39 Things That Aren’t What We Expected

Being let down by something is a uniquely crushing feeling. Whether it be a nacho bar that is definitely not a nacho bar, or an Amazon package that turns out to be full of week-old diapers, everyone remembers the first time they experienced crushing disappointment.

So, with that cheery thought in mind, without further ado, here are 15+ things that aren't what we bargained for!

"Days worth of dirty diapers for whoever keeps stealing packages off our porch."

Reddit | TheLastDeBarge

Oh good God. I mean, it's a very good deterrent, but can you imagine how bad it must smell around that package?


Reddit | herrkeuneristtot

Playing such classic hits as "Light Fire With Fire," "All Neanderthal Long," and "Enter Caveman."


Reddit | chaosphile

Call me mad but I don't think that they want you to drive that car! I can't help but imagine it looking like a clown car with bits just flying off it.

"Let it pour from heaven, that hot dark rain, bathe me in red, I will drink the wine of their sacrifice!"

Reddit | KingSlayer1090

We must appease the mighty blood gods who hold us under their merciful thumb! Give your blood unto them today! Give it! Give!

"My Husband wanted a sweet treat. I made orange rolls. To keep it interesting, one of these has nacho cheese on it."

Reddit | asparagustus_gloop

I've eaten much worse in my time than nacho cheese-covered pastries! Bring on the challenge!

"Sister tried to buy a mirror on Craigslist, no picture was put up so she asked the guy to send one...was not disappointed."

Reddit | BeatPutinArmWreslin

"Dave, are you going to put a shirt on before you take that picture?"

"Why? It's not like they'll be able to see me!"

"You're photographing a mirror, Dave..."

"You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind!"

Reddit | Rhinoceri_Chamber

I want a Pixar-style footloose remake where this bollard is the only bollard who appreciates the art of dance, and he has to convince the other bollards to embrace their inner dancer.

"Well that was somewhat disappointing."

Reddit | starkart

How does this even happen? I don't know anything about the growth of melons (which I think is perfectly reasonable), so is this normal?

"I’ve never been more disappointed."

Reddit | WiIIieYum

It does seem to be lacking on the shortcake somewhat! Just when you think that nothing else can let you down, ice cream betrays you too!

"This was written on a chalkboard in a Philly shop window. Was not disappointed."

Reddit | Ryanopuffs

I had the same experience with Lady Gaga's meat dress. I mean, it's like people at the bar didn't want me to turn up just having glued KFC to myself?

"My Friend Received a Surprise in the Mail Yesterday."

Reddit | nydrewreynolds

Having grown up in the UK, I cannot fathom not being able to legally drink until the age of 21. I never really needed a fake ID as well as I didn't have enough money to be going out drinking 'til I was 18 anyway!

"Attended a wedding yesterday. Tried to grab a picture of the Bride and Groom. The result was not disappointing."

Reddit | r_dawson_25

I particularly love that the girl in the hotdog costume has just looked up at the perfect moment, and seems to be thinking, "Oh no, I'm going to be in the way of this wedding photoshoot!" However, she should be thinking, "Why on Earth did I come out dressed like this in the first place?"

"Forgot my beach towel. Friends gave me this. Not disappointed."

Reddit | zzanderkc

It is quite eerie how startled they look! I don't think that I would be able to sit on that without getting creeped out!

"Found a[n] unexpected guest in my Green-Bin today."

Reddit | Toonic

"If I'm very, very quiet, they'll have no idea that I'm even here..."

"Honey, there's a racoon in the bin."


"Daughter yelled at me to make her a 'surprise snack.'"

Reddit | Skunkdrunkpunk

Again, I'm going to sound like a bit of an oddball here, but I bloody love broccoli. I'd be wolfing that snack straight down.

Not A Bad Deal!

Reddit | TAS8008

Pfft, I bet that they're not even real. I mean, you can see the hangers that they're meant to be hanging on! What nonsense is that?

"Disappointed Generic Brand Cat."

Reddit | emetres

Wow, that cat is really selling that cat food! Could they really not find a single shot of it looking slightly less depressed?

"$2.99? A bargain if I ever saw one."

Reddit | Superbuddhapunk

What with everyone doing those "Ten days to share ten albums that shaped my life" challenges going around at the moment, it's a miracle that this hasn't appeared!

"Still my favourite retail bargain."

Reddit | FilthyWalrus

For any of you out there who have gardens that are filled with brids, this could be a real bargain! I love how that was literally the only word on that pot, and they still managed to spell it wrong.

"Today my friend tried axe-throwing. It ended quite unexpectedly."

Reddit | Hypognosis

Jesus, how hard did they throw that axe? Unless they've actually been sharpening the handle in secret to achieve this!

"Had to work Christmas Eve. I was told that there would be a nacho bar in the break room. You can imagine my disappointment when I saw this."

Reddit | Im_A_Chef

As if working on Christmas Eve wasn't bad enough, they have the disappointment of a terrible nacho bar to add to the mix. I hope they made the best of it at least!

"Disappointed in Abby."

Reddit | Maximd1122

Dammit, Abby! Although I can see a flaw with this sign... I mean, if she isn't coming in to work, then how will she see this?

"My 3-yr old kid noticed something odd... can you spot the error?"

Reddit | Kencussion

Errr...yeah, I can totally spot the problem. Pfft, it'd be pretty embarrassing if I couldn't! Anyway, sadly that's all we've got time for today, so bye!

Just kidding. Count the sides of the octagon, folks.

"We always get each other ironic gifts, my little sister killed it this year."

Reddit | 341913

This is kind of a blessing. Now you get to pick the gift without the annoyance of batteries. Thanks, sis.

Baby Exchanging Station.

Reddit | Blanco_ice

What, y'all don't get it? This is where you change babies! You put the old one in the bin, then a new one gets delivered in 3-5 business days.

"Hell yeah, go green."

Reddit | Bulldog3

While I appreciate this user's enthusiasm, I don't think this is what they meant when they said "green vehicles." Or maybe the owner of the lot just likes seeing green cars.

I Think I Get It.

Reddit | caboosium

This is a picture where you think it ends, then it just keeps going. Based on this alone I can confidently say I want to be friends with this person.

"Kmart, we are not moths."

Reddit | darkangelxX447

Speak for yourself, that looks like fine dining to me. What's your favorite flavor? Mine would have to be that green speckled one on the side.

"Hello? Is this the shop that previously worked on this Nissan and left half the bolts out of the subframe, trans pan, and loose mounts? Yeah just wanted to let you know I found your phone."

Reddit | Franklyimfrank

Based on the title it's clear whoever worked on this car last messed up big time. But forgetting a whole phone in there? How do you even manage that?

"Saw this cat fueling up off of the Interstate. They've clearly got the essentials, and are not looking back."

Reddit | GirthyBurritos

Good for them. It can be hard to make the decision to leave like that, but it had to be done. They're onto bigger and better things now.

"I'm not sure."

Reddit | iklegemma

The latest in philosophical conundrums, are feet shoes? Here's my stance. Feet are shoes for your bones. Now debate.

This Is A New Direction.

Reddit | j-hdslx

If you ever wondered what would have happened if Harry was never a wizard and instead went on to study politics and foreign policy, here you go.

"Pregnant wife ordered cheese fries, this isn’t going to end well."

Reddit | Nocab

At least she'll be taking it out on the restaurant and not you. I hope. Just give her a phone with the number already dialed and see what happens.

Riding In Style.

Reddit | PpJenkins

Does this count as "driving" for the drive-thru? The gallop-thru? Trot-thru?

"I'm not normally good at this DIY stuff, but this one came out just like the one on the box!"

Reddit | ronlecher

Wow! I've never seen one come out this well, this looks better than the tutorial! You've got a natural knack for this. Keep it up!

"Okay, I will."

Reddit | sameeboy

Really curious as to what kinds of personnel need to go that way, or how the air is restricted area, but alright.

"Well... that was unexpected."

Reddit | amoliski

Nothing but American-made products in this store, no matter what you're buying, you can count on it being matter how strange it may seem.

"My friend’s boyfriend was not happy about his kindergarten picture. His parents still have it framed in their house 20 years later."

Reddit | wrud4d

Now I feel bad for always being nice and poised in my school photos. I should have thrown a wild one in there just to make things interesting for my parents.

"So this dude just strolled by my truck... He must have been out for a Wok."

Reddit | wayhighupcanada

It's good to take your wok for a walk every now and then. After all, they only ever get to see the inside of a drawer for the rest of their life! Let it see some sights!