking your work is crucial! Better get your running shoes back on!

"The snack machine at my job sucks."


No one should ever use a vending machine. They are foul beasts that prey upon the hungry and the snacky and take advantage of them.

Someone Made A Grave Error Here Today

Reddit | ChristianComa

"What's that you're eating there son?"

"Some of the sweets they've got over in the corner."

"Those...those aren't sweets."

"Yeah, they're not good."

"Washed my favourite jumper..."

Reddit | KarenFromAccounts

And this is exactly why you shouldn't ever wash anything... Oh, wait! No, that's not the message here. I think the actual message is to read the label!

"Guess I wasn't the first person to make the mistake..."

Reddit | SomeGuyWhoHatesYou

I wonder how often the person who had these cards made has to deal with people parking in their driveway? Judging by the fact that they got these cards made, I reckon it is an incredibly high amount!

"Thought I was using the wet wipes in my bathroom, I was wrong."

Reddit | PacoDiez

Well, at least they have a thoroughly disinfected backside now. I imagine they won't be very comfortable sitting down for a while though.

"My sister taught math to 4th graders in China. Honest mistake."

Reddit | tinatinatinatina

This is either an honest mistake, or this child is trying to get out of the fact that they don't know the answer by writing a cutesy answer to try and throw the teacher off the scent.

"Sometimes I do things that only confirm: I am an idiot."

Reddit | Sunshiny_Day

"I guess that this ladder is now a part of the furniture. Get used to it kids, 'cause it's not going anywhere!"

"It was an accident."

Reddit | A_Piece_Of_Fluff

I love that the fire department posted this, repping their paramedic friends. They work together a lot I suppose. The two together must have an infinite amount of dumb stories.

"You may go no deeper."

Reddit | ArkadiusBear

I love how, as the water rose, this sign must have looked more and more desperate. Stop, stop, stop!

"Just a complaint from the current issue of Popular Science."

Reddit | bacchus213

Do people ever look at what they're reading or do they just grab the first thing with a colorful cover and go for it?

"I'd like a large pizza with extra pizza please."

Reddit | camdoodlebop

Conceptually, this is a great idea for someone who eats trash garbage like I do, but I can also sense how badly this would disrupt my stomach.

"That dirt isn't going anywhere."

Reddit | clevelandindians63

Imagine where it would be without that strap! Just scattered across this road. This is a safety precaution.

"That's one way to use it, I guess."

Reddit | Q_TheRealness

Wanna make sure the music will follow you wherever you go? Just stick the speaker right on your kid!

"Someone is not happy about the weather we are having."

Reddit | GGezpzMuppy

Well, that's what he gets for being a Jeep in a place that snows. You can't always be the best one to drive, it's okay.

"So opened my grill to this, not sure if I should still grill or not."

Reddit | killerapt

That is an omen if I've ever seen one. Do not grill, either burn that or exorcise it, it's the only way.

"But no warnings about leopards?"

Reddit | LuckyGreenLizards

"Eh, the leopards aren't much. They look all scary but they don't want ya. What ya need to look for is them fallin' deer. You could get an antler right to the noggin!"

"Can you tell me where the nearest Starbucks is?" "That Street." "This street?" "No, That Street."

Reddit | mcmanybucks

You can't do this to me. I barely have the brain capacity to drive to the grocery store without a GPS, I can't handle this kind of confusion.

"Yeah mom you can just leave me here for a bit."

Reddit | rei7689

They'll learn more at this store than 20 years of school could ever teach them, and it'll be leagues cheaper, too, once they hit post-secondary age!

"My wife just called me at work and said, 'Um, you'd better look at your shoes...'."

Reddit | SAMO1415

It's not too late to pass this off as a stylistic choice. Just say you've been really into asymmetry lately. No one knows how to respond to that word.

"Could you be more specific, please?"

Reddit | shampoocell

Stop or go, you decide! You only get one shot though, so it better be the right choice.

"Fast food worker forgot to give me a fork, had to improvise."

Reddit | SwankyDemon

You can just hook that bad boy up to a battery and reheat your food right there! Make sure you get rid of the battery before you go to eat it, though.

"My girlfriend and her friends ordered a $150 rug as a birthday gift for a friend. It seems no one bothered to check the size..."

Reddit | imculp

Guys, y'all need to start looking at the measurements and dimensions of the things you're ordering online! Also, $150?! Regardless of size, that rug does not look in any way worth it!

"Bottom of Remax air balloon makes it look like Rod is wearing a Dracula cape."

Reddit | puppybus

But, all salesmen are vampires, aren't they? I think that this actually makes perfect sense.

"Year No. 4 at my wife's family reunion."

Reddit | switchfootball

He's starting to learn, he's growing smarter. Next year he'll have to adapt for what to do when he's not holding a cup.