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Tiny Crochet Cat Couches With Matching Granny Square Blankets Are Too Cute For Words

Hello. Hi. Not sure if you've given a thought to crocheting a tiny couch for your feline friend, but if you haven't and you've found yourself here, then welcome.

Below, you'll be able to witness the mega-cuteness that is tiny crochet cat couches, and how to make your very own.

Uhm. Excuse me while my eyes physically tear up looking at how C-U-T-E this miniaturized crochet couch is.

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People on the subreddit r/crochet have been sharing these tiny crochet cat couches, and we just knew we had to show the rest of the world how amazing they are.

It's pretty impressive how real these couches look!

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The couches are shaped with thick foam and polyester filling to really give it that comfy sofa look.

Sure, you could go and just buy a cat bed without exerting much effort, but they're not as fun or cute as a cat couch.

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Our pets are our children, and they deserve to be spoiled as such.

The tiny granny square blanket absolutely sends me over the edge.

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The best part is that these kitties seem to be enjoying every bit of being couch potatoes, just like their human parents do.

If you're a master crocheter, you can totally personalize the tiny couch any way you want.

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Your cat doesn't like granny square blankets? No problem. Make any design they like!

You can also make tiny pillows that double as toys for them to play with, like this crocheter did.

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Absolutely genius.

You may be just as surprised as me to learn that there are many different kinds of cat couches to make.


Like this miniature vintage couch that looks like something that came out of our grandparents' basement.

If you're looking for a new crochet project to tackle, this has got to be it.


Tbh, I would make one of these and I don't even have a cat.

Let's just hope the cats love them as much as we do.

Get the adorable pattern for $1.99.