15+ People Who Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes

No matter how many times we may think that we have seen it all, this world and the people in it will always find new ways to surprise us! For instance, I had no idea that NCIS is still going! How unbelievable is that?!

However, the fact that NCIS is still somehow going is not the only amazing thing about this world, and here to prove that are 15+ people who couldn't believe their eyes!

"Little dog is wary of his new friend."

Reddit | Awkward_Dog

I feel like this is me and any friend when they're talking about their work problems. I am the dog in this instance obviously.

"(Forty)Three-year-old me, getting that AT-AT I've been wanting since I was two."

Reddit | notcabron

I absolutely love this. He has perfectly captured that emotion of pure joy. Sure, it may be arriving forty years late, but the effect is still the same!

"Dad sent me a picture of this cat whose markings make it look like it's being devoured by a goofier cat and is just so bored with the whole situation."

Reddit | Semantiks

I absolutely love this cat, and need it in my life! It is probably looking so apathetic as it's sick of people laughing and taking pictures of it!

"I have no shame!|

Reddit | doge_universe

Come on man, have a little self-respect. Firstly, you should be urinating in the pool; secondly, you're just going to let that bird steal your bodily fluids like that? Disgraceful.

"My son was shocked when he saw me with a wig."

Reddit | Rommitopi

They should absolutely get this picture done up as a Renaissance-style portrait! I can already picture it!

Would Make A Nice Mantelpiece Decoration

Reddit | saph_rvrs

Ah yes, the barren land of f*cks. I am familiar with this terrain, for I too frequently try to grow such a crop, and yet am constantly disappointed with the yield.

"Saw my favorite dog outside the grooming salon. She looked shocked that I don't live in the salon 24/7."

Reddit | Dragynwing

This is like the first time as a kid when you see a teacher outside of school and you realize that they don't live in the school.

"The moment you realize you married a psychopath."

Reddit | YetiConvention

Look, anyone who does this sort of thing should be banned from eating any more of the brownie! There is no need for this kind of anarchy.

"Marathon runner ran 26.3 miles to spell out 'BOSTON STROG' in her fitness app."

Reddit | Mcarps424

How annoyed would you be if you did this? I mean, 26.3 miles of work all gone down the drain in the most stupid way possible! Better get your running shoes back on!

"I do think it makes it taste better."

Reddit | Cromulus

What on Earth is the story here then? Did their secret ingredient use to be hate?

"If you force your children to play games such as these, don't be shocked if they grow up to be raging alcoholics."

Reddit | Affablecontrarian

On the other hand, they will also be prepped with some weird as hell drinking games when they get to their first house party!

"Doggy had an accident. Roomba found it."

Reddit | saranndwyer

Just thinking about the smell of this by looking at the picture is making my eyes water. I'd have just had to throw that Roomba away, in case of this ever happening again!

"Got two identical pieces and the one I need is missing."

Reddit | bitklavs

I cannot imagine how angry I would have been if I found this in a puzzle I was doing! You'll just have to try and cut this piece into the shape you need an paint over it... it'll be seamless.

"My friend's 2 labradors spent his stimulus money while he was at work."

Reddit | caffeinatedelirium

Wow, that's one hell of a fast way to burn through your cash! Just think of all the dog treats you could have gotten with that, those dogs don't know what they're missing.

"These guys locked their keys in an armoured truck."

Reddit | sketchybutter

"The beauty of this machine is that you literally cannot get into it without the keys! Now, hand me the keys, Johnson."

"Funny story about those keys sir, you're gonna laugh when you hear it!"

"No clucks given."

Reddit | unknown_name

I just love that the marks that its little feet have left are like little backward arrows tracing where it has been walking!

"I surprised my wife for her birthday."

Reddit | walzdeep

I'm assuming that the theme was either "Underwhelming", "Painfully accurate", or maybe, "Quiet disinterest".

"No corn starch in the grocery stores, so my friend said no problem, she'd leave me some on her porch."

Reddit | Happizouki

Wow, I bet this really surprised them! However, I bet they were bummed out when they realized it was actually just corn starch.

"I was shocked to see this on the ceiling of my buddies wedding..."

Reddit | cleverkid

I'm not really going to go into this one in any detail... if you see what they're talking about then that is great, and if not then I'm sorry but I'm just not going to go into detail here.

"Girlfriend called dominos to send me a surprise heart-shape Valentine's Day pizza while I'm on a business trip."

Reddit | chopped_broccoli

I am genuinely amazed that they even tried this hard! I hope that they tipped considerably for this!

Leave Me Alone! Wait...

Reddit | almodroid

The prospect of parenthood can be a daunting thing for everyone, and that includes cats! Also, nobody make any cat scan jokes in the comments, or I will be very disappointed in you!

"WTF Broccoli?"

Reddit | sanjen

First of all, why are there little tiny heads on the broccoli package? Secondly, why were you looking so close at a broccoli package?

Took A Double Take

Reddit | ezeric22

I'd keep a fair way back behind him just in case. Just because he's not blind in the way you're thinking doesn't necessarily mean that he's a good driver!

"What The Hell Just Happened?"

Reddit | infl3

Jesus, this person must have some incredibly strong thumbs to pull this off. You could still eat the noodles, it just might be a bit messy!

"Saw this guy at McDonald's with a picture of a shoe taped to his real shoe."

Reddit | Whoelseisbored

In fairness, he actually did quite a decent job, for such a stupid idea! Why not just by the sneakers you want? Oh, that's right, because sneakers are ridiculously expensive!

"If it works it's not stupid."

Reddit | DanielFranko

I guess that some people just really don't like to be seen to be crying, even if it is simply due to onions.

"Wish me luck tonight."

Reddit | Doyle337

It is certainly a bold strategy, but it's got to be worth a shot right? Although, based upon the fact that there was no update to this, I'm assuming it was not worth the risk!

"Was watching The Golden Girls and saw a naughty baking pan in the background. Must be Blanche's."

Reddit | A_B_A_

Oh, this is such a classic Blanche thing to do! What a card that Blanche is! (I've never seen Golden Girls, am I playing it off well though?)

"Found this in the park yesterday, it made my day!"

Reddit | bigarnd

This sparks a lot of evil inspiration in me. I've got nothing but free time and paint, time to go rock hunting.

"A Walmartian, caught on camera!"

Reddit | Darko-101

This man is certainly dressed to impress. Or disappoint. Depends on your opinion of him.

"A farmer's solution to a goat who kept getting his head stuck in a fence."

Reddit | DenebVegaAltair

The words seem to be a touch cruel. He may be a little dumb but he just wants to get out and explore! You're denying him his goat right.

"What kind of bird is this?"

Reddit | dxd1412

That's gotta be the strangest species of bird I've ever seen, second only to a kiwi.

"My neighbors are so bored."

Reddit | HeyT00ts11

Bored, sure, but they're also smart. Endless entertainment for them sitting by their front window, and brings a smile to whoever might be walking by!

"At least someone at my local grocery store's having fun."

Reddit | twelvecountries

When you shuck this corn would you say it's...coming undone?


Reddit | jrocco329

I can't tell if this man is putting the sign up or taking it down, but can we all take a second to appreciate his killer hat?

"But she always seemed like such a nice lady!"

Reddit | knd10h

This is why you gotta be careful who you trust these days. You have no idea what kind of secrets anyone could be hiding, and I mean anyone.

"At first glance I was excited a woman and her mythical creature husband were selling a home in my neighborhood."

Reddit | MatthewDM111

Are you saying you wouldn't buy a house from a centaur?

"A cat I lived with for 3 months."

Reddit | noel_edmondso

Maybe this is her first time seeing herself, and she's just stunned at how beautiful she is!

Some Spooky Policies.


Say what you want about ghouls and ghosts, zombies are the worst patrons.

"I introduce to you...iHair."

Reddit | radrian1984

There's something about this image that makes my skin crawl. You spent all that money on an Apple Watch just to do...this.

"My little sister knocked on my door and I came out to this."

Reddit | RexFry2005

This design seems very turtle-esque, in the sense that if you push her over she might be stuck there.

"This game advertises its lack of awards."

Reddit | squid50s

They make a point, if I'm looking for a new board game I don't think the awards it might have won are a deciding factor.

The Harshest Student Evaluation

Reddit | DanielFranko

I'm sure that this teacher will be overjoyed at this assessment! Oh, wait no, the other thing... they'll be crushed!

"Found this recently."

Reddit | xasasacha

If you see one of these you better grab one while you can, they'll be gone in a day or two.

"R.I.P Groot."

Reddit | PlowMoistTacos

Sure, Groot may have faced some of the most fearsome enemies in the galaxy, but in the end, he succumbed to a simple saw.