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10+ Times Fans Caught Celeb Mistakes On Social Media

When you're a celeb, the problem is that you're always on watch by the entire world.

This means that when you go ahead and make a mistake, the entire world posts about it, and, like us, makes articles about it!

We're all only human. Sometimes we speak without thinking.

What's problematic with that is the fact that we live in a digital age. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - there are countless platforms to get your message across.

This means there are countless ways and opportunities for you to make a fool of yourself and wind up with egg dripping down your face.

Even more so if you happen to be a celeb.

To get a better idea of what I'm saying, here are a ton of mistakes that celebs made on social media.

Get ready to laugh people, because these are good.

1. The time Bernadette Peters forgot to clear her search history.

Twitter | @OfficialBPeters

Now, coming from a fellow wreckless typer (like myself), the 'R' and the 'T' on a standard keyboard are right next to each other. Mistakes happen, right?

2. The true meaning behind Ariana Grande's tattoo.

Twitter | @ArianaGrande

Cultural appropriation karma perhaps? The tattoo was supposed to commemorate her song "7 Rings" when in fact it translates to "BBQ Grill."

Which led to a lot of hot dog inspired puns...

I didn't notice this at first, but if you pay close attention you'll see that those are fake nails glued on to hot dogs!

3. That time Millie Bobby Brown "replicated" her skin care routine.

This makes absolutely zero sense. According to the comment, Millie was saying she was trying to quickly replicate her process, but why on earth would anyone ever do that?

Wouldn't it just have been easier to actually wash your face?

4. When Jonathan Cheban polled his followers asking if he should go LIVE.

Instagram | @foodgod

My nana always used to tell me "Don't ask questions if you aren't prepared to hear the truth."

Wise words, Jonathan.

5. More problems with Mia Farrow's search history.

Twitter | @MiaFarrow

The search reads "Mia Farrow and her black children."

Apparently Mia couldn't just crack open a family portrait album? What would possess you to Google something like that?!

6. Kirstie Alley's honorary tweet to Stephen Hawking.

Twitter | @kirstiealley

Stephen Hawking helped advance our society in so many countless ways. He is perhaps the most brilliant mind to ever walk the earth.

For someone like Kirstie Alley to so smugly say "You had a good go at it" is about the most ignorant thing she could have possibly done.

7. Shakira gets catfished.

Twitter | @shakira

Hey, it can happen to the best of us. There's been entire documentaries and television shows written about this very subject!

Still though, tough break for Shakira.

8. There was the time Bow Wow made it look like he was on a private jet.

Instagram | @shadmoss

The caption read "Travel day. NYC press run for Growing Up Hip Hop. Lets gooo. I promise to bring yall the hottest show EVER. May 25th on @wetv."

When in reality, Bow Wow was not on a private plane at all.

The Twitter user saw Bow Wow make the initial post to his Instagram account and was quick to call out the former child hip-hop star.

9. When Rita Ora tried to blame it on hackers.

Twitter | @RitaOrca

Did your Twitter really get hacked, Rita? Or was it maybe the fact that you only received about 1% of the required retweets you'd asked for?

I'm guessing it's the latter.

10. Kim Kardashian's problem with vowels.

The number one rule before you start flame-warring with anyone on social media is to have your facts in order.

Kim, if it's your favorite foundation, try reading the bottle first.

11. When Zac Efron combined his social media following with a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

Twitter | @ZacEfron

Zac commented in a single breath how he was grateful for both Martin Luther King Jr., as well as his 10 million Instagram followers.

Maybe those should have been two separate thoughts?

People were very upset with Zac Efron's ill-timed tweet.

Instagram | @zacefron

Many were calling for him to delete his account entirely.

Which seems like a bit of an overreaction, but I can certainly understand where the outrage comes from.

12. Madonna thought that quarantined Italian citizens were singing her song.

Her message is really just one of positivity and about spreading love to one another.

Yes, she was duped. But to be fair, a number of celebs ended up falling for similar videos.

13. When Adam Levine put his foot all the way in his mouth.

Instagram | @adamlevine

Adam absolutely went off on MTV for not including Childish Gambino in the nominations.

The only problem was that Childish Gambino most certainly was nominated. In fact, he received a total of seven nominations.

14. A pretty Ballsy tweet.

Who could forget the time when British MP, Ed Balls, became infamous for tweeting out his own name. Literally, it was just "Ed Balls," and nothing else. This is totally something my dad would do.

15. Better safe than sorry for Julianne Moore

Instagram | @juliannemoore

Remember those ridiculous Instagram hoaxes that were floating around for a while? It looks like a gullible Julianne Moore got caught in the crossfire.

Pray for sunshine, plan for rain - right Julianne?

16. The time Rob Kardashian got called out by a university.

In an earlier tweet, Rob had claimed that he had been accepted to law school and would be attending in the fall. I guess by "accepted," he really meant to say "bought."

18. Robin Thicke lands in hot water.

Instagram | @lanascolaro

One look in the mirror will tell you everything you need to know about Robin Thicke's character. Unfortunately for him, his wife saw this picture and ended up divorcing him shortly after.

20. When Lindsay tried to make her butt look big.

Instagram | @lindsaylohan

This is possibly the most awkward pose I've ever seen. What exactly was she even attempting here? Lindsay looks like she's got a bad back as opposed to a big butt.

21. Grammar can be cruel.

Twitter | @maryjblige

So this tweet is a total mess. From the auto-correcting of "underestimated" to "understand estimate" and, of course, there's the total misspelling of the word "intelligence."

In Mary's defense, she was fairly quick to acknowledge her mistake.

It takes a big person to admit they've made a mistake. Granted, Mary did make a lot of mistakes in just 144 characters, but it's the thought that counts!

22. A very overactive Instagram filter.

Instagram | @gordonramsay

Take a look at the original photo from Gordon Ramsay's Instagram account: nothing out of the ordinary and both Kris and Gordon are looking great.

Now see if you can notice any differences on Kris' page?

Instagram | @krisjenner

The funny thing is that it's Gordon's face that gives it away and not Kris'. Where are his scream lines? Have they just magically flattened and disappeared?

23. When Gal Gadot was called out for being an ableist.

Gal Gadot an ableist? I'm not so sure. Granted, I can maybe see how the word choice or the context might become misconstrued but I think it's clear she meant no ill will.

What do you think?

27. You really should have picked another song.

Instagram | @lordemusic

The comment on the post was a lyric from Whitney's "I Will Always Love You." Lorde really should have thought harder on this one.

The cause of Whitney's death was by drowning in her hotel bathtub.

26. Madonna's questionable parenting choices caught on camera.

Instagram | @madonna

No one wants to be the "bad cop" parent. It isn't fun for anyone.

However, there's a fine line between being permissive and letting a 13-year-old pose with a bottle of liquor for millions of people to see.