16+ Pics That Show A Cool Blast From The Past

It's hard to deny the incredible power of nostalgia. It doesn't take a pic to dredge up fond memories of times gone by - often it's just a scent or a song on the radio, something that's completely out of your control that sends your mind spinning into the past and reliving simpler, happier times.

So hey, why not indulge in some wistful reminiscing?

If you were an '80s kid, this was standard issue.

Reddit | Romkslrqusz

A gang of buddies on BMX bikes was what life was all about. See, Stranger Things got it spot on.

"Pat Carroll singing 'Poor Unfortunate Souls' in the recording booth for 'The Little Mermaid.' 1988/1989."

Reddit | JustineKeyblade

Boy, knowing what goes into performances sometimes really enhances them, right? The biggest reason this classic Disney villain is a classic Disney villain is right here.

"Stealing a drink of wine at a wedding while my mom (behind me) isn’t looking. (1987)"

Reddit | lanko69

Be honest, how many of us tried this little trick at weddings when we were kids? You saw all the grown-ups drinking it and wondered what the fuss was, didn't you?

Surely, this was followed up by a sour face and a vow to never do that again.

"My Friends and I waiting for the School Bus in '89."

Reddit | shotgun6

Oh man, mullets, acid wash jeans, and high tops are basically a time machine for 1989. I'm sure they all sat quietly and well-behaved at the back of the bus, too.

"My Mama circa '83. This explains why I'm the uncoolest person ever, cos she took it all! Oh and that bike? She built it."

Reddit | always-aimee

Sorry, you're right, she didn't leave much cool for anybody else, let alone family members and offspring. Come on, that is the ultimate cool.

Do you even need me to tell you what decade this was?


Because Bruce Lee left a huge mark on the '70s, and it shows. If you did any kind of kung fu in the '70s, you probably have a pic like this somewhere.

If there's anything more emblematic about growing up in the '80s than the kids on BMX bikes, it's this kid right here.

Reddit | Bowlerhat98

What more did you need than a Big Wheel, toy gun, and Rambo headband? Your mom would fuel you up with some mac and cheese and glass of Kool-Aid and you'd be on your way around the block again.

"My mum and dad with their friends on a night out in 1991 Osaka, Japan."

Reddit | LuperAU

Is it possible that nothing has changed for these folks since 1991? I'd like to think so, because they do look pretty darn cool.

I know it looks like a bunch of hard rocking teens brought their little brother to a concert, but this is Metallica in 1982.

Reddit | jeffmartin48

Yes, Lars absolutely looks like he's about 12 years old here, but he actually turned 19 in 1982.

"One of my mom’s senior portaits. (1992)"

Reddit | McClurg

I sincerely hope this isn't tucked away in a photo album somewhere, but is prominently on display. You've got to own that look. A lot of trouble and hairspray went into it.

"My mom 20 years old living her best life at the beach in 1980."

Reddit | mrs-kwh

Didn't we all live our best lives at the beach? Maybe not with a stark white set of wheels, but summertime is for living it up.

"My Great-uncle at his tailor shop. Came from Cyprus in the 50s to London, he sure was dapper."

Reddit | chaostrulyreigns

Could the man have possibly been a better model for his wares? He's a walking advertisement. And, for the record, I will never be this cool.

"My aunt with Angus Young in the early 80’s. This was taken after she went out on stage with AC/DC and just kind of jumped around wearing the iconic schoolboy outfit."

Reddit | se7en30

To be fair, Angus did more than his share of jumping around on stage in the iconic schoolboy outfit, too. And that is a slice of music history, isn't it?

"KISS at Madison Square Garden backstage together with their parents. 1977"

Reddit | 305FUN

I wonder if they did this to refute all the naysayers who thought their parents wouldn't have been proud of them? Because say what you want about KISS, they were a huge success.

"Little boy meets Andre the Giant 1970s"

Reddit | dorsehick4

That is absolutely the correct reaction when meeting a giant. And they didn't come much bigger than Andre in the '70s and '80s, both figuratively and literally.

"My grandmother bumped into John Denver in Alaska [circa 1970]."

Reddit | GodzillaGoRawr

All the stories you hear about John Denver are about what a kind, laid back guy he was, especially considering he was a major recording artist. Looks here like he lived up to that reputation.

"The Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff chilling in West Philadelphia in 1990."

Reddit | mtlgrems

Young, talented, and the whole world ahead of them. One thing that hasn't changed: parents still just don't understand.

"Sylvester Stallone posing with a fan in Hawaii in 1983."

Reddit | mtlgrems

Speaking of random fan pics at an interesting time, Stallone had skyrocketed to fame and was less than a decade into his illustrious career, one in which he and Arnie basically defined '80s action movies.

Gosh, that baby is almost 40 now.

"My great-great grandma on her wedding day in the wild west. Maybe in the 1920’s."

Reddit | roseyposeyzoe

Not sure the west was all that wild in the '20s, but that doesn't mean this person's great=great-grandmother wasn't. That's definitely one way to celebrate the big day!

"Riding a Motor scooter in 1912, London."

Reddit | Sapulinjing

You have to admire that style, that she's so prim and proper tooling around on her newfangled motor scooter.

"A young Christopher Walken (right), with his brother Glenn working at their father's bakery. (1955)"

Reddit | aziotolato

So in addition to being an accomplished dancer and an Oscar winner, the guy can sling a pie crust, too? Not too shabby.

"Down on his peanut farm, future-president Jimmy Carter (1960)"

Reddit | act1989

Depending on your viewpoint, this wholesome image of the family man and humble peanut farmer either makes Carter look more presidential, or as far from the Oval Office as possible.

"My grandparents during the St. Louis leg of their tour as flamenco dancers, from the Jan. 7, 1962 edition of the Everyday Magazine."

Reddit | TentsOnFire157

They didn't just dance the flamenco - they felt the flamenco. Also, was that guy the inspiration for the Blue Steel look in Zoolander?

"Will Ferrell's prom photo, 1984."

Reddit | Iangator

Well, it looks like a good time was had by all, and that's what matters. Do you think he gave her the tiara back? Or was it his in the first place?

"Former Oakland A's ball girl and future cookie mogul, Debbie (Mrs.) Fields, 1974."

Reddit | kinjinsan

Credit to her for starting an empire of savory mall cookies - you never know where people will end up!

"Friend showed me a picture of her parents in the 80's...and it is truly PURE 80's."

Reddit | tomjulio

In my mind, it is 1987 and this crew just got back from the Pontiac Silverdome, where they watched Hulk Hogan body slam Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania 3.

"8th grade graduation. 1983. Afro game was strong."

Reddit | osiris775

Sir, do not discount your three-piece suit game, either. I wasn't half as dapper at my 8th grade grad.

"My dad with David Bowie in a vacation in Greece. 1988."

Reddit | ELFIRE11

Just think, Bowie was about two years removed from playing Jareth the Goblin King in Labyrinth and was a massive star. Letting some rando sit behind him on a motorbike in Greece for a pic had to be a memorable experience for both of them.

"My mom in Paris in the late 70s. Looks straight out of Vogue."

Reddit | Alexis_the_blonde

I was going to say that Paris can have that effect on people, but dang, not quite that effect. Frame that.

"My dad (right) in 1987, age 22, when he first came to America 33 years ago to learn the basics of auto repair from my cousin's dad to live the American Dream!"

Reddit | PlasticRice

And I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that he was a rip roaring success, too. Hard work and literal elbow grease paying off!