15+ Pictures That Are Leaving Me A Little Rattled

May 27, 2021

We all endeavor to be cool and collected under pressure. But honestly, sometimes you're just going to get shaken up, and there's nothing you can really do about it.

So is that a two-door?

Reddit | Puggggo

Putting aside the weirdness of this modification, I'm extremely rattled by the fact that the door situation has removed a critical support beam from the car.

Current mood.

Reddit | thunderbirdsetup

I've always suspected that cats were magical little goblins, and here's proof. This cat cares not for your laws of gravity.

Don't spring a leak.

Reddit | equipboardsubmission

These things are necessary for the construction of bridges, but they never cease to freak me out. If it filled with water, do you just count on floating to the top?

Bang on.

Reddit | archetypicalcrow

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Arden is a pretty recognizable public figure. Someone tried to make a cake to honor her. They might have missed the mark.

It could happen to you.

Reddit | sellerday

The next time you're feeling smug with your 3D glasses and mountain of delicious treats, just remember this photo. Maybe the next person to inexplicably bail will be you.

They're lovin' it.

Reddit | mbcatfan

I love a little bit of McD's as much as the next guy, but it should be an occasional treat. This is like the episode of The Office where Michael's car was full of old wrappers, but about a hundred times worse.

It's their bus stop now.

Reddit | pombom1v

Even if I needed to catch a bus here, I'd probably just walk to the next stop. Those things have antlers, and they don't seem like they want to move.

It was a good house.

Reddit | rexmons

This train derailment in the Netherlands is mindblowing because a) the train has bisected a house, b) no train tracks are in sight, and c) somehow, nobody was badly hurt.


Reddit | Alex_TheAssassin

This pic captures a fleeting split second in time: the moment this cat realized that hanging out on the opened oven door wasn't such a good idea.

No thanks.

Reddit | thorpef1

It looks like a chocolate donut and a starfish had a baby. I don't know what this plant represents, but it can't be anything good.

Good times.


This is just a casual shot of a bunch of best buds hanging out with their faithful samurai sword-wielding golden retriever. Huh.

Seems unnecessary.

Reddit | andigo

That's cool that she's so good at makeup and all, but I'm sure she could put her talents to use in a less horrifying way.

New neighbor.

Reddit | Zelderian

How do you deal with this? On one hand, it's just a stationary cat chilling out. On the other hand, it could easily bite your face off.

For those who hate writing.

Reddit | fbi_open_up_69

This makes for a cool visual and all, but it doesn't seem practical. If there's such thing as a pencil statement piece to hang on a wall, this is it.


Reddit | TheLastDeBarge

To deter a package thief, someone filled this box with used diapers. I want to see the package thief deal with this, but I'm also overwhelmed by the grossness of the whole thing.

It's all wrong.

Reddit | polite__redditor

These are exactly the kinds of screwdrivers you need if you know someone with a toolbox, and, most importantly, you deeply dislike that person.

We have liftoff.

Reddit | rottenpea

Smart cars are good for the environment and all, but they're not particularly overpowered. I'm not sure this is entirely necessary.


Reddit | tangre79

Everyone knows the Nintendo 64 controller was designed for beings with three hands. While the rest of us struggle, this person has it all figured out.

My guardian angel.

Reddit | agnodie

Is it wrong that I find this oddly pretty? This snake looks nice. I would love to meet this snake. I do not want to see it fly but I'd love to see them.

Places to go, blocks to see.

Reddit | CamTheChest

They've got a date with a nice square block their friend set them up with.

An animal rescue picked up what they thought was a dead eagle when this happened.

Reddit | Highandinside

This feels like a 'moments before disaster' type picture, I can't imagine that eagle was super happy about where it woke up.

Just saying hi.

Reddit | Maelarion

While the last pic was moments before disaster, this one was moments after disaster. I wonder which was more damaged, the wall or his head?

In case you need to reopen your sandwich in a more efficient manner...I guess.

Reddit | nikerssg

Was it worth it? Was it worth making your bread taste like metal?

The world's smallest violin finally has a friend.

Reddit | passeifodasekkk

Is there any song that's even possible the play on here? Also the singular foot pedal is an amazing touch.

You try to introduce grandma to some new foods and look what happens.

Reddit | readball

Honestly, though? I'd wear a sweater out of noodles. As a statement. A statement that I love noodles.

Looking at this makes it feel like my brain is melting.

Reddit | -rico

Is this actually the world's smoothest sandwich? Because I have a sneaking suspicion it's, like, soap. Only one way to find out I guess.

Stick to what you know.

Reddit | Shwnwllms

This user wrote, "My brother wanted to measure the trees in his yard. This is how did he did it." This is called working smart, not hard.

Why do so many people want to ruin so many foods.

Reddit | SlopeDude

A perfectly good hot dog bun destroyed, and for what? At least the hot dog itself is salvageable.

Ope, just let me squeeze in there.

Reddit | turboprav

With this kind of determination, he must have one serious complaint.

An actual mystery machine.

Reddit | VoteForFire

I heard about the new Scooby-Doo movie that's coming out, but I didn't realize they were taking it in such a different direction.

It looks like he's going through something.

Reddit | whiteniteee

That owner is being a real bro by letting his cat borrow his earbuds. Clearly the cat's got some emotions he needs to work out through song.

Hello, officer.

Reddit | Worset

Is it against the law to have a dog in a stroller in a Walmart? If so...that's a really specific law to have.

Six-piece sandwich.

Reddit | adam_philip

"My girlfriend likes to cut my sandwiches into weird shapes just to watch me suffer," wrote this Redditor. Somehow, this is less upsetting to me than when someone does it with a pie.

A lot is happening here.

Reddit | Xerepus

And I can't say any of it is particularly good.

'Scuse me.

Reddit | shaka_sulu

This photo, taken in 2003, shows an NYPD officer rapelling down to find a full-grown tiger in an apartment. Yeah. I have no idea how this weird scene ended.