16+ Brilliant Creations That Need To Be Shared Far And Wide

I'm easily impressed. Let me get that out there first. Any little smart design or thought out plan has me over the moon in admiration. But there's a next level to that.

There are times where I'm astounded at the cleverness and brilliance of some of the things in the world. From big, grand designs, to small moments of ease and cuteness, there's a lot of amazing stuff to see! To share a little of this magic, with the hopes you feel some wonderment too, here's a list of 16+ brilliant creations that need to be shared far and wide.

Starting off with a light that looks like it's behind your wall.

Reddit | littleorphananniewow

In case you've ever wanted to feel like you're in a children's movie about adventure, magic, and discovery. I'm realizing that sounds kind of patronizing so let me be clear: I want to be in a children's move about adventure, magic, and discovery.

This mop that looks like those dogs that look like mops.

Reddit | PeterBeast37

Have you ever wondered if those dogs could actually mop up a mess? Well now you can find out! Kind of.

A toilet paper roll where the center is a smaller, portable roll of toilet paper.

Reddit | MantaMax

I've been to enough festivals. I've used enough of those porta-potties and the one-ply tissue paper they have in there to be forever scarred. This is a godsend.

Flower pots that rain on your plans!

Reddit | froggysaysno

Yeah you still have to water it, but at least this is way cuter and doesn't have the same overflow risk.

An old-school S clock.

Reddit | Rbarber4141

Not only will you get the nostalgia hit from middle school, but you'll also be the coolest adult on the block.

A soundproof doghouse to protect dogs from the sounds of thunder and fireworks.

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

As a kid I witnessed my giant golden retriever squeeze herself through a cat door to escape to our basement when fireworks were going off once. This would have been easier.

This nightlight that looks like a drop of radioactive goo coming from a faucet.

Reddit | ronnie1211

Keep this in your room and you'll have dreams of superpowers every night.

An umbrella that reflects light, creating a glow effect around the holder.

Reddit | tricky3737

You'll never feel like more of a protagonist as you wander the city streets at night.

A gas company sent out this card that teaches you what a gas leak smells like through scratch-and-sniff.

Reddit | RockTheShaz

Educational, intelligent, and useful for someone like me who still doesn't actually know what a gas leak smells like.

Here's an all-edges brownie tin.

Reddit | 666moist

The crispiness and satisfaction of an edge piece will never escape you again.

A steamer lid that looks like a ship.

Reddit | earthmoonsun

I can already see myself just staring at this and giggling to myself while I cook.

Have trouble distinguishing your laundry? Here's something that could help.

Reddit | Steeldrumbands

Maybe this would actually help separate the pile on my floor, my chair, and in my current hamper! Finally, some order. Nothing could have ever fixed it before.

This over-the-sink dishrack/storage solution for small spaces.

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

For all you tiny apartment livers and tiny kitchen havers, this one's for you.

This table that looks like a body of water.

Reddit | pixeldustnz

I feel like the blue resin pieces have gotten super popular recently, and with good reason! Look at this. It's gorgeous.

Loch Ness Monster ladles!

Reddit | RighteousNeighbor

I can't explain how giddy this makes me. These are so cute. I love Nessie so much. If I could be granted one thing let it be a Nessie ladle.

Make those boring office meetings a little more interesting with this swing-set table.

Reddit | [deleted]

No need to feel stressed ever again when you can swing your problems away at work.

Form and functionality.

Reddit | nayhem_jr

I can only imagine what kind of punch this thing has in when it's filled. Here's hoping I never find out.

How about this USB stick that shows how full it is?

Reddit | nikesucks

No need to dig through a drawer and try three different sticks before finding one with enough room!

A pen holder of high honor.

Reddit | 132Skiper

Just in case you needed the added pressure of expectation when you go to write your grocery list.

Llama shaped pepper spray.

Reddit | ansewrs

For when you need to go on the attack, but in a cute way!

Lettuce umbrella? Lettuce umbrella.

Reddit | ANTNER

One thing that's certain is that you'll be the crispest person on the streets with this keeping you dry.

These absolutely adorable kitty paw cups.

Reddit | boyroid

I'm not even a cat person and I want these more than anything right now.

For the hottest hangouts around, a Death Star shaped fire pit.

Reddit | CYBERSson

There's not a ton to say outside of it just looking cool as hell. It also has a nice cavern shape for roasting food.

This super cool teabag shaped like an octopus.

Reddit | Gr00z

Get your morning drink down and play out your seafaring, Kraken attack fantasy.

A toaster in the shape of a VW bus!

Reddit | Herple-Derple

I love the look of this so much, I'd have it for decoration. Not even use it to toast anything, just to admire.

An animal rescue ramp for frogs and other things that may get stuck in your pool.

Reddit | iggyazaleasucks

I grew up with a pool and saw this happen way too many times. This product is not only genius, but it would save a lot of animals too!

The cutest way to store your toilet paper.

Reddit | iledoffard

Taking the last roll away would be a little horrifying but...just imagine you sheared it!

An oreo dunking set for all of us professionals out there.

Reddit | Master1718

No longer need we be afraid of losing a cookie in our milk, or attempting to maximize space with a cup and a box or plate of cookies. Efficiency and finesse have arrived, may we use it all to step up our oreo game.

These chubby seal pillows.

Reddit | nekozane

Hmm, after much consideration I think I need one of these in my arms immediately. Thank you.

These bowls with the names and colors of Earth's inner layers.

Reddit | pauldrye

So you don't have to feel guilty when you go for that second bowl of ice cream. You're doing it to learn!

This admittedly kind of scary chair in the shape of an orca whale.

Reddit | pauldrye

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely want to sit in this, but...did they have to make the teeth like that? And the tongue?

If the seal pillows weren't your taste.

Reddit | squid50s

How about this realistic bread pillow? I can only hope it comes with those scented beads so it fully feels like your cuddling toast.

A bluetooth speaker that's powered by a 'micro hydroelectric generator'.

Reddit | The_Almighty_Ian

Which means it's water-powered. I'm genuinely surprised designs like this haven't taken off more, it's the smartest way to make a shower speaker!

A tiny fairy door was built into this wall for grandkids to peer into when they visit.

Reddit | godlyearth

This is such an adorable and wholesome way to keep magic alive for kids it made me emotional. Am I too sensitive? I think I might be too sensitive.

This broken down taxi was turned into a flower bed.

Reddit | mrswissmiss

I can't wait to see this thing overgrown, this whole nature-city mix is exactly my aesthetic and I'd love to see more of it!